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updated Mon. March 25, 2024

A viral Facebook video has renewed outrage in the activist community against city agencies and their treatment of homeless residents. ... According to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, the City currently has 1,389 shelter beds available, with two more facilities with several hundred ...
Wanda Cleveland is a well-known social activist in Sacramento who often attends both City Council and county Board of Supervisors meetings. The Board of Supervisors oversees the ... to protect turtles living in city park ponds. The activists said council members cared more about turtles than the homeless.

Local homeless activists, including those with Homeless Action, have long urged local governments to offer more shelter beds and services. They argue that laws banning public camping, loitering and panhandling essentially criminalize homeless people and violate their civil rights. Meanwhile local ...
“Where I do depart with Mr. Righeimer is this: I think the state of homelessness in our city and county is actually a threat to our public safety so we should do something to reduce it,” Stephens said. “Most of the people who are homeless have suffered some type of trauma … 50 percent of them suffered ...
... on Amazon.” Draft legislation has yet to emerge, but business owners and progressive activists aren't waiting to ratchet up their rhetoric. ... Draft legislation has yet to emerge as the Seattle City Council considers a new tax on large companies to raise money for affordable housing and homeless services.
“I'm sorry too. We're all sorry,” Supervisor Todd Spitzer told the crowd of city officials, residents, and activists who filled the meeting room. “We can do better. We know we can do better…The nation is watching us.” The supervisors' sudden vote March 19 to explore putting homeless shelters in the three cities ...

"As a parent who owns a modest home in an Orange County neighborhood, I join the outrage that we are assuming responsibility for homeless people, taking care of their basic needs and elongating their agony by removing the necessity to make fundamental decisions about the way they live their lives," ...
Battles between homeless activists and city officials frequently play out in lawsuits, but it's exceedingly rare for the government to sue someone for helping the homeless, experts say. “It's unique from what I've seen elsewhere,” said Eric Tars, senior attorney at the National Law Center on Homelessness ...
Dozens of homeless Native Americans and activists marched through the streets of Flagstaff, Arizona this week to call for an end to racist policing .... Although Operation 40 ended, Klee Benally, a musician, filmmaker and activist with local organisation the Taala Hooghan Infoshop, which assists the ...
Last fall, housing and homelessness activists packed Seattle City Council chambers and demanded action on our city's spiraling housing and ... sweeps of homeless encampments, and a tax on the city's biggest 5-10% of businesses to fund affordable housing and dramatically expanded homeless services.
The Homeless Vehicles helped launch a renewed interest in social activism among artists, an interest that can be seen today in forms that range from the ... society of the late 1980s: the trickle-down economics of the Reagan years, the rise of Trump Tower, a dramatic rise in homelessness in New York City.
I've always been an activist for the homeless, so I decided to build my blog around that, and that's how I came up with Naming The Homeless. MM: Did you ever believe some of the stereotypes surrounding the homeless community? LP: I was aware of the stereotypes, but I never really connected them to ...
... his inquiry into homelessness at the Santa Ana riverbed Saturday pushing city and county officials during a day-long federal court hearing to also agree to relocate the roughly 150 homeless people living in the Santa Ana Civic Center. County Supervisor Andrew Do, before a crowd of activists, homeless ...
Activist Group Claims a Serial Arsonist is Targeting Portland's Homeless, But the Police and Fire Bureaus Disagree ... On Monday, Direct Action Alliance—a Portland anti-fascism group that, among other things, objects to how police handle homelessness—issued a press release warning of a serial arsonist ...
... has been welcoming homeless people from across London to a legally-squatted vacant four-story commercial property just north of Oxford Circus—one of the ten percent of Westminster properties owned by offshore tax vehicles. The center was the latest project by homelessness activists Streets Kitchen.
Putting aside an ancient rivalry, a group of Yale students is working closely with the leadership of a shelter run by Harvard students for homeless youth in ... “Currently, there are six beds [in New Haven] for young people experiencing homelessness,” said Harry Seavey '19, a member of Y2Y New Haven's ...
“You can't camp on public or private property and that is criminalizing homelessness. So this is a protest for the city's actions.” Billups said he was arrested at City Hall March 1 for obstructing a passageway and was in custody for six hours before a group of social activists posted his bail. He said he recently ...

A group of Gilroy hair stylists and Christopher High School students joined forces last week to help some homeless neighbors. Hair stylists Lovell Adams and Christina Colon, along with members of Gilroy Pride and students from Christopher High School's “out activism in action” donated some hours at the ...
It's part of a pilot program in San Diego that hires homeless people to help clean up the city's streets. And it was started by a 16 year-old boy: Kevin Barber. Barber got the idea from a TED Talk video showcasing a similar program in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that invited panhandlers to clean local streets in ...
Civil rights lawyers and skid row and Venice activists said enforcement was a failed approach to stop the escalating disaster. The latest count found 34,000 homeless people in Los Angeles, about 1% of the city's total population, and nearly three-quarters of them sleep in streets, alleys, canyons and ...
A leading Grenfell activist is claiming up to £300 a week in food allowances and has a room in a four-star hotel paid for by taxpayers despite regularly using the home he claims to be unable to live in. Joe Delaney, 38, who was not a resident of the tower, is among the most vocal advocates for survivors of ...
EAST VILLAGE, NY — The British activist Joshua Coombes visited Tompkins Square Park on Tuesday to give free haircuts to homeless men and women. Coombes has become one of Instagram's most famous social activists through his #DoSomethingForNothing campaign, through which he encourages ...
Bonin said he and Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson had called on the Los Angeles Housing Services Authority to "develop an immediate plan to provide an alternative to sidewalks for the thousands of unsheltered homeless people in L.A." Not only has the housing authority not made much progress ...
“The number one cause of homelessness is lack of affordable housing,” said panelist Mark Horvath. Horvath is the founder of Invisible People, a digital storytelling platform that helps homeless people share their experiences. He was joined by three other panelists: Mike Foster, the program manager at the ...
U.S. District Judge David O. Carter boldly ordered the outing in a case in Orange County being watched by homeless advocates along the West Coast and elsewhere grappling with a rise in homelessness caused in part by soaring housing costs, rock-bottom vacancy rates and a roaring economy.
Tony Graham, left, and Phillip Reed, right, were among 50 area residents who participated Saturday morning in the 10th annual “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” event for the Wayside Center of Elgin. The two men said they've walked in the event for several years to help raise awareness of homeless issues.
Child and Family Services estimate that homelessness affected several thousand teens in New Hampshire during 2017. "They're really moving from place to place, sleeping on people's couches and people's floors so to really understand the whole scope of the issue is such a difficult thing," said Erin Kelly ...
The City of Malibu wants local faith communities to take on the task of feeding the local homeless community—a job they had been doing before neighbor complaints, an alleged city bullying, forced them to stop. Faith groups and activists are asking the city to step in. Now, there is a stalemate until the city ...
A small group of activists has taken over a building in central London hoping to house, feed and support up to 200 homeless people who would otherwise be ... This guidance for local authorities, homelessness providers, faith and community groups, provides responses in order to help prevent the deaths of ...


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