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Degrowth is a political, economic, and social movement based on ecological economics and anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist ideas. Degrowth thinkers and activists advocate for the downscaling of production and consumption—the contraction of economies—arguing that overconsumption lies at the root of long term environmental issues and social inequalities. Key to the concept of Degrowth is that reducing consumption does not require individual martyring and a decrease in well-being. Rather, 'Degrowthists' aim to maximize happiness and well-being through non-consumptive means—sharing work, consuming less, while devoting more time to art, music, family, culture and community.

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updated Mon. May 6, 2024

Many of the contributors are engaged activist scholars, grassroots activists and movement leaders. ... These would include the rights of nature, degrowth, climate jobs, socially owned renewable energy, a substantive basic income grant, integrated public transport, food sovereignty, solidarity economy and ...
The schools of thought of contemporary eco-terrorism are many, but those that use an antagonist theoretical-practical approach can be identified in deep ecology, feminist ecology, Marxist ecology, primitivism, degrowth ecology, the Slow Food movement, ecology, animalism (which together with ...

Wall is a politician - he stood against Theresa May in the 2017 general elections as a Green party candidate - and activist who spends much of his time writing about radical politics, social movements, political theory, and left .... Ostrom's work fits with this and I often talked to Kurdish activists about her work.
DegrowthSignWarsaw Ronald BaileyUnless us folks in rich countries drastically reduce our material living standards and distribute most of what we have to people living in poor countries, the world will come to an end. Or at least that's the stark conclusion of a study published earlier this month in the ...
David Korten, a world-renowned author and activist, has proposed expanding the vision of Ecological Civilization to a global context, which would ... Movements are emerging that call for "degrowth" and other approaches to a steady-state economy that could allow a sustainable future for humanity. But how ...
"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell," wrote Edward Abbey, the famously misanthropic environmental activist, in 1968. To call .... It could also involve the pursuit of 'degrowth' in wealthy nations, and the shift towards alternative economic models such as a steady-state economy.".

Now some are revisiting such ideas in trying to find alternatives to the "logic of profit," according to Lidy Nacpil, an activist working on economic and ... In the US and Europe, the idea of "degrowth" — a movement around downsizing production and consumption, and moving the economy away from infinite ...
If Polis has any brains, he'll ignore the activists. The activist wing of the left is like the alt-right: just a fringe group not to be taken seriously. They act like their opinions are the only right ones, but the majority of the party doesn't agree with their radical viewpoints. If he plays the (Democrat) populism card, he'll ...
Catching up with the growth of 'emissions embodied in trade', a rising chorus of researchers and activists advocate a reallocation of responsibility, a shift from .... The degrowth movement argues that to achieve ecological sustainability, developed countries need to initiate a process of planned economic ...
Another five international conferences on degrowth were organized in the period 2010-2016, thus spreading the degrowth movement to several countries around the world. These conferences have also created a crucial bridge between scientists and social activists who are progressively using the term ...

Co-Founder of the Transition Movement, Naresh Giangrande in conversation with Richard Swift, author of SOS Alternatives to Capitalism and a former editor of New Internationalist magazine for more than two decades. These two thinkers were brought together in the Caribbean island of Dominica, with ...
At least one thing unites those activists and scholars: they all agree that the basic assumption of the necessity of economic growth is fatally flawed and in urgent need of correction simply because ... Ashish Kothari, Indian activist and author of Churning the Earth, voiced a very similar pro-degrowth argument.
I was reminded of the Basic Income Earth Network and US Basic Income Guarantee Network Congresses where I see activists, policymakers, and scholars listen to .... Because I found this ecological argument for degrowth plausible, I wondered what this would mean for how I see basic income working.
Starting in Paris in 2008, a series of international gatherings, a mix of scientific conference with social forum, introduced degrowth to the English-speaking world. In September 2014, 3,500 researchers, students and activists met in Leipzig for the 4th International Conference on Degrowth. Activities spanned ...
Most agreed with my rather somber depiction of uncontrolled capitalism as the main cause of large-scale inequality, poverty, conflict, preventable disease, and the erosion of democracy. But others thought I had exaggerated the dominant global economic system's threat to human “civilization” and to the ...
The announcement comes as internet activists, websites, and technology companies are putting on a day-long protest, called Operation: One More Vote, to try and convince lawmakers to ... The company showed a marginal de-growth in wholesale figures, however, that is majorly due to the drop in exports.


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