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Bonnie Tinker, Dennis Kucinich and Sara Graham in Oregon at Bonnie and Sara's wedding
photo by Sarah Gray
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updated Tue. June 11, 2024

More than 800 people‚ mostly from the Lwandle community near Strand‚ have signed a petition against the release of a man accused of murdering Noxolo Xakeka‚ who was lesbian. Activist group Triangle Project handed in the petition at the Strand Magistrate's Court on Thursday where the 26-year-old ...

Others on the committee include gay Democratic activists Ron Collins, Everett Hamilton, Clark Ray, Martin Murray and John Lazar. Lesbian Democratic activist Claire Lucas, transgender activist Julius Agers and gay Democratic activist David Meadows, who works on Bonds' Council staff, are also on the ...
But gay activists “deliberately suppress all the ex-gay success stories while telling outright lies about electric shock and other methods that exist only in their imagination,” she said. The “Must Stay Gay” framing appears to have originated last week in an article by Michael Brown, another anti-LGBTQ activist ...
Executive Director of the Coalition Advocating for the Inclusion of Sexual Orientation Colin Robinson fears that Thursday's ruling by the High Court of a case filed LGBTQI rights activist Jason Jones challenging this country's buggery laws could lead to a backlash or embolden people to discriminate against ...
With a headline that read “The Last Frontier for Gay Rights: A powerful liberal activist, a rural conservative town and a debate that won't end,” it's about a ... There were rumors that the school would have “transgender restrooms,” or that a “homosexual-based curriculum” would be used in health and physical ...
Recent hit pieces produced by Church Militant, a Detroit-area right-wing Catholic news site, have labeled Schutte an “active homosexual,” dishing out slams ... Martin, too, has been the subject of this type of attack because he advocates for the Catholic Church to embrace gay and lesbian people of faith.
Hosts are careful with their language, so as not to be seen as promoting homosexual activity. Nobody comes out on air. Common topics include the science behind homosexuality and the treatment of gay people. “We're in 2018 and the Arab street is still homophobic!” said a host recently. “They still use the ...
–Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera, pointing to the plot of the movie Love, Simon as an example of Hollywood's attempt to “propagandize” and normalize ... “gay male diseases,” and that mental diseases and suicidal ideation are higher among the LGBTQ population because “homosexual behavior is a ...
As a gay rights, now neighborhood, activist, I hoped that the participation of gays inside the government would be a vast improvement. We'd be more compassionate, democratic, and inclusive, based upon our own history of marginalization and oppression. Unfortunately, we've seeing gay politicians can be ...



The mission of Love Makes A Family is to work for social change: to create a supportive environment within our communities and to provide a public voice for all families, especially those subjected to social, economic and legal discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity/ expression.


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