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updated Sat. May 18, 2024

SULAIMANI – The International Emergency Help (IEH) has provided the health sector of Sulaimani province with 10 ton of emergency medical supplies and equipment, said Kurdistan Health Syndicate on Tuesday (April 17). The syndicate said during a press conference in Sulaimani that the medical ...
SULAIMANI — The New Generation Movement said on Tuesday (April 17) the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has prevented its candidates from campaigning in Sulaimani for the upcoming Iraqi parliamentary election. New Generation candidate Kazim Fayaq told NRT that the PUK has prevented the ...

SULAIMANI – As many as 10 violations have been recorded in a one-day period of the election campaigns in the province of Sulaimani, said an official on Monday (April 16). The head of Iraqi Electoral Commission office in Sulaimani, Hawre Tofiq said lawsuits have been filed against political entities over ...
The FINANCIAL -- Qatar Airways is pleased to announce that it has resumed service to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, two important Iraqi destinations. The airline previously suspended service to both routes in November 2017, per the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority's directive to all international carriers at the time.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Classes have resumed in the vast majority of schools in Sulaimani and Halabja provinces though protests have continued in the ... In some areas of the Garmiyan bloc, in southern Sulaimani province, teachers took to the streets, demanding full cancellation of the salary saving ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – After weeks of strike action swept the education sector in protest against the salary saving system, schools in the Sulaimani and Halabja provinces, Raparin and the Garmiyan bloc resumed lessons on Sunday. Hardi Mohammed, Rudaw's correspondent in Sulaimani, said ...

SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Sulaimani's Education Department appears to have reached a deal with striking teachers to resume classes within 24 hours while ... The Sulaimani branch of the Kurdistan Health Syndicate announced a temporary end to their strike action in a press conference on Tuesday.
The head of Shorish, Dr. Chalak Qadir Qashani, told Rudaw that their hospitals have received 11,560 patients since the start of the healthcare workers' strikes on March 25. The Sulaimani branch of the hospital received lion's share — 8,000 patients so far. Before the strikes, the hospitals were treating about ...
On Friday, Ankara announced it was opening its airspace to flights in and out of Erbil airport after Baghdad lifted its international flight ban on the Kurdistan Region, but said it would not do the same for planes headed to Sulaimani, alleging terror activities against Turkey were being carried out in the ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Although it was announced on Wednesday that the Kurdistan Region's Erbil and Sulaimani airports have officially reopened for international flights, business continued as usual on Thursday with passengers arriving and departing from Kurdistan on domestic flights alone.
SULAIMANI — Kurdish teachers on strike on Wednesday (March 14) vowed to continue to boycott classes in the city of Sulaimani amid pressures on teachers to break their strike. Teachers who have gone on strike since the since the beginning of the second semester of education released a statement ...
“Iraq's aviation authority has issued a NOTAM [notice to airmen] for the resumption of international flights to Erbil and Sulaimani airports,” Talar Faiq, director general of Erbil ... Baghdad will send technical teams to Erbil and Sulaimani on Sunday and the Iraqi interior ministry will control the flight schedule.
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – At Hiwa Hospital in Sulaimani, cancer patients especially children are largely assisted by volunteers providing them with necessary medical care. “I wanted to come to serve child patients here,” said one volunteer. “It was one of my hopes. I wanted to become a nurse and ...
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – The first Kurdish casualty in the Sulaimani uprising 27 years ago was Ariwan Omer Dawlat, a young theatre actor who ... Though the Iraqi government suffered huge losses of nearly 17,000 troops in and around Sulaimani, the Peshmerga were outgunned and ordered an ...
SULAIMANI — Kurdish teachers on Wednesday (March 7) resumed protest against delay of salaries and austerity measures taken by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for more than two years. Teachers gone on strike gathered in front of West Education Directorate in Sulaimani, chanting slogans ...
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — Nearly three decades after the popular uprising against the former Iraqi regime, the bitter memories of an officer who ... “Officer Shamal was one of those who deprived the Sulaimani's youth of life,” Mohammed Merdan, a Kurdish man in Sulaimani who also took part in the ...
Haji Bakir and his descendants are yet to relinquish the tiny shop that was once considered the biggest cobbler's in Sulaimani. They are keeping the profession of hand-crafted shoes alive in a bazaar where customers are for the most part looking for modern wares. Due to his old age, Bakir can no longer ...

File photo shows people protesting in the Kurdish city of Sulaimani in 2013 against the Kurdish government during a wave of anti-government protests that lasted for about two months. ... Osman compared Sulaimani to Erbil province, where the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) enjoys widespread support.
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — A loud blast was heard on Wednesday morning in the city of Sulaimani following a bomb disposal by local security forces. Rudaw photojournalist Sartep Othman in Sulaimani said the explosion was part of a drill conducted by local security forces (Asayesh). “After our ...
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Teachers resumed their protests in rainy Sulaimani on Monday, demanding salaries as efforts to end their strikes are ... “We sent an official letter to the leadership council of Sulaimani's parties for them to be aware of the circumstances of education and the legitimate ...
Baghdad making 'preparations' in Erbil, Sulaimani to reopen airports. By Rudaw 11/2/2018. Passengers check in for flights at Erbil International Airport last September, two days before the flight ban came into effect. Photo: Rudaw video. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority representatives are in the ...
Sulaimani teachers protest Abadi's failure to deliver salaries ... Teachers protest a lack of salaries in the Kurdish city of Sulaimani on February 6, 2018. ... SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — People have taken to the streets of Sulaimani on Tuesday demanding salaries for teachers from the Iraqi government, ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – Sulaimani's landmark wheat silo, located in the center of the city of Sulaimani, on Friday was demolished in a controlled explosion to make way to a new tourism and business project in the area, according to a Kurdish official. A new silo was built in the southern ...
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region - The Victory Alliance led by current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has opened an office in the Kurdish city of Sulaimani. “Parties are free to choose where they want to participate in elections because Iraq is united,” said Jamal Hamasahid, head of the office in a news ...
The incident took place on Saholaka Street, a popular area in Sulaimani where people gather to eat and drink tea. The officer's name is Khalid Hassan ... “Lieutenant colonel Khalid was the supervisor of my office and has been living in Sulaimani since after October 16. Two hours ago, a stranger opened ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan 24) – Sulaimani International Airport will make its first international flight since September on Wednesday, announced the airport's press office, but travel will be limited to religious pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia. In February, Baghdad agreed to lift the international flight ban now in place ...
Iranian Consul General in Iraq's Erbil Morteza Ebadi said, “an expert-level meeting of Iranian heads of delegation was held in Iranian Consulate General in Sulaymaniyah of Iraq on Saturday in the presence of Iraj Masjedi Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq and a number of officials at the ...
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A KRG official announced on Tuesday that schools in Sulaimani partially have resumed classes after teachers ended their ... of the April 2017 incentive payments will start from today,” he said, adding they would expect “the resumption of classes across the Sulaimani province.”
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – An Iraqi committee arrived in Sulaimani on Monday to begin auditing the province's payroll, save for the Ministries of Health ... "Whatever pertains to us will be presented legally and transparently so that they become the keys to unlocking the closed doors,” Sulaimani Governor ...


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