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updated Thu. February 22, 2024

Owens became the target of housing activists in 2016 after moving to evict Canada, who had lived in the building from the 1950s to 2012. Owens, who said she forfeited her ownsership rights at that point, bought into the building in 2002 with the goal of converting it to tenancy-in-common units and ...
To Lubarsky, a number cruncher-turned-housing activist, Wallingford's architectural jewels, with their grand front porches and exquisite topiary, are emblematic of this city's potentially fatal flaw: a housing market so expensive it's throttling one of America's biggest urban success stories. Decades ago, these ...

OAKLAND, Calif. - Oakland community organizers and politicians gathered on the steps of Frank H. Ogawa plaza Monday to demand a repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. "The rent is too damn high," Carol Fife, of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, said to the crowd at ...
B.C. Premier John Horgan announced this week the provincial government will be launching a task force to improve tenancy laws, but for renters in Burnaby's Metrotown neighbourhood, increased protections for tenants may not be enough. The Rental Housing Task Force, to be headed up by ...
Community activists from a coalition of social-justice organizations will rally today, the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, with a second-line in support of an ordinance designed to ensure people released from jail are not discriminated against by landlords. The second line will begin at 5 p.m. today ...
Video: Affordable housing activists protest at Amazon HQ, demanding higher taxes on corporations. by Monica Nickelsburg & Kevin Lisota on April 10, 2018 at 8:28 pm April 11, 2018 at 10:22 am. 12 Comments Share 373 Tweet Share Reddit Email · Watch: GeekWire's Elevator Pitch ...

Leung grew up in the Two Bridges neighborhood, and was a lifelong affordable housing activist. For several years before moving to Brooklyn, he was president of the Cherry Street Tenant Association. Leung was an architect, as well as a member of Community Board 3 and served on the board of Good Old ...
San Francisco housing activists opposing a bill that aims to increase housing near public transit statewide called on the city's Board of Supervisors Tuesday to take a stance against it. But the group's calls were drowned out at times by other housing activists in support of Senate Bill 827, as the two groups ...
Thursday, Ed Guczek told a group of housing activists that after more than a year of attempts to open talks with the company, Carrington has made a counter-offer that may allow the couple to rebuy their home of 31 years. Negotiations are continuing but the couple has been granted a 30-day continuance on ...
The initiatives ranged from financial literacy programs to a bus that offers roving banking services. The other issue of the night was house foreclosures, and several residents as well as housing activists spoke to personal experience dealing with banks. Caroline Lewis, a Worcester resident, said that after ...
Memorial service held for housing activist. “Rasta” Dolophini was fatally stabbed on 18 March. Photo of memorial service “Rasta” Dolophini's fiance Elizabeth Gqoboka (centre) delivers a speech during his memorial. Alongside her is her daughter Beverley Gqoboka (right) and her friend Mona Asher. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks.
Pro-growth housing activists pushing for major change in the state Legislature say the state must stop "local obstructionism" in cities. "For decades now, we've had this slow-burning housing crisis because local governments have refused to permit sufficient's time for the state to step in," ...
A substantial tax, raising $150 million annually from big business as affordable housing activists have demanded, would be enough to build up to 750 permanently affordable, high quality homes every year, using priority hire/union local agreements to create living wage jobs. It would also set an inspiring ...
Christine Quinn, once a progressive housing activist, has since made her career by being a tool for powerful men who could help her advance her political fortunes. Installed as the first woman and openly gay Speaker by party bosses from Queens and Brooklyn, Quinn gained the moniker of “Deputy Mayor for the City ...
Housing activists were completely unconcerned about CCHO's not backing the largest affordable housing and homeless funding measure in San Francisco history. Instead, they were busy criticizing London Breed for not attending the affordable housing forum. Photos of Breed's empty chair circulated on ...
A temporary restraining order has halted the development of this small, but very controversial patch of land. Evan Haddad, today. Evan Haddad. @evan_haddad88. Local housing activists scored a victory this week with a restraining order halting the development of a small, but very controversial patch of land. Churches ...
“YIMBYs”, preservationists vs. housing activists, and in many cases the older generation vs. the young. Efforts by local advocates to address the crisis with state legislation have been called a “declaration of war against our neighborhoods” by our mayor. We may be headed into a post-apocalyptic future with ...

Joseph Crowley, D-Queens, and housing activist Rachel Fee portray President Donald Trump's budget as a destroyer of worlds in an op-ed. "The president's proposal would take an existing crisis and turn it into a disaster. It is a concerted effort to punish our most vulnerable citizens," they write. "The reason ...
San Francisco's longtime affordability crisis is a product of decades of adding jobs without building new housing. Activists see this mistake repeating in a Central SOMA plan adding 40,000-50,000 jobs and only 7000 housing units; it is seen as a blueprint for displacement and gentrification. Those leading ...
Protestors walk out of the lobby of the Bear Stearns headquarters March 26, 2008 in New York. Hundreds of housing activists overwhelmed security and stormed the lobby of the Bear Stearns skyscraper in Manhattan, staging a noisy rally and protesting the government-backed sale and bailout of the ...
She told the CBC that they're not so much shelters as they are “centres that are much more about helping people find housing.” Activist Mark Horvath, formerly homeless, says changing the word will reduce “stigma” as the general public becomes more informed about homelessness. So the city began a ...
And, after being amended, Wiener's bill is certainly more palatable to housing activists like me who are working to prevent working-class families from being displaced by our region's run away housing costs. But without the affordability component, the bill will do nothing to protect longtime residents from ...
Mayor Sylvester Turner has expanded on his criticisms this week of Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush and his office's response to Hurricane Harvey in a detailed letter. Federal rules tied to $5 billion in disaster relief funding for Texas that Congress approved last fall require Bush's General Land ...
Over the last few years, as Sacramento has emerged as the top housing market in the country for year-over-year percentage rent increases, housing activists have warned there would be a backlash. That backlash has now taken shape in the form of a proposed rent control measure, with advocates ...
A line of people wait to speak for or against a planned affordable housing project on the site of the former Wilmette American Legion post. A line of people wait to speak for or against a planned affordable housing project on the site of the former Wilmette American Legion post. (Kathy Routliffe/Pioneer Press).
Housing activists, meanwhile, argued the city would be contributing to the escalating cost of housing by denying the project and further limiting the supply of new homes. Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who had argued against land-use policies that would allow taller development on sites near the river, said ...
UNITED STATES - MARCH 6: From left, Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N. Dak., Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va, discuss their bill aimed at targeted relief for community banks and credit unions. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call). A complex banking bill currently making ...
Local housing activists say gentrification and rising rents in Providence are forcing many longtime residents like the Trottiers out of their homes. On Feb. 14, a group from DARE (Direct Action for Rights and Equality) held a protest outside 40 Grove St. and said they hope to put a rent control initiative on the ...
It contained a particular provision that got affordable housing activists dancing in the streets: The law authorized municipalities to implement inclusionary zoning, which requires developers to make a certain percentage of residential units available at below-market rates. Some 500 U.S. municipalities have ...
On Wednesday (February 21), the outgoing mayor will hear housing activists recall a commitment he made almost two years ago regarding a city-owned property at 58 West Hastings Street. On that day, council is scheduled to listen to speakers on a motion for the city to develop a property at the Downtown ...
Local community organizers, nonprofit executives, housing activists, developers, architects and city planners gathered at the University of Virginia on Friday for a new annual summit focused on what the community is doing to address Charlottesville's housing affordability challenges. In her opening remarks ...
A Silicon Valley mayor said the housing situation in his city is "not dire," but local housing activists disagree. In his State of the City address last week Cupertino Mayor Darcy Paul acknowledged his city, home to the sprawling Apple Inc. headquarters, "should be focused a bit more on housing at this point" ...
... to support each other's work and make links between the issues we face. It helps us feel a lot bigger too! Protestors outside court building with placards and banners. Slogans say: homes not borders/ Joining forces: HASL with migrant solidarity and housing activists protesting Home Office deportations of ...
Housing activists in Inglewood and Pasadena on Friday announced plans to put rent control initiatives before their cities' voters next year as part of a regional groundswell of interest in rental caps. These campaigns come after a spate of Bay Area cities put rent control on the ballot last year. Rent control ...
Charlottesville is creating and funding a land bank corporation as part of its strategy for affordable housing. Essentially, a land bank is a depository of land held for public purposes. But some housing activists are objecting to portions of the city's proposal. As City Council approved the land bank, however, ...
48Hills reported that Kim, and every other candidate, indicated support for the bill. On March 9, the YIMBY (Yes In My Back Yard) group YIMBY Action solely endorsed her rival, London Breed. Once it was clear she wasn't getting any support from pro-housing activists, there wasn't much point in flirting with ...
In 2014, Sonja Trauss, a Philadelphia native and a teacher-turned-housing activist, got tired of seeing neighbors and friends getting priced out. She seized upon ... The fight can lead housing activists to wrestle with environmentalists over constructing apartment buildings instead of parks. That's happening ...
The seemingly endless fight over the Broadway Triangle, a stretch of land on the border of Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick, continues: A lawsuit brought by housing activists Churches United for Fair Housing and Brooklyn Residents Against Segregated Housing claims that the city's rezoning of a ...
One of the occupants of the Helen Bowden Nurses Home near Somerset hospital died after allegedly being stabbed by a security guard on Sunday night. The man was one of the leaders of a group of people who occupied the building as part of the Reclaim the City campaign in March 2017. Western Cape ...


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