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updated Sun. March 27, 2022

I saw the entire thing." Starbucks often touts its initiatives on race and diversity, but now it's under pressure from activists and protesters gathering outside the Philadelphia store for a second day in a row. Activists accused both Starbucks and Philadelphia police of racism. "We'll work very hard to ensure that ...
Flashing back to the time he started his term, Stevens said the campus community has achieved greater diversity since the 1980s, when Northwestern was still a ... Stevens said he has been an activist since he started working as the editor for his college newspaper, where he raised a little “raucousness.

With women and minorities still holding barely more than a third of public company board seats by all accounts, some institutional shareholders are withholding votes from some or all board nominees if the boards fail to meet diversity criteria, chronicles a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. One such ...
“Black activist have always changed the way we delivered our message,” Khalif said. “It was the key to our survival. Fake pages are nothing new. The civil rights activists 50 years ago had the FBI which was the Facebook back in the day. So, nothing new under the sun.” Still, Philly-based Tayyib Smith, ...
Singer, activist and host of 'borderless' Stephan Said will lead Charlottesville youth in a conversation about social change, empowerment, and unity at the We Are Here diversity festival this Saturday at Ix Art Park, as well as lead the audience singing his new song “We The People.” The Virginia-raised ...
This year, the Diversity Award in Education, Business and Community was awarded to Petra Falcon and Tio Tachias. Falcon is executive director of Promise Arizona (PAZ), which received the 2017 Affiliate Award for Advocacy from UnidosUS. A veteran activist, Falcon is a fourth-generation Arizonan.

... March 23, at Diversity Richmond Event Hall, 1407 Sherwood Ave. The theme: “What do we do now?” The conversation-style program, which is free and open to the public, will discuss the next steps in the women's movement. Ms. Carter is one of the nation's leading African-American lesbian activists.
Commitment by the university's libraries and archives to preserving the history of pioneering transgender activists, community leaders and researchers. The Transgender Archives actively acquires documents, rare publications and memorabilia of persons and organizations associated with transgender ...
Pro-diversity activists gather at Eugene's Washington-Jefferson Park in February 2017. ... continue our work, understanding that we've got a long way to go to really level the playing field and get people's hearts and minds on board with multiculturalism and celebrating diversity,” Richardson tells KLCC.
There's no hiding from the fact that the fashion industry has a problem with diversity. Despite years of activist pressure, the runways still reflect a very white, thin and one-sided view of the world, one which serves to marginalize many of the people whose creativity drives the industry in the first place.
Should mutual funds become activists on guns? • How Cfius ... But, Andrew asks, what if those giants became shareholder activists to change those businesses? From his .... Microsoft's new diversity chief has settled with IBM, which had sued her over a noncompete agreement, and will start in July. (Axios).
Latinx authors bring diversity of topics that range from comic books to cuisine and social activism .... The panel will include writers and activists who contributed to Carolina De Robertis' book “Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times,” an anthology of letters intended to provide a dose ...
Bring your questions about teacher diversity in Washington schools to the second annual #EducationSoWhite ... Colin is an education reform activist at the local and state policy level, and he travels the country helping educators in other high-poverty communities incorporate IB programs into their schools.
As activist and #OscarsSoWhite creator April Reign put it in her Oscars morning-after analysis with CNN, “We have some record nominations this year for the black community, but the fact that we are still talking about firsts in 2018 means there's a lot more that needs to be done in our community as well.”.
Hollywood has been under fire from activists in recent years who have accused the industry of overlooking women and other minorities for key jobs and roles. The pressure has been compounded by the sexual harassment scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein and many other prominent entertainment ...
African-American Jewish activist and educator Yavilah McCoy will lead an event titled “Getting Proximate: Developing and Maintaining Multiracial, ... McCoy, a “pioneer in the Jewish diversity and equity movement,” has spent the past 20 years working in multi-faith communities and partnering with the ...
Costa says public reaction to the posters has been "phenomenal", and hopes his fellow activists will be able to ride the wave of attention to take things further. “We really want to talk to commissioners from Netflix, Channel 4 and the BBC to commission black narratives, black writers, black producers … and I ...

The Guardian reports that 18-year-old Shiden Tekle and friends from the activist group Legally Black, conceived the campaign. They, with the help of parents, and the Special Patrol Group (SPG), a subversive ad collective that made its name arguing that 'Advertising Shits in Your Head', delivered across ...
Frisbee Steve KingsmanStudent activists at the College of Wooster have issued a list of demands, including more funding for the liberal arts college's Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the immediate expulsion of a student currently being investigated for making racist statements online, the hiring of new ...
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg came under fire on Wednesday from black lawmakers for his company's lack of diversity and its connection to the spread of misleading ads targeting black activist groups. Zuckerberg was answering questions about his company's handling of user information ...
When people talk about 'inclusion' and 'diversity', disability is usually left out. The women's movement ... But I do want activists to pay more attention to the challenges disabled women face. ... At the moment when we talk about diversity, we are mainly referring to race and sexuality, while disability is left out.
Shahidi is an 18-year-old actress and activist who uses her platform to advocate for important issues like diversity in Hollywood, girls' education and voter turnout. Most recently, she sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss how she's turning her activism into action by launching a new initiative called ...
Activists Push for Gender Diversity at Amazon ... An activist shareholder proposal seeking to press (AMZN - Get Report) to improve the diversity of its board in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against a former executive is expected to come to a vote at the internet giant's annual ...
Chapel Hill community members, students and activists gathered Sunday to memorialize Wilson Caldwell and discuss race relations with a panel of professors and ... “A lot of students of color here on this campus, we feel like we are pawns for diversity,” said Mistyre Bonds, panelist and student activist.
“But while the Senate was ostensibly debating the future of the DACA program,” Hafiz argued, “the reality is that any (proposed) DACA proposals go hand in hand with eliminating the diversity visa program, severely curtailing the family immigration program and expansive border enforcement measures ...
Wel it's been recreated…and the newer version arguably trumps the original, despite the lack of reality TV royalty. Four models have done their version of the 'Our Family' Calvin campaign in a bid to highlight the lack of diversity in the brand's campaigns. Body positive activist Diana Sirokai shared the image ...
... an African-American studies major, said he brought items on behalf of the Maryland Food Co-Op, which hosts events for many activist movements. Brickus contributed several photos, pamphlets and the Slingshot journal, a daily planner distributed by the Co-Op including advice and resources for activists.
Peniel Joseph is the Barbara Jordan Chair in Ethics and Political Values and the founding director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is also a professor of history. He is the author of several books, most recently ...
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Meshea Poore, a long-time champion of under-represented people, has been named vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion at West Virginia University. “Meshea will be a powerful voice at the University on some of the most important societal issues we face,” President Gordon Gee said ...
He has also presented at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the first White House Convening for Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education. Head has been featured in national media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post. About the Honors College: ...
Tami Sawyer — the director of Diversity & Cultural Competence with Teach for America Memphis, a writer and activist with #takeemdown901 and Black Lives Matter, and who is running for Shelby County Commission — said 47 percent of Memphis' population lives below the poverty line, and most of that ...
The “Know Your Rights: Immigration & Police Enforcement on Campus” workshop was presented by the NYU Dream Team and cosponsored by NYU Sanctuary; the NYU Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity and Strategic Innovation; and a number of other university organizations and initiatives. Speakers at ...
Civil-rights activist DeRay Mckesson speaks at a Black History Month event at Lynchburg College on Saturday, Feb. ... “We want people to know the difference between diversity and inclusion,” Mckesson told over 100 students, faculty and community members Saturday in Hall Campus Center's Memorial ...
The chefs that Moushabeck has assembled are as impressive as they are diverse. Persian chef and cookbook author Najmieh Batmanglij gives her recipe for pomegranate and walnut khoresh; jollof rice comes from Nigerian pop-up cook and activist Tunde Wey ; Kerala shrimp stew from Indian chef and ...
A self-described family man of four, Chatham High School business teacher Dr. Willie C. Sherman is an activist, a world-travelled retired Army officer, and the African American son of Georgian sharecroppers Jack and Jessie Sherman. His message is to not stay in an unfavorable situation; instead, make the ...
An important job of a human relations commission should be to paint a picture of the current situation, said Patrick Conant, a web developer and anti-racism activist who is white. Conant has dug into numbers on police traffic stops and homeless arrests and said such data is the way to understand what is ...
The mayor said he wanted to talk about race and diversity in this forum, but outside of opening comments, the mayor was not a part of the discussion. ... Mike Abrams - Community Activist, Entrepreneur, Chairman of the non-profit "Current Phenomenon," and Doctoral Student in Theology and Religious ...
“I'm not only up here as candidate Mai, but I'm also up here as activist Mai,” Mizuno said. “For three years, since day one, I have been out there marching and protesting.” Early in the town hall, Lee laid out her vision for diversity and inclusion as well as the manifestation of both of these values in USG.
To present their garments, ASOS handpicked a diverse array of "nontraditional" models who are making waves in their own industries. From activism and music to culinary arts and art in general, the cast for the show brought a much-needed gravity to the brand and to Fashion Week in general. We caught ...
Frisbee Steve KingsmanStudent activists at the College of Wooster have issued a list of demands, including more funding for the liberal arts college's Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the immediate expulsion of a student currently being investigated for making racist statements online, the hiring of new ...
After a successful first run last year, Diversity Richmond is bringing back their Black LGBTQ History Month event, working with the Black History Museum and ... Lofton is also concerned that connections between activists of different generations don't happen as often as they should, and he'd also like to see ...
When Kaine opened up the floor for questions from the roughly 100 people in Giardino Italian Restaurant's community room on Burke Lake Road in Springfield, the NAKASEC activists put forth the same request that they gave the senator when they visited his Manassas office earlier that day: would he ...
LUMBERTON — Civil rights activist and educator Jane Elliott recently discussed current issues via Skype with an eighth-grade class at Lumberton Junior High School. Elliot is an internationally known teacher, lecturer, diversity trainer and recipient of the National Mental Health Association Award for ...
On second night back, Clubhouse Jager closes early after activists project swastika on building ... At the time DeRoma's political donations were revealed, an official statement from the bar, sent to CityPages, said: "We celebrate the diversity of our employees and we do not tolerate or endorse any kind of ...
The plan includes steep border-security increases and an end to the diversity visa lottery program. It also calls for the end of what Trump calls “chain migration,” a term immigration restrictionists use to describe allowing immigrants to sponsor their family members to join them in the U.S. Immigration activists ...
When it comes to proving the power of diversity in sport, the stepping out of one Jackie Robinson onto a baseball field in 1947, and his glittering subsequent ten year career, knocked the sport's old fashioned racists out of the park. It just took a while for the rest of the sporting world to wake up. There won't ...
Last Thursday, the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality hosted a conversation with artist and activist Syrus Marcus Ware and diversity advocate ... These 12x5 foot larger-than-life portraits of activists are meant to reverse the art-historical convention of reserving large-scale portraiture for white, male ...
A group called the “Free Thinkers” hosted Damore, along with secular free-speech writer Helen Pluckrose and former Evergreen State College professors Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, to discuss the topic of diversity in the workplace. The panel was moderated by Peter Boghossian, an assistant ...
For diversity Rights advocacy group Setara Institute chairman Hendardi (center) poses with religious figures, academics and rights defenders after signing a declaration promoting diversity in Jakarta on Tuesday. The group of activists called on the public to maintain and fight for diversity.(JP/Dhoni ...
We have “Make America Great” types and we have “I'm with Her” activists. We've got white kids from factory towns that have lost their factories and black kids from urban areas that never had factories to begin with. Unique among American institutions, the college campus is a community that gathers people ...


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