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updated Sat. June 15, 2024

Advocates note that his inner circle of special advisers at the USDA includes former lobbyists for groups like CropLife America (representing the interests of pesticide manufacturers) and Protect the Harvest (an anti-animal-rights nonprofit). Perdue's first move as secretary was to delay the implementation of ...

Social media posts portrayed the Conservatives as anti-animal rights, an issue widely thought to have lost the party votes in the general election. Sentience is recognised in Article 13 of the EU's Lisbon treaty. Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party, had proposed an amendment to the EU withdrawal ...
Tamil culture is not anti-animal rights. Also, it is not Peta's battle alone. I believe there is no conflict between tradition and compassion. It is quite possible that jallikattu could take place on Sunday, as the CM has promised. Do you still believe that jallikattu will cause harm? What if they ensure no bull is ...
The group also explained that its biggest concern was that a Trump administration would be stocked with anti-animal rights barbarians. The HSLF said that based on potential policy decisions under the aegis of the U.S. Department of Fish and Game, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Bureau ...
Lucas is best known as the co-founder and president of Lucas Oil, a major manufacturer and distributor of automotive lubricants and oils, but he is also active in the anti-animal rights movement. In 2014, Lucas founded Protect the Harvest, a nonprofit group that, according to its website, “exists to defend our ...
Politico reports that Forrest Lucas, cofounder of Lucas Oil, “is a leading contender for Interior secretary should Donald Trump win the White House.” Lucas' company makes motor oil and similar products. Environmentalists worry he would push to open more public lands and offshore areas to oil and gas drilling. The Interior ...
Massachusetts cage-free chickens plan brings together unlikely opponents. An anti-poverty campaigner is lining up alongside anti-animal rights advocates to challenge a ballot question that would outlaw eggs produced by caged hens. Susan Zalkind in West Medford, Massachusetts. Sat 28 May 2016 ...
They represent business capitalism without conscience; the economy before ecology; jobs at any cost; anti-Darwinian evolution teachings; anti-animal rights; hunting animals; trapping animals; allowing noise pollution from motorized recreational vehicles to terrorize wildlife; mining “dirty” Montana coal; ...
Opponents view the resolution as egalitarian extremism. Spain's conservative party frets that it would grant animals the same rights as people. Spanish newspapers and citizens complain that ape rights are distracting lawmakers from human problems. Wesley Smith, my favorite anti-animal-rights blogger, ...




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