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updated Sun. April 14, 2024

Directorate of Streets and Bridges in the northern Iraqi governorate of Nineveh yesterday inaugurated two bridges in the western part of Mosul. “The engineering and technical experts completed the reconstruction of the Bridges of Al-Shehada and Al-Harmat, reopening both,” officials announced. The Iraqi ...
MOSUL: In Mosul and on the Nineveh Plain "life is slowly returning to normal". Young university students, Christians and not "every day make the journey" that separates them from their lodgings in the towns of the plain to the university, in the east of the metropolis of northern Iraq to follow courses and ...

The United Arab Emirates, UNESCO, and Iraq have signed an agreement that outlines a five-year plan to cleanup and rebuild the devastated city of Mosul, which was liberated from ISIS's control in July 2017. The UAE is giving $50 million in support of the initiative, which the United Nations says is the ...
Mosul ( Four Islamic State members, including chief of a radio station, was arrested along with three of his aides in south of Mosul, DPA reported on Tuesday. “Security troops were notified that Islamic State Garallah Khairo Habash, who was the head of al-Bayan radio station, was along with ...
BAGHDAD — The scars of battle remain deeply etched into the geography of Iraq's second-largest city, Mosul, with thousands of homes, buildings and places of worship destroyed during the nine-month fight to oust the Islamic State. But now, thanks to a donation of $50 million from the United Arab ...
Mosul ( Four Islamic State members were killed in an attack near Syrian borders, while five militant leaders were arrested as they attempted infiltrating into Mosul, Iraqi sources were quoted saying on Wednesday. In remarks to Anadolu Agency, Lt. Gen. Sabhan Matar, of the army, said ...

By Jennifer Sparks. Dr. Rivah and her colleagues at Al-Quds Primary Health Care Center (PHCC) in West Mosul, Iraq have their hands full trying to keep two-year-old Mohammed still long enough to administer a polio vaccine. Eventually, they calm him enough to give him two vaccines in a row. By the time ...
He lives in the Old City of Mosul. Most houses are mutilated, empty frames, but the neighborhood bears the signs of life. With a small toolbox in hand, he goes from house to house, cheerfully greeting people, helping them with small repairs, finding work or medicine. If there is a problem in the neighborhood, ...
Turkey's former Consul General in Iraq's Mosul announced that he plans to run against President Erdogan in the snap June polls. (Getty Images) ... Last month, he had accused the government of delivering him and the rest of his consulate employees in Mosul to the clutches of ISIS. Erdogan's ...
The re-conquest of Mosul and the violent iconoclasm of its occupiers have left a terrible scar both on the Old City and its inhabitants. By some estimates 11,000 civilians may have died, and the bodies of many ISIS fighter still lie in the ruins of its buildings, those structures filled with explosive booby-traps as ...
Few were exposed to as much of that horror as the women of Mosul: freedom lost, religious police enforcing extremist rules as the tentacles of Da'esh spread through the country's second city; then arrests, disappearances, public stonings, even of young girls. The liberation wasn't swift either, nor painless: a ...
Hairdressers, barbers, cosmetologists, and manicurists have always served as confidantes for their customers. They are the keepers of untold secrets. But in post-war Mosul, a city freed from the grip of so-called Islamic State in January 2017 and still struggling to recover, the hair salon is more important ...
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi courts have sentenced 212 people to death in Mosul and surrounding areas, most of them for complicity with Islamic State, ... Federal Court of Appeals, whose jurisdiction includes Mosul, had so far ruled on a total of 815 cases since the area was recaptured from Islamic State.
Mosul ( The Nineveh Operations Command has announced killing more that 20 Islamic State members, purging all the border regions, in the wake of infiltration of some militants into the province. In remarks on Monday, Maj. Gen. Najm al-Jabouri, the commander, said troops “started purging ...
MOSUL, Iraq — Authorities in Mosul have buried more than 1,000 bodies in a mass grave in a desert valley outside the city, most of them believed to be Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group militants, according to a provincial official. More remains are being dug out of the rubble of the district where the ...
“According to civilian and military sources, some 2,500 bodies still remain buried under the rubble in western Mosul,” Abul Samei al-Naas, head of Al-Hayah, an Iraqi NGO devoted to promoting public health, told Anadolu Agency. “This puts the entire city at risk of epidemics and diseases that can affect the ...
MOSUL, Iraq -- Authorities in Mosul have buried more than 1,000 bodies in a mass grave in a desert valley outside the city, most of them believed to be Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group militants, according to a provincial official. More remains are being dug out of the rubble of the district where the ...

“Two of them were arrested in Abu Maria village in Tal Afar, while the rest were in several areas across Mosul,” the ministry added. Last week, news reports quoted sources as saying that over 20 IS members were arrested in several security operations carried out in west of Mosul. Thousands of Islamic ...
Mosul was retaken from Daesh after a nine-month long operation involving Iraqi ground troops and coalition forces providing air and artillery support. (February 24, 2018) (Reuters). Bits of decomposing bodies, pieces of military clothing and unexploded bombs, including unused suicide belts, are scattered ...
It is nine months since Iraqi forces declared victory in the long and bloody battle to retake Mosul, its second largest city, from Islamic State fighters. Hundreds of thousands of people are still displaced. Almost every day the authorities find more children who have lost their parents, or been abandoned, in the ...
Mosul ( A mass grave with the remains of at least 60 Iraqi civilians was found in the former Islamic State bastion, Mosul, a police officer was quoted saying on Wednesday. Cap. Amir Watheq, from Nineveh police force, told BasNews website that security forces found the grave at Hammam ...
Eighteen months ago, Iraqi forces backed by heavy coalition firepower descended on Mosul, Iraq's second city and the largest ever controlled by the Islamic State. It took them nine months—well beyond initial estimates—to dislodge the terror group. During that time, strategies changed. Under the Obama ...
Rebuilding efforts in Iraq have been slow since the defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) last year. But it is not just about reconstructing schools and homes, archaeologists say Iraq's very heritage is at stake. Al Jazeera's Imran Khan reports from the country's second ...
In a bizarre incident, Punjab Congress MPs protested on the roof of the Parliament to demand compensation for families Indians killed by ISIS in Iraq's Mosul. Congress MPs Ravneet Singh Bittu, Sunil Jakhar and Santokh Singh Chaudhary climbed the roof of the Parliament and demanded financial help for ...
Dubai: A Qatari government official publicly congratulated Daesh in 2014 for its takeover of Mosul in 2014, according to newly-discovered tweets. ... He posted a photo of Mosul with the caption: “An image of the city of Mosul in Iraq before Iftar (a sunset meal in which Muslims break their fast in Ramadan) the ...
Scouts are making a symbolic comeback in Mosul after a three-year absence from the city that used to serve as the ISIS terrorist group's capital in Iraq, said an ... It was "a message to Iraq and the world: The scouts of Mosul and Iraq are back," Mohammed Ibrahim, head of scout activities in Mosul, told AFP.
Even as a four-year wait ended tragically Monday, the family of Gobinder Singh (45), one of those who were slain by IS in Mosul, Iraq, got just 29 minutes with his mortal remains at Murar village in Kapurthala district Monday. The remains reached his place at 6:27 pm and the cremation took place at 6:56 pm ...
Nineveh ( – Four children were wounded Monday as a bomb exploded outside a medical complex in the Christian town of Bartella, east of Mosul, a security source was quoted as saying. Speaking to Shafaq News website, the source said, “An explosive charge believed to be planted by ...
Newly resurfaced tweets have revealed that a Qatari government official publicly congratulated ISIS in 2014, days after Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared an “Islamic Caliphate” from Iraq's Mosul. Hamad Lahhan Al-Mohannadi, Deputy Chairman of the Central Municipal Council in Qatar, and the former ...
Mosul ( Three Islamic State members were arrested in an operation carried out in west of Mosul, Nineveh, a commander announced on Monday. In a statement, Maj. Gen. Hamad Names al-Jabouri, commander of Nineveh Police, said, “Police troops managed, this evening, through ...
"Do not trust Harjit Masih's version. "We brought back 40 nurses from Iraq. The condition in which Mosul was such that neither you nor us could have brought back these men at that time [in 2014]. "Total number of coffins that I brought is 38. The DNA of victim Raju Yadav of Bihar could not be identified.
IS abducted and killed the workers shortly after seizing the northern city of Mosul in the summer of 2014. Iraqi authorities discovered the remains in a mass grave last year after retaking Mosul, and positively identified the bodies last month. The militants initially abducted 40 workers. One managed to escape, ...
Mosul ( A mass grave containing human remains of 48 civilians was found in Mosul's Old City, an Iraqi military source said on Sunday. “Nineveh Operations troops confiscated today a mass grave in al-Midan region in Mosul's Old City. It included remains of 48 civilians, that had signs of ...
Mosul ( Security troops have killed seven militants in an operation carried out in southwest of Mosul, a security source announced on Sunday. “F16 jets purged, for more than two hours, an area of more than four kilometers in the desert region linking between Qayyarah and Baaj towns,” Cap.
A special plane carrying the bodies of 38 of 39 Indians, who went missing in Mosul in June 2014 and whom the government recently declared dead, is expected to land in Amritsar on Monday. On Sunday, Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh left for Iraq to bring back the mortal remains of those ...
Chandigarh: Authorities in Iraq have handed over the bodies of the 39 Indians killed in Mosul by Islamic State terrorists to Indian authorities who are in Iraq to bring back the remains on Monday. Closer home, their families are still grappling with the grief as their endless wait for the bodies are about to come ...
Mr. Singh visited Iraq three times in the past year, even to Mosul, to locate the men. In a statement to Parliament on March 20, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj first confirmed that an agency in Iraq had been able to match the DNA of at least 38 of the 39 men who had gone missing four years ago, ...
Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh on Saturday said as soon as the government gets a nod from Baghdad ambassador they will leave with a C-17 plane to bring back the mortal remains of 39 Indians that were killed by the Islamic State in Mosul. The minister added that the government will ...
Mosul: “Even if we work every day for the next six months, we still won't finish this job – we don't have enough support or equipment,” says Mohammad Shaban, an officer of the Civil Defence Force in west Mosul, in the exhausted tone of someone who is unable to separate his life from his work. Shaban and ...
While in the case of the 39 Indians this isn't exactly the case because despite Iraq being in turmoil, the blitzkrieg of the ISIS and their capture of Mosul did take everyone by surprise. But there have been others who have travelled to places like interiors of Afghanistan, or countries like Yemen despite ...
Soon after this, General Singh had stated that it would take around eight to ten days to obtain the mortal remains of its nationals as legal procedures were underway. The 39 persons, most of whom hailed from Punjab, were working on projects near Mosul when they were kidnapped. (This story has not been ...
Mosul ( The Iraqi military has denied news on killing of five Iraqi soldiers in an ambush set up by Islamic State members in west of Mosul. In a statement, the Security Media Center said, “what was circulated by media channels on killing of five security personnel in an ambush by Islamic State ...
Mosul ( Four Islamic State members were arrested in a security operation carried out in Mosul, the Iraqi military intelligence said on Thursday. In a statement, the department said, “military intelligence personnel managed to arrest four terrorists in Mosul Old City, al-Shura and Hammam al-Alil ...
Mosul ( Twelve Islamic State members were arrested in an operation, west of Mosul, Nineveh police command announced on Wednesday. “Nineveh police, backed by the U.S.-led Coalition forces, in coordination with the Iraqi intelligence, carried out an operation against Islamic State ...
Mohammed Saleh Ahmad (C), 31, buys a soap in the old city of Mosul, Iraq, March 19, 2018. Mohammed Saleh Ahmad, his wife, parents and five children fled their home in March 2017 when US-led coalition forces began their advance on western Mosul, the final stretch to rout Islamic State militants who ...
The smoke he saw earlier that day was from the library at Mosul University. The men who had taken over his city, and made reading books into a crime, had burned down the library. In a day, thousands of volumes were lost. With them went a thread that had bound the city together for generations.
The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has revealed "two thorough investigations" have concluded civilian casualties were likely when an RAAF Super Hornet fired a GPS-guided bomb at a building in West Mosul where a pair of Islamic State (IS) snipers were engaged in heavy fighting with local forces.
Mosul ( Fourteen Islamic State members were arrested in operations carried out in south and west of Mosul, the Nineveh Police Command said on Monday. In a statement, Maj. Gen. Hamad Namis al-Jabouri, the commander, said, “Nineveh police arrested, today, eleven Islamic State ...
The humanitarian operation in Iraq has reached a critical juncture with the retaken areas, including Mosul city, facing high numbers of returnees despite huge levels of destruction, few available services and little opportunities for livelihoods. It is imperative for humanitarian actors to move into the city to ...
Mosul (Iraq): Perched atop a mound of rubble, Abdelsattar al-Hibbu surveyed what remained of his second-floor office: twisted iron and centuries-old stone reduced to dust by an airstrike. “I used to look out at the river from my window,” Hibbu said wistfully, recalling how the nine-month battle that defeated ...


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