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updated Fri. December 15, 2023

"House Two" is an examination of the murder of Iraqi civilians by U.S. Marines in Haditha. Literal cultural appropriation is the topic of "The Man Who Stole Banksy." "The Fourth Estate" offers a behind-the-scenes look at The New York Times. There are also biographies of playwright Terrence McNally ("Every ...
The area includes Lake Habbaniyah, Lake Razaza and Lake Sawa in addition to the strategic water reservoir of Haditha Dam in Anbar. Similar potential exists in the area known as Badiyat al-Jazira, covering part of Anbar province and the provinces of Saladin and Nineveh and containing Lake Tharthar, ...

At least nine people were killed and wounded on Monday when four suicide bombers attacked the al-Askari district in the town of Haditha, in Anbar province, a security source told Kurdistan 24. After three years of fierce fighting, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in December last year declared a military victory over the ...
BAGHDAD, April 9 (KUNA) -- Two policemen, along with four armed men were killed during a failed terrorist attack in Haditha city western Iraqi Al-Anbar Governorate on ... The so-called Islamic State was unable to enter Haditha city during its control over large parts of Al-Anbar in the past three years.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi forces killed 14 ISIS militants in separated clashes in Kirkuk and Anbar provinces on Monday. “Today, a number of ISIS militants attacked the Iraqi armed forces and Hashd al-Ashayar forces in Haditha district in west Anbar province,” Sabah Karhut, member of Anbar Provincial Council, told ...
SULAIMANI – Iraqi forces repelled an attack launched on Monday (April 9) by Islamic State (ISIS) militants in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, a security source said. Two Iraqi security forces members were killed and another six wounded in the clash with four ISIS suicide bombers, the source said.

Anbar ( – Four suicide attackers were killed Monday in a gunfight with security forces in Anbar as Iraqi troops continue hunting for dormant cells of the Islamic State (IS) group nationwide. “Security forces repelled an attack launched by three Islamic State militants on a house in Haditha district ...
Four suicide bombers attacked the al-Askari district in the town of Haditha, 160 km west of Ramadi, a security source told Kurdistan 24, confirming the attack. Security forces clashed with the suicide bombers and killed three of them before the fourth one detonated, killing four people and wounding five ...
The Haditha massacre refers to the November 20, 2005 execution of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians, elderly men and women, and children by US Marines in the city of Haditha in Iraq. A day before, a Marine lance corporal was killed when an IED (improvised explosive device) placed along their route exploded.
“A minefield exploded as a group of shepherds were carrying out their daily tasks at al-Sakra region, west of Haditha town, which left four of them killed,” the source told IkhNews website. “Explosive experts arrived to the minefield. As they were trying to remove bodies of the victims, another bomb exploded, ...
Iraq is inviting companies to bid to build a 70,000-bpd oil refinery near the town of Haditha in the Anbar governorate, the oil ministry said on Thursday. Investors willing to take part in the tender have until June 14, 2018, to file offers, the ministry said. The Anbar refinery project is offered on a ...
November 19, 2005 - A roadside bomb kills 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas in the Haditha neighborhood of Al-Subhani. November 19, 2005 - At least 24 Iraqi civilians, including women and children, are killed. Suspicion falls on Marines from Kilo Company of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment.
An Arab resident suffered serious injuries and fractures after falling off the fifth floor of his building on the King Faisal road of Al Haditha area in Umm Al Quwain. On receiving information about the mishap, the central operations room of the UAQ Police dispatched a police patrol, national ambulance, ...
Our boys and girls do not behave like this until, alas, they do: Our soldiers abused prisoners at Abu Grahib; Marines murdered women and children in Haditha, Iraq; Navy SEALs killed Afghan detainees at Kalach. I do not rekindle this sorry litany to suggest a new form of American exceptionalism or the ...
When asked about dozens of unarmed civilians being killed in places like Fallujah, Haditha, Mahmoudiya and Balad, Kimmitt refuted any claim that civilians were intentionally killed by American soldiers. "I am not suggesting for a moment that war doesn't sometimes kill innocent civilians. That's the price of ...
November 19, 2005 - At least 24 Iraqi civilians, including women and children, are killed in Haditha. Eight US Marines faced charges in the deaths, but only one was convicted of a crime, that of negligent dereliction of duty. November 5, 2006 - The Iraqi High Tribunal reaches a verdict in the 1982 Dujail ...
2012: Assailants waving the battle flag of al-Qaeda gun down 25 policemen in a brazen and well-orchestrated challenge to government control over the strategic town of Haditha fraught with Iraq war symbolism. 2013: Hugo Chavez, the populist leader of oil-rich Venezuela who was Latin America's most ...

Teacher Fadhil Abbas from Al Munthir bin Saawi Primary Boys' School won the second place for his poem (lughati haweeti) and Teacher Ghada Abdulghani from Al Maarif Al Haditha School won third for her poem (lughat albayan). I.Y. BNA 0823 GMT 2018/03/01. Number of readings : 241 Last updated ...
... the following ministers: Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs Mamdouh Abbadi; Bisher Khasawneh who was minister of State for legal affair; Wael Arabyyat, minister of awqaf and Islamic affairs; Yasin Khayyat, minister of environment; Hazem Nasser, minister of water and irrigation; Haditha Khreisha, ...
CAMP PENDLETON, CA - JUNE 16: The main gate at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base on June 16, 2006 in Oceanside, California. Investigations still continue in the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians who were allegedly massacred last November in Haditha, Iraq by Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton.
He added that the refineries, Siniya, Haditha, Qayyara, and Kisk, destroyed by ISIS, have been rebuilt in northern Iraq. “Now we produce from these refineries about 70,000 bpd,” Luaibi added. Currently Iraq's reserves stand at around 145 billion barrels, but the minister is confident that the reserves can be ...
"After the quote unquote 'Haditha Massacre' was investigated, after politicians and radicals in the media publicly prosecuted Marines - and ruined some of their lives - after the investigations took place, all but one of these Marines was found to have done nothing wrong," Mandel said. "They found that these ...
The Oil Ministry is re-starting the Qayarah refinery, which had temporarily shut due to smuggling concerns, as well as Anbar province's Haditha refinery. Qayarah and Haditha refineries re-open. Qayarah refinery, Nov. 22, 2016. (PATRICK OSGOOD/Iraq Oil Report). By Rawaz Tahir, Jamal Naji, Ben Lando ...
Anbar ( Army and police forces killed four Islamic State suicide bombers in western Anbar on Monday, according to a senior army commander. Alsumaria quoted Qassem al-Mohammadi, commander of al-Jazeera Operations, saying that the bombers were sneaking into the town of Haditha, ...


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