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updated Sat. June 15, 2024

The S.C. Lee Junior High eighth-grade girls dominated at the Five HIlls Relays in Copperas, scoring 173 points to win by 90 over runner-up Waco MIdway. Temple Lamar (60 points) was third in the six-school meet, followed by Marble Falls (57) and Copperas Cove (32). Cove Junior High's B-squad scored ...

The Advertiser has spent two weeks in the Middle East and this week spoke to women at the Taji Military Complex on the outskirts of Baghdad. Both off and on the record, most women from the Australian Defence Force saw Canberra as far removed from the realities of a war zone, and critics ignorant of the ...
Since the then prime minister Tony Abbott announced the mission to Iraq in October 2014, the number of Australian troops and aircraft personnel in Iraq peaked at 780. Today there about 300 soldiers at the Taji base conducting training, about 50 in the coalition forces' headquarters, 80 counter-terrorism ...
That's according to Treehouse, a King County nonprofit helping students in foster care gain stability and reach graduation. When Brianna Franco attended Renton High School, she took part in Treehouse's Graduation Success program. She attended weekly meetings with Taji Ellis, a Senior Education ...
Around 100 New Zealand troops have been stationed in Iraq since May 2015 as part of a joint operation with Australia called Task Group Taji. The current Labour-led government has maintained that it is a strictly non-combat operation to train Iraqi soldiers. However, separate reports by human rights ...
Ron Mark was critical of the deployment of Kiwi troops as trainers in Iraq when in opposition. He's more positive about their role now as Defence Minister. Sam Sachdeva reports. Defence Minister Ron Mark says a visit to Camp Taji has convinced him Kiwi trainers are both valued and wanted by Iraqi forces, ...
New Zealand has about 100 soldiers taking part in Task Group Taji, as the combined New Zealand and Australian task group is called. It has trained more than 28,000 Iraqi Security Force personnel since its mission began in May 2015. The training mission has been extended to November 2018 and last ...
Alongside Australian forces, about 110 Kiwi troops are currently working to train their Iraqi counterparts at the Taji air base, north of capital Baghdad. That mission - which all three members of New Zealand's current governing coalition opposed while in opposition - is set to terminate in November. Mr Peters ...
The 300-odd Australians at Taji Military Complex are part of a mission to train, advise, and assist the Iraqis so they can continue the fight against ISIS. Lt Lindsay said currently the forces have a “bias towards action” (such as shooting) so the training focus now was on improved planning and intelligence ...


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