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updated Fri. February 9, 2024

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a spying law was unlawful, in a case brought by the Labour deputy leader, Tom Watson. ... are dealing with here is a legacy issue from activities from GCHQ which is the governments intelligence agency that deals with online and electronic communications in this country.

The new app, called "Haven," a joint collaboration between Snowden and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, is still in the beta testing phase, but is intended to guard your electronic devices against spying and datamining, including via the so-called "evil maid" attack, where someone gets access to your ...
In 2015, RSF Germany accused BSD of spying on the organizations' emails and phone calls with foreign partners and journalists. ... respect media freedom, as well as robbing journalists in these countries of an advocate in their fight against surveillance and other forms of repression by their governments.
Governments have a weapon in their hands that criminal hackers do not: the power of the law. Many of the tips in this section of the guide will help you not only against legal requests and government hacking, but also against anyone else who may be trying to spy on you. You don't have to turn yourself into ...
CCTV allowed nosy managers to keep an eye on the shop when they were not around. Software systems have been used to track the number of keystrokes an administrator makes a minute, how often they move their mouse or how long they spend lurking on the web. GPS technology has enabled transport ...
Nunes stepping aside was just the latest evidence that the Trump administration's very vocal concerns about surveillance gone wild have been less than sincere. The alarm bells are, in fact, an attempt to channel legitimate concerns about the extent of America's spying to undermine the investigation into ...
To avoid surveillance — by governments or others users — you should switch to more secure apps for messaging, like Signal, which is free for download on ... Buy stickers from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fights for legislation that protects civil liberties against surveillance, and you can support ...
... co-created a conceptual iPhone case intended to prevent governments and various other parties from spying on smartphone users. Smartphones, are of course, easily trackable - a "perfect tracking device" in Snowden's words - and both governments and criminals can obtain all sorts of information about ...
The company is tightening its networks against government spying. ... Eight prominent technology companies, bruised by revelations of government spying on their customers' data and scrambling to repair the damage to their reputations, are mounting a public campaign to urge President Obama and ...


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