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updated Fri. May 17, 2024

At the time I was invested in various forms of counter-recruitment and wanted a person inside of Border Patrol, so I later spent a significant amount of time talking with him about politics and even offering him a number of avenues to quit (that he claimed to have wanted), including connecting him with a ...

Our efforts to dismantle rebels must continue. These humanitarian services are all in addition to that,” said Luna, leader of the battalion tasked to fight insurgency in Samar and Eastern Samar provinces. Outreach activities have been effective to counter recruitment activities of the NPA in the island of Samar, ...
SBF's survey also found that 40% of employers have invested in training and skills development in the past year, which is a move in the right direction to counter recruitment issues, according to Roffey Park. The institute's research cites a lack of growth and development opportunities as the most-cited ...
Redneck Revolt chapters like ours in Michigan here primarily focus on outreach, and winning hearts and minds, counter recruitment, showing up, being present, being allies, being ... We don't expect anybody to walk away from someplace where we're counter-recruiting waving the red flag of revolution.
The fact these women reached out to me and other counter-recruitment activists demonstrates the degree of alarm they experienced. They feared their vulnerable children would enlist against their wishes. They were terrified their child would be killed while they stood by. This was the driving force of their ...
In addition to providing security at protests, Redneck Revolt relies on counter-recruitment — reclaiming gun culture from white conservatives as a way of reaching out to working-class gun owners who feel alienated from mainstream liberal politics. The Dallas-based Huey P. Newton Gun Club, established in ...
“Our objective is for students to know about a wide range of information from alternative, peace-orientated sources before they make a dramatically life-changing decision to sign up for military service,” said Wendell Wiebe-Powell, one of the leaders of the counter-recruiting effort. Fellow member Jorge ...
The second poster encourages teachers to support "counter-recruitment messages and programs" in schools and to make sure students are aware of statistics about military casualties, liabilities and suicides. "As teachers, which actions could be an effective component of a counter-recruitment campaign in ...
"Youth are not as interested now. Most of the people doing counter-recruitment are older folks, and they've reported difficulty relating to teens. They wish they had more youth and veterans to work with." June Brumer is one of the "older folks" who has been counter-recruiting for decades, first as a member of ...
Minneapolis officials are unveiling a million-dollar program aimed at preventing ISIS from radicalizing and recruiting Americans in the Twin Cities. The effort is in response to the fact that Minnesota's burgeoning Somali-American community — the largest in the U.S. at between 15,000 and 20,000 people ...


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