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updated Sat. June 8, 2024

Three years later and with vast improvements and advances made in the technology and data industry is making it more difficult for firms to shirk their anti-slavery responsibilities. "We've worked hard to create a platform to help organizations fight modern slavery collaboratively, compatible with global ...
He'd been introduced to International Justice Mission's (IJM) anti-slavery work at the 2013 “Code for the Kingdom” hackathon – a group of people tackling global issues from a Christian perspective. His team had built an award-winning app that enabled the IJM's investigators to collect and securely wire ...

KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong should introduce a law that will stamp out human trafficking and stop illegal profits passing through the financial hub, a lawmaker who is spearheading an anti-slavery campaign has urged. Since 2016, Hong Kong has been placed by the US State Department on the ...
The U.K.'s anti-slavery watchdog, the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, said it is worried that "endemic exploitation" is rife at car wash services. ... "The Independent Anti-Slavery Commission has also expressed concerns around the exploitation of the workforce at hand car washes. We are ...
This morning, Princess Eugenie spoke at the Change Makers Summit in London, and while there, she announced the Anti-Slavery Collective, a new initiative aimed at abolishing modern slavery. According to the Global Slavery Index, as of 2016, approximately 46 million people were trapped in some form ...
London — Commonwealth nations must not only denounce modern slavery but take the lead on global efforts to eradicate the trade by 2030 by strengthening laws, working with businesses and protecting women and girls from being enslaved, activists said on Tuesday. Leaders of the 53-country ...

Upcoming U.N. data given exclusively to the Thomson Reuters Foundation showed overseas aid spending on anti-slavery initiatives by the 35-member OECD (the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) surpassed $400 million in 2013. Previous research published in the journal ...
Both the National Audit Office and the parliamentary select committee for work and pensions have highlighted serious shortcomings in the support for victims of modern slavery once they have been identified. The anti-slavery commissioner, Kevin Hyland, also pointed out to the committee that every time a ...
Octavia Spencer has signed on as executive producer on the independent anti-slavery movie “Mumbet,” Variety has learned exclusively. “Mumbet” will be directed by Alethea Root (“Part Time Fabulous”) and produced by Kim Waltrip (“Hit & Run”) of Wonderstar Productions and Root of Truth 13 Productions.
In his capacity as Vice President of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN, Ambassador Rohan Perera chaired a commemorative meeting of the General Assembly to mark the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the ...
Slavery was outlawed in 1981 but 1% of the population are still living in bondage, human rights groups say. Black people of certain ethnic groups are often enslaved as domestic workers by lighter-skinned Mauritanians. The country has jailed more anti-slavery activists than slave owners, rights groups say.
... be men, women or children of all ages but it is normally more prevalent among the most vulnerable, minorities or socially-excluded groups. Many believe they are escaping poverty, limited opportunities at home, a lack of education, unstable social and political conditions or war. Sources: ...
"The UK Government is to be congratulated for provoking 5,000 companies to make anti-slavery statements," says Phil Bloomer, executive director of the Centre. "But, with another 5,000 companies flouting the Government's Modern Slavery Act, the Home Office should now act decisively to use its ...
Fourteen people are being supported by authorities after police raids targeting suspected forced labour. Essex Police said a warrant was executed to rescue the victims of modern slavery in Grays, Essex, on Sunday. It said all of the victims were given medical treatment, food and clothing, and have been ...
Amnesty International has found that police, prosecutors and the judiciary failed to respond adequately to reported cases of exploitation, to identify victims or punish suspected perpetrators. In 2016, only two individuals were sentenced by the country's anti-slavery courts, despite them receiving 47 cases for ...
A call for help from the Boston Public Library to historians around the country inspired a “Transcribe-a-thon” hosted by the St. Thomas History Department on March 13. Thousands of scanned, original documents from early abolitionists need to be transcribed to make them digitally discoverable for research.
DAKAR, March 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Anti-slavery activists in Mauritania are increasingly being arrested and protests banned as the state tightens restrictions on human rights groups, activists and organisations said on Thursday. Slavery is a historical practice in Mauritania, which became the ...

LONDON, March 22 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain is failing to live up to its promise to lead the world in ending modern slavery as nearly half of the government's biggest suppliers are flouting a landmark anti-slavery law, analysts said on Thursday. Only 58 percent of the government's 100 top ...
Cristina Gavrilovic, our dedicated anti-slavery partnership co-ordinator, said: “We tackle modern slavery and human trafficking with a multi-agency approach. The victims of these crimes are forced to work for long hours without pay whilst living in sub-standard accommodation and being threatened with ...
But anti-slavery activists said the law has not yet made a serious dent in the illicit trade in Britain where at least 13,000 people are estimated by the government to be victims of forced labour, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude. "The Act has done a lot to raise awareness," said Kate Roberts, head of ...
A statue of abolitionist John Brown near Kansas City, Kansas, was defaced with swastikas and racial slurs by as yet unknown perpetrators over the weekend, according to multiple local reports. Historian Fred Whitehead, who lives in the area, noticed the markings when he visited the memorial on Sunday, ...
Given these statistics, Evelyn Shan '19, IJMC co-president, stresses the need for students to advocate for protection of anti-slavery funds. “In general, our goal with events is really to spread awareness on campus,” Shan said. “We want to mobilize students becauses a lot of people care about this, and desire ...
An innovative programme involving space imaging and anti-slavery experts at the University of Nottingham has established the prevalence of sites in industries associated with slavery, including Asian brick kilns and fishing camps, in an approach they suggest may be applicable to other forms of compelled ...
John McCarthy, chair of the Sydney Archdiocesan Anti-Slavery Taskforce, told delegates at a Vatican conference on Monday that the Holy Father is “perhaps the greatest anti-slavery campaigner in our world today” and that tomorrow's anniversary since his election is a “milestone for the anti-slavery ...
USA TODAY - In every legislative session, lawmakers discover "loopholes" in Tennessee law that have surprising consequences. Often, these lawmakers return to the General Assembly with measures that grab headlines. This year, a segment of Tennessee code that allows a judge to grant a child ...
Business leaders say New Zealand's reputation is at risk if employers don't do more to combat modern day slavery. The Immigration Minister says one possible option is to legislate and force companies to ensure their product supply chains are legitimate. Feroz Ali was the first person to be found guilty of ...
... died in the 1870s, he married the woman who would become Hector-Smith's great-great grandmother. Jones died in 1890, leaving his wife the money he had made selling his narratives and making anti-slavery speeches. Scott Calzolaio can be reached at 508-734-0389 or ...
International efforts to release people from Libyan detention centres to Niger have hit a deadlock, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) has warned. A senior official from the UN agency told MEPs in the European Parliament on Monday (5 March) that if more refugees and asylum seekers were not dispatched ...
Martin Luther King Jr., and others, to this commission. Born into slavery 200 years ago, Douglass taught himself to read and write, escaped to freedom and became an anti-slavery and human rights activist, newspaper publisher and adviser to presidents. I consider Douglass' life and struggles as I watch this ...
Despite international outcry against slavery across the globe, Mauritanian authorities continue their crackdown on anti-slavery activists with the arrest recently of abolitionist Biram Ould Abeid who was interrogated by authorities following three days of demonstrations led by the Resurgence of the Abolitionist ...
It is commonly said that Luther College was founded by Norwegians opposed to slavery in the United States following the outbreak of the Civil War in April of 1861. While this is true, the history of Luther's founding is more complex than many on campus may know. In October of 1857, the Norwegian Synod ...
It added: “All victims will also continue to receive dedicated and expert support tailored to their unique needs, including access to accommodation, legal aid, counselling, NHS medical and dental services.” There are an estimated 13,000 people trapped in slavery in Britain, although the UK's anti-slavery ...
A Mauritanian opposition figure and leading anti-slavery activist, Biram Ould Abeid, was arrested and interrogated by authorities this week following three days of demonstrations lead by the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA). Abeid was arrested at his home and transferred by authorities to the ...
The Boston Public Library has recruited an army of volunteers to help transcribe its extensive collection of 19th century anti-slavery documents. The goal of the project launched last month is to make the roughly 12,000 pieces of correspondence from some of the era's most prominent abolitionists more ...
Ard said anti-slavery movements were happening throughout many parts of the country, and it's likely Concord was already deep in thought around the movement by the time Mary's letters were written. As part of her research for the republishing of “Juanita”, Ard said she read Mary's letters, adding Mary and ...
Clara Maass, the namesake of Clara Maass Medical Center died as a consequence of her volunteering to be infected with yellow fever in an effort to find a cure for the disease. She is to be inducted in the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Matt Kadosh/ ...
A Texas committee voted to keep a Confederate statue, but will add an anti-slavery plaque and kiosks to it, according to a Thursday report. The monument advisory committee in Denton, Texas, voted 12-3 to preserve a Confederate soldier statue but add a plaque and audiovisual interviews bashing slavery ...
Palate Coffee Brewery in Sanford uses its profits to fight human trafficking. The mission is deeply personal for owner Tina Kadolph. John C. BersiaGuest Columnist. Privacy Policy. When David W. Boone — a '75 UCF graduate who grew up in Winter Park — first learned of human trafficking and modern slavery, he paused for ...
Unseen, which runs the hotline, said the 3,710 calls from the public and from victims last year led to about 1,450 referrals to anti-slavery groups, the National Crime Agency - dubbed Britain's FBI - and every police force in the country. At least 13,000 people across Britain are estimated by the government to ...
Britain's modern slavery helpline has received thousands of calls in its first full year and identified nearly 5000 potential victims being exploited in car washes, construction sites, nail bars and brothels, an anti-trafficking charity says. Unseen, which runs the hotline, said the 3710 calls from the public and from ...


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