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Pope Gregory XVI
Pope Gregory XVI (1834-1846)
Absolutely conservative and anti-liberal, he immediately emanated repressive laws against the new ideas. He published and encyclical on the subject in which he banned freedom of the press. He fostered archeological studies, favoring the digs in the Roman forum and the catacombs.
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updated Tue. January 16, 2024

Anti-liberal policies cannot be solely attributed to the hard right, however we define them. Inequalities have been tolerated, if not generated, by politicians who have called themselves liberals. Tony Blair cannot be labelled as hard right, and yet he invaded Iraq without a UN mandate. Angela Merkel, the ...
Progressives are meanwhile “emphatically anti-liberal”—because they are hostile to capitalism and, “deep down, harbor the hope that one day, perhaps through some catastrophic event, American capitalism will indeed be replaced by socialism.” But here's the problem: The progressives Wilentz describes ...

Liberalism, the set of ideas that has underpinned Western political and economic systems since the Enlightenment, now appears to be in crisis. This has prompted a welcome debate among well-meaning liberals, but it has also opened the door to opportunists who would impose their deeply anti-liberal ...
After news of the tragic shooting at YouTube headquarters broke, the president's son blurted out an incoherent argument about the NRA, vegans, and PETA. Donald Trump Jr. speaks into a microphone. Reuters, Mario Anzuoni. In a muddled, ham-fisted tweet that rivals some the most incoherent babble on ...
But Shields errs in accepting the anti-liberal characterization of Vatican II's “primary objective” as bringing the Church up to date with modernity. Although both progressives and traditionalists have often described Vatican II in this way (the former approvingly, the latter disapprovingly), the Church ...

As Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) governor, he discouraged banks from investing in unproductive sectors, prompting CEOs to dub him 'an anti-liberal authoritarian'. After being appointed as Finance Minister, Khatiwada has clearly hinted that he will be following his own principles. He told BBC Nepali Service ...
Torah, Testosterone and Nationalism: Why Two West Bank Rabbis' Anti-liberal Crusade Imploded. Religious Zionism's flagship rabbis, founders of the elite Eli yeshiva, dreamt of building an Orthodox cadre to lead Israel. Their bigoted and foul-mouthed outbursts have now stirred public outrage - but their ...

But the message resonated: Netanyahu had thrown in his lot with Trump and with rising anti-liberal forces. Israelis have generally drifted rightward after the failure of two rounds of peace talks, in 2000 and 2008, and Netanyahu has become increasingly reliant on a far-right coalition of parties. Yet polls show ...
As with other countries that have started down this anti-liberal path -- including the US -- economic anxiety appears to have been a major factor. Shockingly, a third of Italy's youth are unemployed -- nearly twice the EU average -- and there is high public debt, two indexes of a sluggish economy. Read More.
On the right, the collapse of neoconservatism during the Bush years has led to a revival of more il- and anti-liberal paleoconservatism, while Christian anxiety about cultural encirclement has fanned fears that the liberal state is no longer a guarantor of religious rights but an implacable enemy of them.
A few weeks back an image started making the rounds on social media. Tactical Shit, a company out of St. Peters, Missouri, was selling the above patch, a yellow Star of David with the German word for Jew replaced with the words, “gun owner.” The patch was clearly meant to invoke the persecution of the ...
Resisting the resistance: anti-liberal rage brews in California's right wing. Should California be split into two states, one conservative and one progressive? Under Trump, a far-fetched idea has found a home in fringe, frustrated communities. Sam Levin in San Francisco. @SamTLevin · Email. Wed 7 Feb ...
The attempt to inculcate anti-liberal values by means of claims taken from the liberal lexicon, such as the need for multiculturalism, variety and respect for “the other,” must be rejected. This is not “only” about consideration for religious children, but an attempt to revamp the public space in keeping with ...
This willingness to indulge even the most anti-liberal beliefs and behaviour finds many of its roots in the general disdain many left-wingers and liberals seem to feel for Western democracy, human rights and individualism. But that does not explain why so many people, often decent people, are drawn to ...

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