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"Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."
Mahatma Gandhi
Bill of Rights Defender
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updated Thu. January 25, 2024

Phil Scott Gov. Phil Scott at the bill signing for sweeping new gun legislation. Photo by Mike Dougherty/VTDigger. Gov. Phil Scott took to the Statehouse steps Wednesday to sign into law three bills that make historic changes to the state's gun laws. As he walked out in front of the crowd, gun rights activists ...
Gun rights activist Shawn Handy's mirrored sunglasses reflect the front of the Statehouse as Vermont's Gov. Phil Scott ... Gun rights activists and bill supporters react as Vermont Republican Gov. .... Standing on the Statehouse steps before a noisy crowd of hundreds gun rights activists and supporters, Gov.

As Scott emerged from the Statehouse shortly after 2 p.m. to sign the legislation, about 100 gun rights activists began shouting, “Traitor! Traitor!” and, “You ... Scott said he's convinced the bill will help prevent gun violence in the future and does not take away anyone's Second Amendment rights. "I want to be ...
Stowe High School student Sam Robertson says the voices of youth who favor gun rights are not being heard. ... article quoting a young Vermont gun control activist saying the bills passed by the Legislature were "a good first start," he decided to exercise his First Amendment for the Second Amendment.
Gun-rights Activists March Through Olmos Park. By Paul Flahive • 9 hours ago. TweetShareGoogle+Email. David Amad addresses supporters after arriving at Olmos Park City Hall. Paul Flahive. Several hundred heavily armed people marched through Olmos Park Saturday. Marchers were protesting the tazing and arrest of ...
After the arrest of Grisham and other activists, the city of Olmos Park, Alamo Heights and Hollywood Park all repealed their ordinances. The city of San Antonio still has a similar ordinance, but San Antonio police chief William McManus, who observed the rally Saturday, said officers don't enforce it.

A man shoulders an inflatable rifle Friday as he joins dozens of others in a rally for Second Amendment rights along U.S. Highway 101 outside of Fred Meyer. Ed Glazar, The World. Second Amendment Rally. Buy Now. More than 50 people rally for Second Amendment rights March 30 along U.S. Highway ...
... Paul Stevens greatly, but doesn't agree that we should repeal the Second Amendment. The problem is not in the law, but in its application. Damning record: Here are all the (adult) public officials who have helped circulate conspiracy theories about the Parkland activists, rounded up by Molly Olmstead.
Another community shattered by a mass shooting, and like soldiers in World War I, activists on both sides have gone over the top, grinding discussion on the issue to a stalemate. Meanwhile, the clock above the next school or community or public square is counting down, and when it hits zero, we will be ...
At last week's protests, signs decrying the NRA's support of looser gun regulations and calling for gun control embody how new voices are challenging the traditional gun-rights activist fervor in the debate over the Second Amendment. These protests have swept in a wave of vocal support for a shift to the left ...
Stevens showed that the Second Amendment's text and history did not require striking down the District's gun laws. Stevens didn't have the votes in that case, but Justice Scalia's majority opinion—defining the individual aspect of the Second Amendment for the first time in the court's history—labeled a wide ...
Following an outcry about the arrest of a prominent gun rights activist, the Olmos Park City Council unanimously repealed a city ordinance Thursday ... The arrests have drawn ire from gun rights activists who say Grisham and his peers were lawfully practicing their First and Second amendment rights.
Former Vice President Biden says that he believes the Second Amendment is being badly misinterpreted by America's court system, and accused gun-rights activists of "prostitution" of the law. In a Thursday discussion with University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, Biden praised the "March For ...
President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday, the Second Amendment will never be repealed when responding to an Op-Ed in the New York Times by retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, claiming it would weaken the NRA's ability to block gun control legislation. Mathews and Semexant ...
And it did so by finding ways to reframe the images of these huge and passionate crowds. It did this in three steps: First, it limited coverage in the ramp-up to the march. Then it reframed this debate to be about the Second Amendment, not gun control. Finally, it put young gun rights activists, some of whom ...
hand on chalkboard A Second Amendment advocate believes an Ohio high school should have been educating its students instead of coercing them to take part in an anti-gun march. Hilliard High School senior Jacob Shoemaker says school is not the place for politics, and he was not taking sides last ...
The Second Amendment reads: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not ... It was only recently, in 2008, that, in the mother of all ironies, so-called strict constructionists, in one of the most egregious acts of judicial activism, ...

I'm hoping to continue my activism by continuing to hold our elected representatives accountable for their votes, endorsements, and actions,” said Cooper, an English Literature and International ... Patriotism is driving these Second Amendment activists as they call for protection on their right to bear arms.
Based on the results of a Zogby Analytics poll released earlier this month, Second Amendment supporters may have a counter-intuitive message for virtue-signaling Hollywood heavyweights pledging their support for restrictive firearm laws: keep up the good work! Gun control is gaining renewed social ...
AUSTIN, TX - JANUARY 1: Art and Diana Ramirez of Austin with their pistols in custom-made holsters during and open carry rally at the Texas State Capitol on January 1, 2016 in Austin, Texas. On January 1, 2016, the open carry law takes effect in Texas, and 2nd Amendment activists hold an open carry ...
The controversy over gun control hit Waco Thursday as protesters gathered outside the McLennan County Republican Club's monthly lunch meeting, where singer and gun rights activist Ted Nugent was discussing the right to bear arms. About 20 protesters stood outside of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame ...
The Statehouse grounds were “the safest place in our country” on Saturday, according to speakers addressing a well-armed crowd of gun-rights activists, an event whose organizers want to be the counterpoint to the current push for gun restrictions. “We vote these people in (office) and they're not listening ...
In one, she eventually returned a pistol to a gun rights activist who said it had been illegally seized but whose therapist initially said she was at risk of ... In a 5-4 ruling in 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court determined that the Second Amendment extends the right to bear arms to individuals, not just militias.
Two Delaware activists who came of age during the turbulent 1960s say they're impressed with the burst of student activism over the gun violence issue. “We're seeing a sea change in consciousness across the whole country,” says George Wolkind of Bear, a leader in the 1960s of antiwar protests on the ...
But students protesting the pro-gun rally for Second Amendment rights turned around and paused "in silence in honor of victims of gun violence" before ... Legislators and gun-rights activists who spoke suggested that firearms legislation would do little to stop school shootings and other violent crime.
The bills, being heard in the charged atmosphere created in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting and the astounding student led activism that followed, have Second Amendment activists worried and gun control advocates hopeful that Americans have finally had enough senseless slaughter and that ...
... debate in Washington, membership in the NRA and gun rights groups across the country, which includes more than five million Americans, is spiking, according to people familiar with the numbers. The spike isn't a surprise, as such increases happen whenever people feel their Second Amendment rights ...
Gun rights activists proposed last week that one way to prevent school shootings is to arm teachers. ... to covering the gun debate using the old model: by focusing on its interpretation of the Second Amendment and doing mental gymnastics to find solutions that have nothing to do with actual gun control.
More than a dozen companies have cut ties with the NRA following boycott threats from gun-control activists. Now, people who support the NRA are threatening to boycott the companies that cut ties with the gun-rights organization. Brands including Hertz, United, Delta, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car are being ...
Gun-rights activist cheer upon hearing District of Columbia v. Heller decision on June 26, 2008, in Washington, D.C. Photo: TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images. J. Harvie Wilkinson, a veteran judge on the federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, is no liberal firebrand. The Reagan appointee, once floated as ...
But as a Republican president, perhaps the most pro-firearm chief executive in American history, Trump is, in theory, in a unique position to use his good standing with Second Amendment activists to make the case for gun reforms. In his appearance at CPAC last year, for instance, he poured praise on ...
Second Amendment activists from Arizona and nearby states set up on the state's Capitol grounds on Saturday. Their annual rally to “Support the Constitution” turned out staunch supporters of the absolute right to bear arms and began with a motorcycle procession, as members of RidersUSA, and other ...
OLMOS PARK, TX - Second Amendment advocate is suing an Olmos Park police officer after she claims he restricted her first amendment rights. In the lawsuit she claims she was shoved, her phone and camera knocked out of her hands while she was recording an arrest. And she has it on video. Joanna Castro is visibly ...
Hello from Salt Lake City, where I am following a rally for gun rights. “I believe it's their goal to unarm America,” said Brandon McKee, of the Washington marchers. “That's why we're here today. We're not going to stand idly by and let them tell us what we can and cannot do.”
Piper Smith is the founder and director of a SoCal-based LGBT Self Defense Civil Rights group that is “dedicated to strengthening the defenses of the SoCal LGBT community, and are 100% open to LGBT- and firearm-friendly individuals as well. Piper says training professional armed guardians and ...
SOUTH BURLINGTON - About 150 gun-rights activists, many of them bearing arms, rallied Saturday afternoon along Shelburne Road near Kmart Plaza. ... A holstered revolver hangs on the belt of a pro gun-rights activist at a rally on Shelburne Road in South Burlington on Saturday, April 7, 2018. (Photo: ...



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