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updated Fri. March 4, 2022

As President and CEO of ONUS, Inc.-a national organization committed to Resolving Longstanding Problems that Seem Too Big to Fix, I firmly believe in the power of boycotts. Following the killing of Michael Brown, ONUS conducted one of the most effective and long-standing boycotts in Ferguson, MO, ...
“Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism. Boycotting Israel has elements of anti-Semitism,” Steinitz asserted, adding that Portman would not have boycotted China or India. Boycotting the ceremony because of Prime Minister Netanyahu's participation practically constitutes a boycott of Israel, Steinitz asserted.

Parent groups such as Let Our Kids Be Kids plan to boycott Sats this year by taking their children out of primary school when the tests start on 14 May. Last year a headteacher of a Leeds primary school locked the Sats papers in a cupboard and took the children to the Captain Cook Museum in Whitby ...
Boycotts can also be inconvenient, causing us to forego products or services that actually make our lives easier or that we simply enjoy. ... for the aforementioned pinheads — not in the organized, formal boycotts that typically attract few followers and die out quickly, but in the soft boycott of rising apathy.
For many citizens, the news that Cambridge Analytica obtained millions of Americans' Facebook data and used it to help elect Donald Trump comes as no surprise. They see it as proof of what they already believe: that Facebook is an evil mega-corporation determined to exploit our personal information for ...
Laura Ingraham's show is the subject of an ad boycott effort because she mocked Parkland student activist David Hogg. David Zurawik and Anthony Atamanuik analyze the boycott strategy with Brian Stelter.

More businesses seem willing to yank their advertising dollars from platforms that are involved in controversies. In the latest example, Laura Ingraham lost the support of some advertisers this week after she mockingly tweeted at David Hogg over college rejections. Hogg is a survivor of the Parkland school ...
SAN FRANCISCO — Ryan Knight, a Democratic activist in Los Angeles, called for a boycott of Apple in February because it hadn't responded to calls to delete a channel from the National Rifle Association from its streaming-video service after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. “Dear @Apple,” Mr. Knight ...
“To pretend to do something sexual in front of a crowd of women and children, that was not your average day here in North Bend,” he said. He stopped short of calling for a boycott of The Pour House. Keely Cofrin Allen was protesting too. She walked into the intersection and had a standoff with Kuwolsky.
The nature of boycotts in America is shifting. This week, David Hogg, a survivor of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, launched a boycott campaign of Laura Ingraham's Fox News show. Ingraham had tweeted about Hogg being rejected from ...
Laura Ingraham is taking a week off amid a brewing advertiser boycott over her comments about Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg. “I'll be off next week for Easter break with my kids,” Ingraham said on-air Friday. “But fear not, we've got a great lineup of guest hosts to fill in for me.” The Fox ...
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, also known as BDS, could potentially cost Israel up to $11.5bn a year. That's according to a partially redacted Israeli government report from 2013, which factored in the most extreme scenario of a full-blown EU boycott of Israeli products and a halt to ...
A self- described anti-capitalist organization in Bellingham has revived claims that a Sumas berry farm caused a farm worker's death last summer while trying to organize a boycott of the farm's products. The Capital Press reports the group Community to Community Development emailed an “Action Alert” ...
For the first time, the Knesset Ethics Committee has decided to bar an MK from traveling abroad on a trip subsidized by an organization that supports a boycott of Israel. Knesset member Yousef Jabareen of the predominantly Arab Joint List party was informed on Tuesday by committee chairman Yitzhak ...
A Thurston County judge has ruled in favor of former Olympia Food Co-op board members in a case challenging the co-op's boycott of Israeli goods. The case was filed in 2011 against co-op board members by five co-op members who argued the board violated its policies in enacting the boycott because it ...
WASHINGTON –The Trump administration was pleased by international attendance of the conference on Gaza it held Tuesday, a senior White House official said, despite the Palestinian Authority's decline to participate. Representatives from 20 countries including Israel gathered in the White House for a ...
A man holds a sign for Community to Community during an event Feb. 5 in the Capitol Rotunda in Olympia. The Bellingham, Wash., organization has revived unsubstantiated claims that a farmworker was worked to death and to boycott the farm's berries. A state investigation cleared the farm in the worker's ...

Schaaf proposed expanding the bill to cover companies that boycott any country, not just Israel. He then went through a laundry list of countries that could face boycotts, starting with Afghanistan and continuing alphabetical order. He made it to the Bahamas before the bill was set aside. Several states have ...
Cramer added that the boycott option threatens more than just tech companies. In the past, bad publicity around KFC led to protests that hurt Yum China's business. "Here's the bottom line: just because we're not talking about tariffs every day, that doesn't mean our trade dispute with China is somehow over ...
Boycotts 'China's ultimate weapon' in trade war. 7:11 PM ET Thu, 19 April 2018. Jim Cramer worries that organized boycotts against U.S. products in China could escalate tensions in the burgeoning trade war. Watch CNBC Live TV ...
After two weeks, the crops were in, the volunteers and troops were gone, and so too were the Boycotts. They went on a long trip, including a visit to the U.S. where they travelled under the name Cunningham. The Boycott affair was big news in Ireland, England, and elsewhere in the English-speaking world.
Leader of the Opposition and YSR Congress Party president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has said his party will boycott the budget session of the Assembly beginning from March 5. “There is no question of us (YSRCP legislators) attending the Assembly session till those elected on the party ticket and crossed ...
In response to Wednesday's school shooting in Florida, high school students and teachers across the country are planning walkouts this spring to push Congress to act on guns. On Twitter, students used the hashtags #NationalSchoolWalkout, #April20 and #April20Walkout to plan mass boycotts on the ...
Following the formation, Israel decided to boycott ministers from the party, which has Nazi roots. Last week, MK Yehuda Glick from Netanyahu's Likud party met with Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, both members of the Freedom Party, despite ...
The new film “Peter Rabbit” has found itself the target of calls for a boycott by parents who are demanding an apology for a controversial scene dealing with food allergies. The scene in question shows Peter Rabbit and his friends trying to get away from the villain Mr. McGregor. They throw blackberries at ...
A top Venezuelan opposition party announced on Friday it would boycott April's presidential vote, showing divides within the opposition coalition. Popular Will, the third largest opposition party, said it would "not nominate or endorse any candidate" in the April 22 presidential election that it says amounts to a "fraud.".
More than 60 years ago hundreds of black Montgomery residents nearly crippled the city through a concerted effort that became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. For more than a year, black residents refused to ride the buses, withholding their ridership - and money - until the day they were given ...
[Photo by George Njunge /Standard]. Lawyers were yesterday divided over plans to shun courts to protest Government's disregard of court orders. While some lawyers supported the boycott called by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), others defied the directive to wear yellow ribbons as a sign of protest.
They said a "blacklist" would be complied of Israelis that head a non-government organization or another group that advocates the boycott of Israel. The ministry is also working to advance an amendment to the Boycott Prevention Law that would allow the filing of civil lawsuits against boycott activists and ...
The Israeli government's decision to boycott the festival's opening night comes after the Israel's ambassador to France, Aliza Ben-Nun, asked organizers to pull “Foxtrot” from the lineup and was rebuffed. Maoz says that, while the government's dissatisfaction with his film has earned him a significant amount ...
(CNN) "Peter Rabbit" has found itself in the middle of a food allergy controversy that has prompted some parents to boycott the animated children's film and Sony Pictures to issue an apology. The uproar began with a bundle of blackberries. One scene shows the rabbit Peter and his forest friends attacking ...
Regev has also claimed she plans to prevent Israel from providing funding to the event, which is supported by the Israeli government and several Jewish organisations. Supporters of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, who have previously called for the festival to be boycotted, have mocked the ...
“It sends a signal, implicitly suggesting that other boycotts/acts may follow. But it is measured enough so that all out war isn't declared, which would serve no one's interest.” U of L political science professor Geoffrey Hale said he understood the wine boycott in spite of some seeing it as “schoolyard posturing ...
The movie, released last week, has a scene in which bunnies attack a man with blackberries, knowing he has a blackberry allergy. The man gets sick and has to use an Epipen. Australian group Global Anaphylaxis Awareness and Inclusivity made a petition asking Sony Pictures to apologize for the content.
Lawyers on Sunday called off their planned weeklong court boycotts that had been scheduled to kick off on Monday. LSK President Isaac Okero said the boycott has been postponed to facilitate better preparation. “Upon further consultation it has been decided that the campaign shall proceed with all ...
While Watson thinks the boycott is an unfortunate "knee-jerk" reaction, not all Albertans share his perspective. Lew Galbraith lives in Strathcona County near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, and he's been boycotting all B.C. products for nearly two months. He joined host Stephen Quinn during CBC's The Early ...
Not long after the Olympic torch's official lighting, the Pyeonchang, South Korea, Winter Games has already been struck by controversy. American speedskater Shani Davis boycotted the Opening ceremonies because he was upset that he wasn't chosen to carry the flag, and believed the USOC acted ...
The Super Bowl is over, and it's time to reflect on the history that was made with this NFL season — and I'm not talking about the Eagles. I have a frequent refrain that it is hard to understand a moment in history when you're in it, and there was such a story this year. This football season, there was a boycott ...
The PDP Chieftain who advised the opposition party (PDP) in the state to boycott the election, questioned the motive of the Governor Abiola Ajimobi-led state government to conduct local government elections at the twilight of the administration. He claimed that the election was not only to create the false ...
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith on Tuesday said that he has no plans to visit the White House with his team after their Super Bowl victory, saying that he doesn't think President Trump · Donald John TrumpTillerson: Russia already looking to interfere in 2018 midterms Dems pick up ...
“I'm dumping my @facebook stock and deleting my page because @facebook profited from Russian interference in our elections and they're not doing enough to stop it,” Carrey tweeted, along with an original drawing of CEO Mark Zuckerberg · Mark Elliot ZuckerbergJim Carrey calls for Facebook boycott to ...
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced an immediate boycott on all imports of wines from British Columbia Tuesday in what is becoming a growing ... Alberta government boycotts B.C. wine ... I'm not sure why they chose to boycott BC wine - Albertans love to drink, and you're going into an election.
Olney added a boycott is "not currently an option under any serious consideration." The MLBPA ... #MLBPA statement regarding recent reports of a spring training “boycott”... ... Regarding a boycott, Van Wagenen wrote: "There is a rising tide among players for radical change. A fight ...
The Farmingdale bar that began an NFL blackout in November to honor veterans is continuing its boycott and won't be showing Sunday's Super Bowl game. Woody's Roadside Tavern announced it would close Sunday at 4 p.m. before the game kicks off at 6:30 p.m.. "We hope that next season the players ...
First, although we worry about extremism in the GOP, that is not a reason to boycott the party. We agree with political analysts who say that the Republicans veered off-center earlier and more sharply than the Democrats—but recently the Democrats have made up for lost time by moving rapidly leftward.
Saturday's letters: Boycott B.C. wine, fruit and vacations. Edmonton Journal. Published on: February 3, 2018 | Last Updated: February 3, 2018 6:00 AM MST. Apples for saleon West Broadway in Vancouver, B.C. File photo. Carmine Marinelli / Carmine Marinelli/QMI Agency. Share Adjust Comment Print. A while back I found ...
Twenty-one months into a union campaign at Burgerville, the Burgerville Workers Union has announced a major escalation: A call for consumers to boycott the regional fast food chain until the company agrees to negotiate with the union. The announcement came at a 4 p.m. rally amid a three-day strike that ...
That prompted a movement across the nation to boycott the NFL. Many Philadelphia Eagles fans followed suit, keeping the TV off during games. They suspected racism was keeping Kaepernick unsigned — and that was the tipping point for fans already weary of the league's questionable handling of player ...
Instead of watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, some are choosing to help the military. “We will be putting together care packages for soldiers overseas,” organizer Joel Shores said. The event, Stand Up, Support Our Military, comes after Shores saw a Facebook post from former Cleveland County ...
The latter group typically eschews addressing the free-speech implications of their efforts, instead focusing on the critique that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, and other organized boycotts against Israel, are best understood as bigoted efforts that single-out Jews, among the world's ...


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