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updated Sun. January 28, 2024

Anti-tax activists have successfully reduced revenues through tax cuts in many states, including some of the states experiencing protests over teacher pay, reducing the pool of available funds for all kinds of public spending. At the same time, retiring baby boomers are consuming an increasing share of ...
When anti-tax activists tried to overturn HB 1017, the last major revenue measure before HB 1010xx, they used an initiative petition, not a referendum petition. Over the objection of attorneys who argued the measure was an improper use of the initiative petition, the repeal went to the voters as State ...

Maintaining a dependence on programs like TurboTax is the real end goal of Republicans in Congress and anti-tax activists who want to keep working class Americans in the dark when it comes to the tax filing process. TurboTax and H&R Block spend thousands of dollars lobbying Congress to keep the tax ...
In 1992, anti-tax activists successfully organized a ballot referendum to require a three-quarters majority in both the state House and Senate to raise new revenue and today, Oklahoma is one of 13 states that require a supermajority to impose new taxes. Research has found little direct relationship between ...
In the audience were Tom Rask and Sharon Calvert, two anti-tax activists who over the past decade have been prominent in advocating against transit tax proposals in the region. Rask said that it appeared to him that political leaders failed to heed the lessons learned in a post-mortem report written about ...

From the standpoint of the business lobby and anti-tax activists, Donald Trump's presidency is a rousing success. He has engineered a massive redistribution of resources toward owners of wealth using tax cuts and a series of pro-business regulations. This win for the rich is very real, and helps explain his ...
Jim Renacci, and a tax increase vote surely would bring her and Renacci under fire from anti-tax activists. Murray questioned the need for the tax increase in 2019 when the city will not sell bonds for the viaduct project until 2021. She also cited potential tax increases for the Public Library of Cincinnati and ...

The reason that doesn't happen is the tax preparation industry doesn't want to lose clients — and they usually get an assist from Grover Norquist and other anti-tax activists who want to make the taxation process as annoying as possible. But that, rather than anything about the code itself, is what is stopping ...
Ask Paul Ryan why the Republican tax plan is so terrific and there's a good chance he'll reach into his pocket and pull out a postcard. It's one the Republicans had printed up to communicate the powerful message that once they're done simplifying the tax code, you'll be able to file your taxes on a postcard!
He and his group of anti-tax activists turned aside a who's who coalition of Democrats, business leaders and even some Republicans. Those politicians had forecast doomsday if the voters embraced Bruce's proposal to put tighter limits on government taxing and spending. Schools would close, they said.
First, state judges find a loophole in California's constitutional bulwark against new, higher taxes. Then conservative legislators and anti-tax activists rush in to patch the hole with a new ballot proposition. This week, the state Supreme Court made the first move in this familiar two-step by issuing a ruling that ...
Conservative activists are rallying to repeal the state's $500 million of tax increases, and onlookers said that drive's success will depend on the teacher walkout's outcome. Subscribe; Login. Email Address: Password: Already a paid subscriber but not registered for online access yet? For instructions on how ...


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