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updated Tue. January 30, 2024

If there were a Pulitzer for journalism ethics, it would go to the Washington Post for radical transparency of its rigorous reporting exposing Senate ... Efforts to discredit the Post culminated in a sting operation by right-wing activist James O'Keefe, who tried but failed to entrap the Post into reporting on a fake ...
One of the most prominent student activists to emerge from the mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Parkland, Fla. high school told his Twitter followers to ... We are expressing this viewpoint directly with company leaders because we believe greater focus and transparency on these issues will ultimately ...

To cope with the pressure, Japanese managers must do what most don't want to do -- and have very rarely done before -- think like activists. ... valuations in the Japanese stock market and by the side-effects of the policies of the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to boost corporate transparency.
For more than a year, Ukraine's government and activists have been at odds over a March 2017 law that requires activists to disclose their assets online in the ... Kaleniuk worries that as the court deliberates, activist asset declarations will be used to discredit, intimidate, and distract them from their watchdog ...
In the wake of the 18th amendment, the Article 19-A was inserted in the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 for the promotion of transparency leading to eradication of corruption at ... For instance, Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kerijwal, played his role in India as an RTI activist before his entry into the politics.
BERGENFIELD — Critical infrastructure would be destroyed and drinking water would be indefinitely contaminated if an oil train derailed while traveling through Bergen County, environmental activists said during a rally on Sunday. About two dozen activists from local environmental advocacy groups called ...

The groups will occupy the building overnight and indefinitely until the university acquiesces to its demand for a public town hall meeting with trustees and administrators, in which activists want to discuss issues of representation, transparency and institutional decision-making. The 19 students are spending ...
Armed with signs demanding, "Facebook transparency now" and Facebook-esque "dislike" signs, a handful of privacy activists spoke out about the social media ... The roughly half-dozen protesters from the activist group Raging Grannies gathered fittingly at Facebook's massive "Like" sign before Facebook ...
"I have seen the issue raised among a group of women activists," Waak said. "I am always concerned with transparency. Authenticity is very highly prized in the political sphere, and it is important for any candidate to be up front about their experiences." Regents generally have little to do with oil and gas ...
Read alsoEU's Hahn urges Rada to relieve civil activists from filing e-declarations "Ukraine's asset declaration system should hold public officials accountable and not place unnecessary burdens or pressure on civil society. This punitive law targets those very individuals who seek to increase transparency ...

With that in mind, transparency activist Phil Mocek filed a request for text messages (and other app communications) sent or received by now-former Seattle ... and documentary filmmaker Nina Seavey asked for records about how the FBI spied on antiwar and civil rights activists in the 1960s and 1970s.
A conservative organization dedicated to shareholder activism is trying out a new ploy to pre-empt shareholder proposals by liberal activists by co-opting them at the annual meetings for Duke Energy Corp. and General Electric Co. In this first attempt, the Washington-based National Center for Public Policy ...
The groups have been ordered to provide detailed information about the Palestinians for whom they request permits to enter Israel, as well as information on the sources of the groups' funding, the training of their activists and the selection criteria for the positions they fill in the territories. They are also ...
HOUSTON — Now that Richard Carranza is pretty much out as HISD's superintendent, the board of trustees has a job to do— and it's a biggie! They have to find his replacement. According to State Representative Carol Alvarado, "We're facing school closures. We're facing job losses and constant scrutiny ...
'Trust, transparency and accountability': Activists call for change to Sheriff's Office ticketing policy .... Shipman, the activist whose viral video sparked the reporting, said he wanted to see police act more respectfully toward pedestrians. “I feel like he could've had another approach that wasn't so demeaning,” ...
Brandi Fisher of Pittsburgh United speaks at a rally demanding more transparency in HQ2 bid. (Photo courtesy of Matt Richards). Activists from Chicago to Atlanta held demonstrations and town halls Wednesday to demand more transparency from their cities, as local leaders try to land Amazon HQ2.
We have been saying for the sake of transparency, we have to make it compulsory for political parties to disclose all their donations, down to the last rupee ... Activists and rights groups point out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's right-wing government has used the same foreign funding law to harass and ...


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