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updated Sun. May 19, 2024

Pro-democracy lawmakers and formerly jailed activists have proposed reforms to protect the rights of prisoners. ... Democracy activist Joshua Wong, who was jailed last year for his role in the Civic Square protests that led to the Umbrella Movement in 2014, questioned the effectiveness of the internal checks ...
... the basic human rights of prisoners, a group of pro-democratic lawmakers has said. The group, led by social welfare lawmakers Shiu Ka-chun and Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung, released a study of the prisoners' rights and conditions on Tuesday, which was based on the experiences of 16 young activists ...

An advocate and a rights activist, Awais, who had contested Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh's case, had died in Sweden on March 26 morning. ... He further said that the foundation would work for the rights of prisoners of both countries, facilitating meetings of prisoners with their families and promote ...
"The state is keeping far too silent," said Humberto Prado, director of the Venezuelan Prisons Observatory, an independent group that advocates for prisoner rights. In a statement ... Like much of the nation, activists say prisoners are going hungry and unable to get needed healthcare. "With the country ...
Across Eurasia, authoritarian states crack down on activists (including people with different political opinions or those practicing their right to religious freedom) to stigmatise and intimidate .... Turner recalls being at a conference in 2017 where a Russian activist suggested to the IRPT to change their name.
Bethlehem, occupied West Bank - Imprisoned Palestinian teen activist Ahed Tamimi has reached a plea bargain with Israeli army prosecutors that will ... Sahar Francis, director of Palestinian prisoners' rights group Addameer, told Al Jazeera that "most cases" in Israel's military courts result in a plea bargain.

Frances Gaudet, of African-American and American Indian heritage became a nationally respected social reformer and prisoner-rights activist. Dr. Sarah Tew Maya was the driving force behind the establishment of the New Orleans Hospital and Dispensary for Women and Children. Bettie Runnels was the ...
Family members of prisoners and representatives of community organizations advocating for prisoners' rights assembled in front of the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) public visitors entrance Thursday morning to protest recent cancellations of weekend visitations at several state institutions.
“They've thrown the key away, put me out of sight, out of mind,” he told the Herald in a telephone interviewed arranged by prisoner rights activists. “The only way to deal with the issue was to subject myself to a hunger strike in order to compel the NSW mental health system to respond.” Iran consulate staffer ...
Erin Thompson had asked the artists at Guantanamo Bay what they wanted people to get out of their works of art. Initially, Thompson didn't understand why the artists would ask for something so basic. For most of us, being seen as human is something we expect — something we take for granted. But for ...

Systematic violation of human rights continued in February with 16 executions, crackdown on religious minorities, arresting of civil activists, incessant pressure on political prisoners .... Iran Human Rights Monitor obtains continues reports containing violate of the most basic rights of prisoners in Iran's jails.
KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) — Activists say Sudanese authorities have released dozens of people arrested for taking part in last month's protests against rising bread ... visit was criticized because he's faced EU sanctions for six years for his role in arbitrary arrests, denying prisoners' rights and increasing executions in Iran.
However, a prisoner rights activist says that the state continues deducting a higher percentage of money from accounts despite the rulings. In 2015, the state Legislature passed Act 355, defining a garnishment structure for the Department of Corrections to follow in docking inmates' accounts. The trust ...
However, a prisoner rights activist says that the state continues deducting a higher percentage of money from accounts despite the rulings. In 2015, the ... Peg Swan, a prisoners rights advocate in Richland County, says that the DOC continues deducting more than 25 percent from inmates' accounts. Swan ...
February 22, 2018—The recent letter to Iran's judiciary chief by imprisoned human rights activist Narges Mohammadi, which condemns the Judiciary for its subservience to Iran's security agencies and its denial of prisoners' rights, throws into sharp relief the unlawful imprisonment of human rights defenders ...
Prominent Iranian physicist, human rights activist, and political prisoner Narges Mohammadi has lambasted the Islamic Republic's judiciary as a part of “dictatorship structure” ruling Iran. “Describing the ... While behind bars, Ms. Mohammadi has been a vociferous advocate of prisoners' rights. In an open ...
Asma Jehangir, one of Pakistan's prominent right activists and lawyers, has died of a heart attack in the eastern city of Lahore. She was 66. Jehangir's ... “Unfortunately we have lost her,” Hina Jilani, he sister and also a prominent rights activist, told AFP. ... Then prisoners' rights became an issue,” she said.
From left, prisoner rights activist Sue Ellen Allen, #cut50 co-founder Jessica Jackson Sloan and Camaron Stevenson stand beside a pile of Kotex pillows ... 7 to colleagues and staff who said they were offended by pillows made of feminine hygiene products she and activists handed out the previous day.
The Senate Committee on Human Rights held a public hearing on the human rights of prisoners in federal correctional facilities on March 26, 2018. The event was held at the Black ... Senators heard from a panel that included activist and Halifax's former poet laureate El Jones. “Prison is not a housing ...


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