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updated Mon. March 25, 2024

A campus protest called for the renaming of some campus buildings in a continuation of an ongoing debate spurred by a recent exhibit. A group of about 50 ... The march, which was organized by the Minnesota Student Association and other students, was in response to the “A Campus Divided” exhibit last fall. The exhibit ...
This story is part of a series on the 1968 protests at Columbia and their present-day implications fifty years later. Remembered by leader Raymond Brown, CC '69, as a “unit of brothers and sisters,” the Student Afro-American Society led black students, members of the Harlem community, and white students ...

(WLUC) - Some Northern Michigan University students, Flint residents, and other community groups will join together May 5th in protest of Governor Snyder according to a press release sent to TV6 and FOX UP. Snyder is the May 2018 Commencement speaker for NMU's graduation ceremony. Beginning at ...
Their release follows sustained protests by their colleagues in Ambo University located in the Oromia region. Ambo was the heartbeat of anti-government protests of 2015 – 2017. Reports by local media indicates that high school students also joined the peaceful protests that started since Monday.
More than 50 Cornell students answered the Cornell Collective for Justice in Palestine's call to “stand with Gaza” on Wednesday by gathering on Ho Plaza in support of protests in the Gaza Strip. Speakers at the rally said that the recent clash between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers is neither a ...
Students are upset the university chose such a contentious figure without their input, blaming Snyder for his abdication during the flint water crisis in 2014. A community support rally is planned leading up to the ceremony followed by a silent protest during the governor's speech. NMU says they encourage ...

They also berated an African-American student who had come to hear Blackman instead of joining the protest. ... The school's student handbook states that one may not “intentionally obstruct and/or forcibly prevent others from the exercise of their rights” and that students, faculty, and invited guests have the ...
Brown was one of about 70 students staging a walkout at East Ridge on April 20 — the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. They joined ... Since they haven't had to deal with student protests until recently, there's no official policy beyond the standing attendance rules, Schafer said.
Diane Rabenda, chair of the Halton Catholic School Board, sent a statement to CTV News Toronto saying they welcome student feedback during the consultation process. “Fundraising at the school level is an integral part of the educational experience for our students, and we know that many of our ...
University of Michigan lecturers, students occupy building in Ann Arbor for protest ... The lecturers, joined by students and supporters, are calling for major salary increases for the 1,700 lecturers who teach one half of student credit hours on the UM Flint and Dearborn campuses, and one-third of credit hours ...
Now Duke's administration is considering whether to discipline the students, whose behavior unquestionably violates university policy. That doesn't sit well with them: Protest leader Gino Nuzzolillo accused administrators of aggravating the mental health problems of student activists. The administration's ...
Since March 26, dozens – and at times, hundreds – of French students have occupied the Paris 1 Tolbiac University as part of a nationwide protest against ... The Tolbiac occupation became a flashpoint for student protests against Macron's proposals, notably introducing a more selective admissions ...
(TOLEDO) - Hundreds of students voluntarily marched outside of Notre Dame Academy Friday. Many held signs promoting "Student Advocates for Safe Schools" which was formed after the February 14 shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Students from the all-girls school in Toledo called for an ...
The student protest against the PU administration for firing Assistant Professor Ammar Ali Jan and for his reinstatement is another demonstration ... of thought adopted by students; campaigning for women rights, racial profiling, anti-harassment, student rights etc., in raising which Ammar Ali Jan's role was ...
MENOMONIE — A group of about 15 UW-Stout students held a silent protest Wednesday in the Administration Building over what the students perceive as lack of support for students of color and underrepresented students. In a statement from student Carol Vang, she said protesters are asking for a safer ...
Two students who survived the deadly Parkland, Florida, high school shooting earlier this year have a book deal. David and Lauren Hogg are working on #NEVERAGAIN: A New Generation Draws the Line. Random House on Wednesday announced that the book is due out June 5 and that the siblings will ...
A group of Duke University student activists stormed the stage in Page Auditorium during an alumni reunion event Saturday to protest institutional problems ... Though the event sparked interest among Duke students and increased the size of the coalition, Duke's administration has stayed quiet in terms of ...

Local students and those across the country will be walking out of school on Friday as part of a nationwide protest against gun violence. Whatever personal views we may have on gun restrictions, these students deserve our support for having the courage of their convictions. They are taking action and ...
... town in eastern France, as spreading student protests and the fourth round of crippling train strikes in a month piled on the pressure. The 40-year-old leader is facing the biggest test of his nearly 12-month presidency as train drivers, public sector workers and students protest against his economic reforms.
Colin Mackenzie is one of the student's that started the protest. He says he is one of many students that is disgusted by the fraternity's actions. "We're talking about accessibility, we're talking about equality and equity," Mackenzie said. "I'm here because I want to stand for change, I want to make sure that when I leave this ...
The protest coincides and overlaps with a UW-Stevens Point Student Government Association state Legislature lobbying day. ... "We ground our students in critical and creative thinking, problem solving and civic engagement," Patterson said, and called the lobbying and protests "a natural outcome of a ...
Many students left classes early when they heard about the threat, including Vine. Tuesday's event, originally promoted as Eaton Walk Out on Twitter, was a demonstration and a "learning experience." It was the latest attempt by student activists to bring attention to gun violence and school safety. It comes ...
GREENCASTLE — A student protest that erupted Tuesday evening during a lecture by actress Jenna Fischer continued Wednesday at a news ... Carrying signs and chanting, "We are not safe," about two dozen students from the university's Association of African American Students interrupted the news ...
Mathematics and economics exam papers were distributed on the WhatsApp messaging app prior to the tests, forcing the cancellations and sparking fury among students and their parents. On a second day of protests, hundreds of students in New Delhi chanted against the exam board, which they accused ...
"This is preventing students who are mobilized with us today from going to university, choosing their studies. And choosing your studies today is choosing your life, choosing your future," said one young man supporting the action. With exams on the horizon the protest movement has created tensions with ...
On March 11, the NPC voted to scrap term limits for the president and the vice-president of China, but the protest only gathered pace. The office of Florida senator Marco Rubio retweeted Foreign Policy's article about the protests, calling them out as “a bold move”. “Given Chinese government's reach and ...
Members of the National Students Union of India hold placards as they shout slogans during a protest against Education Minister Prakash Javadekar in New Delhi on ... On a second day of protests, hundreds of students in New Delhi chanted against the exam board, which they accused of negligence.
UW-Stevens Point will hear new proposal on humanities cuts after student protests ... The informal action by the university's common council comes after roughly 300 people on March 21 staged a sit-in of the Old Main building to protest a proposal by the university that would cut 13 humanities majors.
"The main message would be basically that we do not want someone on this campus that is representative of white supremacy," student Michelle Boo said. "The number of black students on this campus is 3 percent, and we don't want them to feel unsafe on this campus, especially because we're the ...
A protest is planned for today at Hofstra University over a statue of Thomas Jefferson. As News 12 has reported, there are now dueling positions over the statue which stands outside the student center. Some students want it removed because Jefferson owned slaves. Others want it to stay put, saying ...
Student organizers of the protest put out a list of demands earlier this week that includes transparency. “Time and time again, the administration and board of trustees has failed to act in the best interests of its students,” said the student group HU Resist in a statement. “As the primary stakeholders of the ...
... watching students run away from him. He hoped someone would come tell him everything was OK. Earlier this month, against the wishes of his school administration, Cooper Caffrey walked out of Madison High School – past the cafeteria – as part of a day of protests around the country in the wake of the ...
Eleven-year-old Naomi Wadler and her classmate Carter Anderson organized one of the few elementary school walkouts with one important adjustment — the students stood in silence for an additional minute to honor Courtlin Arrington. Arrington, an African-American high school senior, was killed in a ...
About 650 students at four Southlake Carroll campuses staged brief walkouts Thursday morning in protest of gun violence and in remembrance of the victims of school shootings. The student-led protest, which began about 10 a.m., lasted for 17 minutes to remember the 17 victims killed in the Florida school ...
Fed up with campus violence, high school students across the suburbs will join a national walkout Wednesday to protest what they call congressional ... Officials with Algonquin-based Community Unit District 300 are actively discouraging student protests at Dundee-Crown, Hampshire and Jacobs high ...
After, students opened up about what they hope to achieve through the walkout. A few noted that violence in schools has increased over time and doesn't seem to be getting any better. “For so long our government hasn't done anything. We're the ones getting shot,” said 11th-grade student Johnathan ...
Wichita students wanting to protest gun violence are being encouraged to participate in lunchtime or after-school rallies rather than walk out of class, according to a joint ... Thompson said Wichita high schools will allow student-led rallies during the lunch hour or before or after school, supervised by staff.
Here are five things to know about students' rights to protest in public schools. ♢Students do not lose their constitutional rights at the ... Student-led protests are an American tradition, and the students leading the #NeverAgain movement are no exception. All of us are beneficiaries of the student-led protest ...
Video (01:45) : Thousands of students from around the metro area converged on the State Capitol Wednesday morning to protest gun violence. ... Organizers of Wednesday's protest said they turned to social media to mobilize students from different schools, urging them to wear their student colors and ...
State law requires all children between 6 and 16 to attend school, giving administrators full legal rights to discipline students for missing class. But schools are not permitted to impose harsher punishment for taking part in a political protest than for simply skipping classes, the New Jersey branch of the ACLU ...
Walkout protests against gun violence are planned at high schools across the country next week. Though it is unclear if Monadnock district students will take part in the protests, nationwide demonstrations are scheduled for Wednesday, March 14, at 10 a.m. Students plan to walk out of school for 17 minutes ...
While claiming the legacy of the student protests for Poland, he also sought to shift the blame for the anti-Semitic purge onto Moscow, which controlled Poland ... In March 1968, students staged mass protests against censorship and in support of academic freedom that were brutally quashed by the regime.
Wednesday's walkout won't mark the end of student protest, as there are three more marches planned nationwide, with the final one slated for April 10, the anniversary of the Columbine shooting. Meanwhile on Wednesday, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton unveiled a $21 million safety plan for preventing ...
CAMBRIDGE — Hundreds of students walked out of local high schools at 8:17 a.m. Wednesday and observed a 17-minute silence to protest gun ... to discuss further with students both how the school can “address valid concerns students have” and “how to prevent random student walkouts in the future.”.
The ACLU hosts a Know Your Rights student activist training to address how First Amendment rights apply to school protest on March 1, 2018. ... staff has been fielding questions from students, teachers, and parents across the country about how they can engage in the protests happening in high schools ...
In the spring of 1968, student protests exploded on multiple continents. ... In Warsaw, protests against government censorship built from 300 students in January to 20,000 in March, but were ultimately suppressed. .... Since Iran's 1979 revolution, student activists had generally been tied to political parties.
A student was arrested on campus on the Central High School campus more than a month ago for bringing a gun to school. Students believe no one should feel the need to do that. "I think he said he was getting bullied and would like protection on the way here. But I think instead of bringing a gun, he could ...
Demonstrators flooded streets across the globe in public protests on Saturday, calling for action against gun violence. ... The student activists emphasized that they would soon have access to the ballot box as they hope to build support for candidates who support universal background checks and bans on ...
"One of the things we've been hearing is that it's not the time yet to talk about gun control," Kasky said. "So here's the time that we're going to talk about gun control: March 24." The rally was intended to give students everywhere a chance to "beg for their lives," he said. The march had three primary demands ...




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