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updated Thu. March 28, 2024

Ben Bennight, the 36-year-old YouTube video blogger from Mississippi, noticed in September an alarming comment on a video he'd posted. He told CNN he immediately contacted the FBI. "Im going to be a professional school shooter," read the comment, left by a user with the name Nikolas Cruz, the same ...
And after over a decade of failed wishful thinking and unrealistic promises from Moe's predecessor and party, part of the change our province needs most is to start charting our course based on evidence rather than politics. Greg Fingas is a Regina lawyer, blogger and freelance political commentator who ...

In a Twin Cities appearance a few months ago, Rich acknowledged that the ascent of Trumpism has essentially suspended, at least temporarily, the opportunities he sees for restoring political cooperation. Perhaps it has also limited the book's reach; to say “Getting to Green” has been lightly reviewed is to put it generously.
Last week Iranian-American Muslim fashion blogger Hoda Katebi posted video of a five-minute interview she'd done on January 31 with WGN News. It had been pitched to her as a segment about her fashion book, Tehran Streetstyle, but turned into an interrogation of the 23-year-old's politics by anchors ...
An Iranian American Muslim fashion blogger was told on a US television network “you don't sound like an American” after she criticised US policy in the ... Katebi, who studied international relations and Middle Eastern politics at University of Chicago, shrugged off the comment with a laugh – which she told ...
Meanwhile, the government has also released a top blogger Eskinder Nega who had spent seven years in jail over terrorism charges. He had been denied release last week after he refused to sign a confession statement. “Many Oromo politicians remain unjustly incarcerated, such as Bekele,” said one ...

Let's be vigilant about the freedom of press, whether it is old-fashioned, hard-nosed journalism or 24/7 blogging. However, let's also clearly delineate whether it is political opinion and gotcha stories that tarnish reputations, foster cynicism and further public alienation from politics. Opinions are great and ...
LONDON - Sentenced to 31 years in absentia back in his homeland of Kuwait for insulting Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain, Abdullah Saleh seems largely philosophical about his newfound position of exile. Sitting in a London cafe, the blogger and YouTuber says he has no regrets about what has ...
In recent years, Islamic radicalism has swept in; a blogger was stabbed to death in April after he dared to criticize extremists. Now, a major political crisis is erupting between the president, the country's highest court, and the political opposition. Last week, the Supreme Court dismissed criminal convictions ...
A Kuwaiti criminal court has sentenced a blogger to five years in prison for slandering the UAE, according to local media reports. According to a report in the Kuwait Times, blogger Dr Abdullah Al-Saleh was sentenced to prison with labour because of his comments regarding the UAE. Additionally, he was ...
That did not stop conservative-leaning bloggers and others to speculate on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms that this was no accident, but instead an elaborate plan by Democrats to “derail” the Republican agenda and perhaps even hurt or kill GOP leaders. Some speculated that the trash ...
She was inspired to study yoga in India and used her political connections to access the mystic Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. Peterson traveled to the US in the 1940s and opened a yoga studio in Hollywood, where she taught such luminaries as actresses Greta Garbo and Gloria Swanson. While the yoga ...
GEORGE TOWN: Deputy Chief Minister II Prof Dr P. Ramasamy has slammed a blogger for lodging a police report against Seberang Prai Municipal Council ... He said that Rajvinder could be harbouring a hidden agenda by going after David; perhaps he could have a political motive. "But this is not politics.
Rather, a National Nuclear Security Administration official tells TIME, such a test would be “conducted for political purposes.” So, red baseball ... He was blunt, he was funny, and he was one of those people of whom you wished could have lived forever because he was a natural blogger. He lost a gig on 60 ...
BROOKINGS, S.D. ( -- According to long-time Republican blogger and political operative Pat Powers, GOP gubernatorial Lora Hubbel's 60 second spot on KELO-AM is ... "It's probably the most paranoid appeal for support I think I've heard in 30 years of being involved in Republican politics.".
The charges against Hai stemmed from “taking advantage of political events of importance … to produce and publish a number of writings that vilify and slander the country's leaders, and call for a boycott of the People's Council elections at all levels” based on 36 articles he published said to violate a ...
Together with sites like Church Militant, a kind of Catholic-themed Breitbart that the Church has officially distanced itself from, Fr. Z is waging an online culture war that is deeply informed by the greater American political context. “They think the liberal Catholic establishment must be dismantled,” said ...

A self-taught video blogger who specializes in flags has some advice for Mississippi, delivered after an epic sigh in his latest installment of “Vexillographer.” “If 30 percent of your population happens to be black, maybe you shouldn't have the emblem of Team Slavery in your state flag,” said Peter ...
Protesters rallied in Fullerton, Calif., in October near the site of a speaking appearance by far-right blogger Milo Yiannopoulos. By Cathy Young January 26, 2018. The defense of free speech has always been a bedrock bipartisan principle. So it's unusual to hear a veteran liberal politician excuse campus outrage squads ...
Donald Trump official brands political reporter April Ryan 'Miss piggy'. Former event planner for the President's family apologises. Maya Oppenheim · @mayaoppenheim ... Blogger girl I do news. What do you do? Do you work at HUD or play at it you washed up wedding planner. Girl bye! ...
Political Environment blogger James Rowen is disgusted with Gov. Scott Walker's move, in the wake of a GOP loss in a normally safe state Senate district, to call a special legislative session to go after food stamp recipients and other poor people who rely on government help. It's a blatant attempt in an ...
The wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi is allowing herself to dream: might the modernising new crown prince in her ultra-conservative ... been moves to clip the power of the widely feared religious police and an anti-corruption drive that has led to the arrest of dozens of political and business figures.
On January 3, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn made two major announcements: his government will release political prisoners ... There can be no justification to hold some political prisoners or journalists, bloggers and scholars while releasing high-profile leaders of political parties.
Controversial US blogger fuels rumors of political bid. Published time: 10 Feb, 2018 02:18 Edited time: 10 Feb, 2018 08:48. Get short URL ... Prominent right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich has spurred speculation that he might run for Congress. The platform he hinted at on Twitter would include student loan debt reform and ...
“My husband and I are very careful to never bring politics or personal opinions into our spice company, they have no business there,” Patty Erd, who owns the Spice House with her husband, Tom, wrote. Never mind that the spice trade itself is one of the most intensely political industries in history, or that ...
Ben Nimmo, a security expert for the Atlantic Council, says the ongoing inquiry into Kremlin interference in politics should include the Scottish .... the yes campaign also circulated these videos, they were promoted almost immediately and very vigorously by Russian accounts and pro-Russian bloggers.
But on Tuesday, conservative bloggers Mike Cernovich, a far-right activist, and Charles C. Johnson, a right-wing internet provocateur, posted ... of a post on the Facebook page of Charles C. Johnson, an internet provocateur, which included a message that Mike Cernovich, a conservative blogger, wrote on ...
On the surface, it's been a good year for New Zealand's state surveillance agencies. Compared to previous years they've garnered less negative media coverage and political examination. Yet appearances can be deceiving, and looking back over the year, there are plenty of reasons to suggest the spies ...
Kamotho Martin aka 'Githeri Man', Dennis Itumbi, Robert Alai and Jubilee blogger Pauline Njoroge are among 59 Kenyans set to receive Head of State Commendation ... “Head of State Commendation has now become an honour for partisan political party bloggers and their girlfriends,” George Akuno Said.
BORRELL ASSOCIATES CEO GORDON BORRELL is the guest blogger for the RADIO ADVERTISING BUREAU this week, and writes, "A radio owner yawned the other day when I told him about the record year ahead for political advertising — $8.5 billion in all, and all headed for local markets. 'We have ...
“When I walk into the mall, there are maybe two stores I can shop at,” says Gabi Gregg, the fashion blogger and designer who has covered the plus-size ... for All. Here, Gregg, 31, talks about the importance of representation in the fashion world and why she sees style and politics as one and the same.
Lucian Wintrich, who is a blogger for right-wing Gateway Pundit, was invited to speak at the Storrs school by UConn's College Republicans. In his speech, titled “It's OK to Be White”, Wintrich spoke about identity politics, liberal victimhood and anti-conservative bias, reports CNN. Some of the estimated 350 ...
Wintrich tweeted Wednesday that he would seek legal action against the university and the woman, who he says stole his property. He had been invited to speak by UConn's College Republicans. He had planned to speak about identity politics in today's cultural and political landscape, CNN affiliate WTNH ...
Teen Political Blogger Shared That Bush Snr is Now US' Longest-Living President ... Gabe Fleisher, of the "Wake up to Politics," pointed out on the milestone on his Twitter page. Bush surpassed the previous record-holder Gerald Ford, who lived to be 93 years and 165 days old. Ronald Reagan follows ...
... made by advisors, bloggers, money managers and system vendors before investing any funds or opening an account with any Forex dealer.
LABOR MP Brittany Lauga may have accused a political blogger of stalking to keep him from investigating whether her husband stole $250,000 ...
A Kyiv court has released a Kazakh blogger from detention at a Ukrainian ... He has established tight control over politics and the media and ...
But here's how politics can bring your family unit closer than ever, ... “Bloggers across the political spectrum also address each other's writing ...
Did they ever withhold judgment on the press, political opponents or anyone else? Of course not. They hide behind voters' skirts and in doing ...
Alt-Right Women Asked to 'Choose Submission' to Grow Political Movement ... Anti-feminist blogger Janet Bloomfield recalls watching the older kids in ... politics since the ascension of President Donald Trump by recruiting ...
On October 25, Meghan Herning was at her computer when some alarming news arrived in her email: Taylor Swift was mad at her. It was worse ...
Moscow entrepreneur and blogger Samson Sholademi plans to run for ... Communists of Russia leader Maxim Suraikin, political expert and head of the Social ...
... made by advisors, bloggers, money managers and system vendors before investing any funds or opening an account with any Forex dealer.
Apandi Ali is furious and has started the proceedings to sue the blogger who was once a prominent opposition figure but has since then allied ...
Vietnamese democracy advocate and blogger Phan Kim Khanh was ... “The only crime Phan Kim Khanh committed was to express political views ... Speaking to RFA, several dissident bloggers criticized a statement this week ...
First, they think establishment-wing leaders follow what the political blogger Jonathan Schwartz has called “the iron law of institutions”, which ...
A Kazakh blogger who fled to Ukraine after criticizing President Nursultan ... He has established tight control over politics and the media and ...
A political blogger has filed ethics complaints against Washington County ... Maryland news and politics, filed the complaint via email Monday, ...
A reminder you can keep up in the moment via our Essential Politics news feed ... Legal experts and political strategists say there may be legal, ... Far-right blogger Chuck C. Johnson gave a $5,400 campaign donation to Rep.
Demonstrator Manuel Delia, like Caruana Galizia a blogger, praised the ... say Malta's deeply-ingrained tribal politics must be laid aside to enable to the ... to heal its wounds, some berated the political class over the killing.




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