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updated Fri. December 31, 2021

There is strong scientific evidence that increased access to affordable contraception leads to a reduction in unintended pregnancies and healthier and more economically secure mothers and families.” And Americans remain staunchly and consistently pro-choice. In recent polling, 75 percent of voters ...
For a few years now, I have been attending the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Each year tens of thousands of pro-life activists fill the streets, chanting and waving signs. Rally speakers often refer to the “pro-life generation” and claim that these young people will end legal abortion. The message ...

Democrat Hiral Tipirneni, a pro-choice doctor, says on her campaign site that she “fervently believe[s] our elected representatives should support policies reflecting clearly established women's reproductive health rights.” Her platform charges “progressives and conservatives” should “work together” on the ...
And even the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute found that U.S. maternal deaths from terminating pregnancy plunged before Roe v. Wade eliminated illicit abortion, thanks to medical advances. That suggests sex education and free contraception could help make rare back-alley mortality even rarer.
Her reticence on the issue was a very quiet appeal to pro-choice Republicans and independents who might have otherwise felt uncomfortable voting for her husband. It was also rather brave: In 1988, when he won the presidential election, Republican support for abortion rights was lower than it had ever ...
Pro-choice group goes on attack against California GOP House members ... California is home to six of the 30 GOP House members on the hit list — the other two lawmakers are Republican senators — and EMILY's List points its donors at the pro-choice Democratic women it has endorsed to replace them.

I object to the dichotomy alleged between "pro-choice" and "pro-life" in relation to the abortion debate. We are all pro-life, but we want life to be wanted, protected and fostered. No woman should be forced to have a child she does not want or cannot care for. Would any man stand for such a law if it was ...
In 1994, after she and her husband had left the White House, Mrs. Bush published a memoir. Though she was not known to publicly disagree with her husband's politics, she revealed in her memoir that she was pro-choice, which was in opposition to her husband's platform. "Let me say again," she wrote.
One is a strong swimmer. Another hangs out with dwarves. There's one who “can show you the world.” One with flowing magical hair. Black, Native American, Pacific Islander, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. — yes, Disney DIS, +2.27% has given us quite a diverse lineup of princesses over the years. But, in the ...
“Want to lower the abortion rate and prevent maternal deaths worldwide? Support pro-choice policies. That's the takeaway from a new report from the Guttmacher Institute, which looks at abortion around the world. … We know safe, legal abortion decreases abortion-related deaths. We know widespread ...
Ives, whose internal polling shows her trailing Rauner by 7 percentage points, attacked the governor's pro-choice governing at the Chicago March for Life in January. “We can change this for once and all,” she said. “We can put the right people in power, the right people in elected office to finally end ...
During the summer of 2011, I was 20 and waiting tables at a fine dining restaurant in Alpine, Texas, my hometown of 5,000 people. My free time was filled with empty activities, a good many of which revolved around taking shots of cheap Espolon and chugging six-packs of Lone Star, usually in the company ...
Bruce Rauner has been heavily based on his status as a rare pro-choice Republican. Newman's odds of beating Lipinski are higher than Jeanne Ives' odds of beating Rauner, if only because the governor is outspending her on TV ads by better than a 6-1 margin. But Ives is attracting the strong support of ...
On Tuesday, Democratic primary voters in the Chicago suburbs will choose between Marie Newman, a progressive, pro-choice challenger, and Rep. Dan Lipinski, a Blue Dog, anti-abortion incumbent. It's being billed as a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party and the party's stance on reproductive ...
City & State Pennsylvania asked voters from the more urban to the more rural and the voters from near the city called him pro-choice while rural voters said Lamb is pro-life but also believes in choice. The Lamb campaign clarified in a statement: “Lamb tells anyone who asks that he's a Catholic who doesn't ...
Conor Lamb unquestionably struck some culturally conservative notes — touting his military experience and his support for gun rights while downplaying immigration and racial justice topics — on the way to his victory. Under normal circumstances it would have been a safe Republican district on the ...
That drew a sharp rebuke from the head of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Ilyse Hogue, who argued the party would only hurt itself by adding members who ... of whom are women — running for office up and down the ballot on a proudly pro-choice, pro-family platform supported by the majority of Americans.

Pro-choice campaigners are calling on 40,000 Irish people living abroad to return to home to vote in a landmark abortion referendum this summer. Ireland does not allow overseas voting and the Home to Vote campaign is calling on people to book transport back ahead of the referendum, which is expected ...
The only pro-choice Republican in the Texas legislature secured her party's nomination in Tuesday night's primary, despite fierce opposition from the state's arch-conservative governor, Greg Abbott. Sarah Davis, the moderate GOP incumbent for Houston-area District 134 defeated Abbott's favored ...
To every person who has ever said, "My vote doesn't matter," please see: Alabama and Virginia, elections, 2017. The stunning victories that occurred at the end of last year gave hope to feminists across the country, horrified at the fact that extreme conservatives have dominated the last few elections.
Dr. Willie Parker speaks to a packed house during his pro-choice lecture at Old Main Academic Center on the Mississippi State University campus Thursday evening. Photo by: Deanna Robinson/Dispatch Staff. The one and only outburst from a protestor was three minutes into Dr. Willie Parker's lecture at ...
Dr. Willie Parker speaks to a packed house during his pro-choice lecture at Old Main Academic Center on the Mississippi State University campus Thursday evening. Photo by: Deanna Robinson/Dispatch Staff. The one and only outburst from a protestor was three minutes into Dr. Willie Parker's lecture at ...
Kimberly Kelly, director of the Department of Gender Studies and associate professor of Sociology, organized the Parker's event to provide a new perspective on pro-choice in the South. She notes, more than half of all pregnancies in Mississippi are unplanned, and one in three women across the U.S. will ...
The only pro-choice Republican in the Texas legislature is fighting for her political life—and Democrats might not be her biggest threat. That's because Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican known nationwide for his efforts to restrict immigration, abortion and transgender rights, is actively campaigning for ...
I believe an objective look at the overall lineup of speakers and events at MSU would be judged fair and balanced with regard to the pro-choice, pro-life debate. “In keeping with the university's efforts to provide students with viewpoints on all sides of the compelling issues of the day, we are supporting the ...
Few divisions in American politics are more passionate or entrenched than the one over abortion. For decades pro-life and pro-choice advocates have squared off, trying to secure legislation and legal rulings that favor their side. Yet surveys have consistently shown that the majority of Americans are not ...
How, though, as a feminist and a pro-choice supporter, can I express any of this without also being used as a poster child for the anti-choice movement? Kassi Underwood's new book, May Cause Love, tackles the murky nature of what it means to have a choice. At 19, she was struggling with alcoholism ...
Several anti-abortion groups are objecting to Mississippi State University bringing in a nationally known Christian physician who practices at the state's lone abortion clinic, saying they are not afforded the same opportunities. Dr. Willie Parker will be speaking Thursday at Mississippi State University on the ...
The pro-life community has long known that the "pro-choice" moniker merely serves as a handy euphemism to hide activists' true goal: abortion on-demand, at any time, for any reason. But many politicians, judges, and everyday people likewise hide behind the label, claiming they personally oppose ...
As a Texan, it's heartbreaking to be on the bottom of so many lists like voter participation and the quality of education. What really keeps me up at night, though, is this: Texas has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world, and black women are suffering the most. Texas also has the fifth-highest ...
Ross Douthat clearly delineates the unequal premise between pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-choice advocates support the right of everyone to choose reproductive options. Pro-life advocates assert their right to choose reproductive outcomes for everyone. Which side appears more extreme than the other?
Feminists and “pro-life” people have developed reputations that encourage people to defend one belief or the other. The opinion that the two must contradict is misguided since both have more similar essential beliefs than pro-choice feminists would like to admit. Being a feminist used to be centered on the ...
The chief lesson of the report is one pro-choice advocates have known for years: that making abortion illegal or hard to get doesn't end abortion, it just makes it less safe. And opposition to abortion tends to come along with opposition to contraception and women's rights more broadly – and the limited ...
Anti-abortion activists rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court on March 20 as the justices hear arguments over California's attempt to regulate pregnancy centers. (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press). To the editor: The dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law, Erwin Chemerinsky, needs lessons in logic.
Up to 40,000 Irish citizens living abroad are being urged to return home to cast crucial votes in a historic referendum in May that could overturn the country's ban on abortion. A campaign, Home to Vote, is calling on the Irish diaspora in the UK, Europe, north America and elsewhere to book flights and ferries ...
Kira Schlesinger's Pro-Choice and Christian: Reconciling Faith, Politics and Justice, published by Westminster John Knox Press in 2017, argues that many people of faith find themselves in a murky middle of the supposedly black-and-white issue of abortion. During National Catholic Sisters Week, Catholic ...
This discord extends throughout the civil society and even into the church, where believers in Christ heatedly debate whether someone who is pro-choice can even be a Christian. When you treat a child as a punishment instead of a blessed reward (Psalm 127:3); when you advocate or excuse cutting the ...
One of the biggest skeletons in Planned Parenthood's closet is that its founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who promoted abortion to kill black babies. It's a subject left-leaning progressives and pro-choicers have long ignored or dismissed. But two student groups at the University of Florida are ready to ...
So maybe it is not so much that we are “pro-choice,” as the term is used in our culture, but we do acknowledge there is choice and it is not ours to make. Every woman has a choice; this is an unavoidable truth. So then, it is our desire to make sure that when facing an unplanned pregnancy, women are given ...
This discord extends throughout the civil society and even into the church, where believers in Christ heatedly debate whether someone who is pro-choice can even be a Christian. When you treat a child as a punishment instead of a blessed reward (Psalm 127:3); when you advocate or excuse cutting the ...
The bottom line is this: I am pro-choice and have advanced bipartisan legislation to empower women and reduce the number of abortions in Oregon. But because of my party affiliation and my moderate approach, the professional pro-abortion lobby considers me a threat and someone who must be attacked ...
A pro-choice adoption agency is seeking to make waves by helping pregnant women become empowered mothers through choice, inclusion and successful parenting, an adoption expert explained in an interview. The Choice Network directly provides adoption services, parenting services and abortion ...
Planned Parenthood has systematically worked to remove protections for unborn babies with Down syndrome and chromosomal defects. (Photo: Jetcityimage/Getty Images). Commentary By. Portrait of Chuck Donovan · Chuck Donovan. Charles A. “Chuck” Donovan is president of the Charlotte Lozier ...
This is a response to Sue Gibson's letter. I am for Women's Choice also, but her choice comes when she chooses unprotected sex. When she does this, she is showing no responsibility for her actions. If Planned Parenthood really meant what it's title says, their goal would be to have no need for abortions.
A group that's pushing to open an abortion clinic in South Bend is trying to spark a conversation. Whole Woman's Health has purchased billboards around the city, laying out why it thinks the clinic is needed. The state denied the group's license request but Whole Woman's Health is working on an appeal. In a statement they ...
I am sorry for what Brie Loskota went through in having her baby, but I disagree with her piece in the News Journal, “Government shouldn't make abortion decisions.” What would you call a parent who hired someone to deprive their child of oxygen, food, shelter, and then cast them to wild beasts?
Abortion is the defining, underlying issue of the Illinois GOP gubernatorial primary. Not taxes, not the budget deficit, nor the pension burden, nor education nor infrastructure — matters the governor and Legislature can do something about. This column is not about pro-life or pro-choice arguments, but about ...
Pro-choice advocates of abortion rights use the argument that any woman should have final control and decision over anything concerning her body. This is unmitigated, brazen, cynical hypocrisy. Why? Because there is another body involved that can't speak and decide for itself: the unborn baby. So this ...
This column is not about pro-life or pro-choice arguments, but about whether the two sides could ever come together to work on efforts both sides might agree ... us to create community groups of both pro-life and pro-choice folks to see how we might reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion even further?
Actor Stephen Baldwin recently opened up about his thoughts on people who consider themselves pro-choice concerning abortion rights but also call themselves followers of Jesus Christ. "The Bible's very clear," Baldwin said during a Facebook Live with FaithWire last week. "The Word never changes.



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