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updated Thu. February 15, 2024

So the scapegoating began, one conspiracy theory emerged that Big Pharma was behind this epidemic. This narrative is that it had produced a flu vaccine and wanted to cash in on the profits before the war ended. So it mobilised mass vaccination of both troops and civilians. Not just in the US, but in other ...

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a world-renowned physicist who recently sat down to chat with Stephen Hawking about what took place before the Big Bang. Now he's taken aim at the Flat Earth conspiracy theory in a new interview on YouTube. Speaking on his StarTalk channel, he uses some pretty empirical logic ...
Both Your News Wire and Neon Nettle have published a number of demonstrably false articles, and have promoted and amplified hoax news stories and conspiracy theories. The analysis indicates the power of the ultra-partisan and fake news, and the engagement it continues to drive on social media.
The most well known conspiracy theory concerning the horrific terrorist attacks on the US on September 11, 2001, relates to the collapse of World ... On the extreme end of the spectrum, some conspiracy theorists such believe the group are a reptilian alien species who are attempting to control humanity.
YouTube is still struggling to figure out how to keep from recommending divisive content like conspiracy theories. On Monday afternoon, YouTube users on Twitter highlighted problems with the site's autocomplete feature, which automatically suggests search queries after a user starts typing a few letters or ...
Russian media responds to poison attack on former spy with conspiracy theories. Russian media dismiss ... to make it easier to shift the blame to Russia. The conspiracy theorists claim — without any proof — that the incident feeds into a much bigger NATO plot to whip up international anger against Russia.
Conspiracy theories that Sharia law is creeping its way into power in America have been around for years, swirling among the most conservative fringes of American politics. Once the realm of paranoid and bigoted grassroots organisations, they eventually found their way into state legislatures as bills trying ...
Sutherland Springs Pastor harassed by conspiracy theorist. Pastor Frank Pomeroy's daughter was killed in the mass shooting in November. He talked about the conspiracy theorists who harassed him and his wife. "He said ugly stuff," Pomeroy said. "My daughter didn't exist." Author: Adi Guajardo.



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