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updated Mon. January 29, 2024

When people comment against feminism, they are supporting sexism. For example, liberal feminism seeks to create a world in which people are judged for their individual characteristics without regard to sex. Liberal feminists tend to work through the system more than radical feminists or Marxist feminists.
From the Scottish independence referendum to the Brexit vote and the rise of the Corbyn movement: the UK has experienced one political earthquake after another. It was against this backdrop that the Marxists in Britain met for this year's national conference of Socialist Appeal supporters and activists.

“I am not a Marxist,” Marx was alleged to have told his son-in-law Paul Lafargue, when the latter brought news from Paris of French “Marxists.” But there is no reason to believe him. Marx was no less vain and insecure in respect of his own intellectual legacy than most of his rivals and opponents, which ...
The International Marxist Tendency (IMT) is a Marxist revolutionary organisation represented in more than 30 countries. Our website, (In Defence ... The Marxists were reduced to a small minority during the post-war period, but now history is on our side. The time has never been better for ...
In many ways, The Wire is a Marxist's idea of what TV drama should be — stylish and intellectually serious, a series with compelling plotlines woven through a rigorous analysis of society. ..... What Simon thinks of Marxism is one thing (and it is not always clear), but what Marxists think of him is another.

Despite the many accusations leveled against the archbishop of San Salvador, his Vicar General said that Romero “never had a Marxist thought or Marxist ideology in his mind.” “If there had been, the Vatican, which has studied so much, would not have beatified him, if they had found that he had Marxist ...
On Reality Asserts Itself, Prof. Leo Panitch says as he became politically active, he concluded that neither the bureaucratic socialism in the Soviet Union or Canadian social-democracy would democratize the economy or the state - with host Paul Jay ...

On BJP West Bengal unit chief Dilip Ghosh saying that Marxist cadres have to be at the receiving end “to some extent” as saffron activists were beaten up and killed over the past 25 years of Left rule, Banerjee said “I have an ideological fight with the CPI-M, it will be there. I don't support their atrocities.
I spent Tuesday night talking to students at UC Santa Barbara about the true record of communism – a chunk of history a rather substantial portion of Americans know nothing about. Toward the end of my talk I said: even if some Marxists out there try to claim that none of the regimes I've discussed tonight ...
Perhaps the oddest thing about the Brexit zealots – though there is a great deal of competition for this title – is that they cling to a particularly crude form of Marxist economic determinism. Their whole project is predicated on the belief that a cabal of capitalist bosses can issue orders that the entire European ...
The general election on 4 March this year posed the question of what to do as an open Marxist tendency. The situation facing the Marxists was an anomalous one. There was no party to which they could even consider giving 'very critical' support. The Democratic Party is a hated bourgeois party, Free and ...
Of all the conservative commentators to rise to prominence after Trump's election, few are more polarizing than Jordan B. Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and author with a large following on YouTube. Economist Tyler Cowen named him one of the five most influential public intellectuals in the West ...
50 years after the revolutionary events of 1968, one hundred revolutionary Marxist students gathered at SOAS in London for the annual Marxist Student Federation conference. .... Ben Gliniecki closed the conference by noting that the Marxists are the only people who are optimistic about the future. We can ...
By contrast, conservative blacks such as Alfonzo Rachel and Tommy Sotomayor have been viciously attacked, censored and silenced by YouTube, Facebook and other radical leftists simply for refusing to play the Marxist game and instead trying to build a more cohesive and self-sufficient black community ...
The nun of a Catholic religious order, called the Order of Saint Benedict, outlines her evolution in the autobiography “The Chord of Longing: My Life as Atheist, Marxist, Mother, Nun” published in 2017. She'll talk about the book, along with her life at Our Lady of the Rock Monastery, at 7 p.m., Monday, March ...


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