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Hundreds of thousands of Cub ans walk along Havana's seafront during a protest march May 14, 2004. Cuban President Fidel Castro led the march past the U.S. Interest Section (building on top - R) to protest against new steps taken by the United States to squeeze Cuba's economy and topple Castro's government.
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updated Sat. December 23, 2023

In this context, the status of subimperialism is fluid, especially within the deeply-divided BRICS. This will be evident in July 2018 when the bloc meets in Johannesburg. The South African host is no longer the faux anti-imperialist Zuma, pushed out in a February 2018 coup by Ramaphosa in spite of begging ...

“We call on all anti-imperialists, anti-fascists, anti-racists and anti-Zionists to come to the streets,” a statement said. Stunned by that statement, Jewish community representatives said they expected the partisans' association to take a stance against the pro-Palestinian groups that, they said, were once again ...
Martel's previous films, which include The Holy Girl and The Headless Woman, have been sly satires of bourgeois privilege, and her sense of class rage makes her a natural fit for di Benedetto's anti-imperialist takedown. Whereas so many screen adaptations of first-person narratives tend to lose their focus, ...
So apart from being grist to the tabloid's mill, and cannon fodder to the anti-imperialists, what are the Commonwealth's major achievements? No doubt it concentrated heavily in its early days in bringing down apartheid. Having covered the adoption of the 1977 Gleneagles Agreement banning sporting ...
Anti-imperialists oppose US military intervention in Syria, but that doesn't mean denying the brutal atrocities of the Assad regime or lining up with Russia. ... While there was no specific Afghan strongman that the so-called anti-imperialist left could rally around, there was the legacy of Soviet occupation that ...
LIMA.–Trade unionists, indigenous peoples, farmers, popular movements, and delegations to the Summit of the Peoples in Lima gathered yesterday in the city's Plaza de Marte, to denounce U.S. intervention in the region. Under the watchful eyes of a strong police presence, hundreds marched through the ...
According to the organizer, a mass anti-imperialist rally with the maxim “Trump out of Peru,” will be held on April 12, shortly before the U.S. President arrives in ... “On April 12 we have the duty to unite all our forces to show, with this anti-imperialist march, our opposition to the presence of Donald Trump and ...
If Waters were sincere when he sang: "We don't need your thought control," then he should take off his blinders, break his chains, leave his tidy and cozy anti-imperialist castle for once and visit our complicated real world where both imperialists and so-called anti-imperialists kill innocent people in cold ...



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