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updated Mon. October 25, 2021

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 08:53:17 GMT
It comes amid rising tensions between the country's military and civilian transitional authorities.
Mon, 25 Oct 2021 07:30:15 GMT
The UN World Food Programme says half the population now faces acute food insecurity.
Mon, 25 Oct 2021 08:29:02 GMT
Jennifer Aniston says the show "would not have been the same" without the late James Michael Tyler.

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 01:38:18 GMT
Islamic State says it was behind the bombing - a week after the UK warned about a possible attack. bomb attack
Mon, 25 Oct 2021 00:53:42 GMT
The US basketball legend wore the pair of red and white trainers during his first NBA season in 1984.
Mon, 25 Oct 2021 00:00:50 GMT
From acid rain to the ozone hole: Can we learn from the environmental "success stories" of the past? environmental disasters

Mon, 25 Oct 2021 08:13:01 GMT
US officials had placed a $5m (£3.6m) bounty on the head of Otoniel, Colombia's most wanted drug lord.
Mon, 25 Oct 2021 03:31:03 GMT
Around 30,000 people were expected to take part in the marathon on October 31. Beijing

Sun, 24 Oct 2021 12:59:00 GMT
The cinematographer was fatally shot by a prop gun while filming for western movie Rust. New Mexico
Sun, 24 Oct 2021 13:51:04 GMT
Police have stopped vigilantes armed with batons, pepper spray and a machete at the Polish border.
Sun, 24 Oct 2021 15:43:16 GMT
Vanessa Bryant said she learned about the death of her husband by seeing "RIP Kobe" notifications.
Sun, 24 Oct 2021 21:24:27 GMT
A look back at some of the character's highlights following actor James Michael Tyler's death.
Sun, 24 Oct 2021 23:57:39 GMT
Experts warn that the pandemic lockdowns have made more people vulnerable.
Sun, 24 Oct 2021 23:58:37 GMT
In a town in northern Chile it is not unusual for residents to stumble across ancient mummies.
Sun, 24 Oct 2021 23:59:39 GMT
Heightened tensions with Taiwan has the world wondering where President Xi Jinping sees China on the world stage.


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