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updated Fri. March 15, 2024

About 15 students and activists and two speakers gathered adjacent to the University of Minnesota Police Department's headquarters to call for the department to disarm. Students for a Democratic Society, an activist student group, organized the event, and attendees handed out fliers, spoke to passers-by ...
“Progress toward nuclear disarmament is stalled and actually things seem to be moving in the opposite direction,” Powers said. “(The documentary) is extremely ... On April 5, activists were arrested for another break-in similar to the ones chronicled by the documentary. Seven protesters, including Jesuit ...

To conclude the ceremony, Binalakshmi Nepram, Connecticut College's Rescue Scholar-in-Residence, spoke about the work she has done as a human rights and disarmament activist in her home country of India, and how vital exposure to global education is for the next generation of peace advocates.
(MAPLEWOOD, NJ) -- Professor David Foglesong of Rutgers University, and peace activists David Hungerford and Milt Horowitz will be panelists for an audience question-and-answer ... She is a guest columnist for Bloomfield Life and has contributed articles on disarmament and U.S. foreign policy.
Stony Brook student activists and political leaders from various groups joined together to demand gun control reform in a march on campus on ... Sheroff's demand for UPD disarmament was echoed by SJP founder Shehran Uddin, a senior political science major, who also claimed the March for Our Lives ...
As a prominent but ultimately unsuccessful activist against the United States building nuclear weapons after World War II, Einstein found it much easier to ... Faced with a nonexistent quantitative arms race, disarmament activists and even former Secretary of Defense William Perry, who incidentally helped ...

Saturdays have to become our weekly day of marching for justice, disarmament and creation. That means, we're going to have to keep taking to the ... disarmament, and environmental protection. Like the Parkland students, we can no longer be just activists; we have to become organizers, too. We have to ...
Nikhil Pahwa was among the activists who were at the forefront of the net neutrality campaign in 2014. Later, he co-founded the Internet Freedom Foundation which advocates digital rights. Pahwa spoke to Kim Arora about the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, and what it means for data protection.
With the slogan “What unites us towards the Universal Human Nation”, the 5th European Humanist Forum will take place on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May in Madrid. The opening session will take place in the Education Science Faculty of Spain's Distance Education University and on Saturday and Sunday ...
The actor and activist Harry Belafonte said, “We had to seize this opportunity and make our voices heard. Make those who are comfortable with our oppression—make them uncomfortable—Dr. King said that was the purpose of his mission.” The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee's John Lewis ...
Even before then, Congress may debate legislation to overturn the “disarmament statute,” a law that severely restricts civilian ownership of guns, and virtually ... Last Wednesday night Marielle Franco, a local politician and human rights activist, was gunned down in her car, prompting some of the largest ...
The group was launched as an anti-nuclear arms group and advocated for the disarmament of nuclear weapons around the world. The group has since expanded its focus to combating climate change and advocating for environmental sustainability. As Haim states, the group is focused on existential ...
A new generation of young activists have collaborated with ICAN, including two other U of T alumni – Ray Acheson and Allison Pytlak – and have put the spotlight on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons, she said. The Australia-based ICAN, which has branches around the world, played a ...
As explained by United Nations Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu. .... More recently, political pressure from women's groups helped establish an international ban on land mines, and we can thank woman activists for seeking measures against ...
Nuclear weapons, now a reality of our modern world, could go the same way, say the activists behind the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear ... Indeed, this first public event of Humanitarian Disarmament: The Way Ahead (moderated by Bonnie Docherty, associate director of Armed Conflict and ...
Speaking of influential scientists: Happy birthday two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling (1901-1994), an American chemist who basically invented molecular biology and, later, was an ardent nuclear-disarmament activist. And many more: Gangster Bugsy Siegel (1906-1947), character actor Charles ...
WELLINGTON – New Zealand's Prime Minister on Tuesday used her first major foreign policy address to announce she is establishing a ministerial position for disarmament amid tensions in the Asia-Pacific region over North Korea's weapons programs. Jacinda Ardern, whose Labor-led government took ...

The humble 34-foot wooden ketch is a "peace boat" made famous as the vessel a group of Quaker peace activists tried to sail to the Marshall Islands in ... a crewman on the Golden Rule, teaches visiting elementary school students the flag semaphore signals for "N" and "D," or "nuclear disarmament," the ...
Activists seeking to persuade nations to ban so-called killer robots say they are cautiously optimistic about official talks on the future of such autonomous ... Since 2014, diplomats, disarmament experts and civil society groups have met five times in the framework of the Convention on Certain Conventional ...
Out of the sprawling body of 20th century peace activists like Randall emerged Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament, which eventually became Women's Action for New Directions (WAND). Founded by physician Helen Caldicott in 1982, during the height of the Cold War, the group's purpose was to ...
The Count the Nuclear Weapons Money project kicks off May 10 in New York and will take place alongside the U.N. Conference on Nuclear Disarmament, where U.N. member countries are expected to discuss "effective nuclear disarmament measures to achieve the total elimination of nuclear weapons" ...
In recent months, much of the world has begun to ramp up efforts toward nuclear disarmament, but the United States is showing no signs of cutting back its ... from around the world, experts in nuclear weapons and the disarmament process, scholars, activists and representatives of bishops' conferences.
Students gathered in front of Rosenwald Hall on Friday afternoon, demanding the disarmament of the UCPD, the divestment from the university's private ... had failed fourth-year Charles Thomas before he was shot by a University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) officer Tuesday night, activists say.
How Harry Potter Inspired The Parkland Student Activists — And What That Means For The Future Of Children's Literature ... Who Lived fighting an 'evil' force that has infiltrated the government and brainwashed adults using only the powers they've learned in school: illumination, protection, disarmament.”.
A U.S. official says the United States is examining "how best to deal with" Syria's upcoming presidency of the U.N.'s top forum on disarmament in the wake of an ... Opposition activists said 40 people died in the chemical attack late Saturday in the suburbs of the Syrian capital and blamed it on the Syrian ...


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