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updated Wed. May 8, 2024

... Saudi missiles forces launched a raid on Mran area in Haidran district ,another seven raids on Mazraq area in Haradh, a missile on court building in Ghamar area , another two missiles on Shaban area in Razah border, a raid on Modhab area in Safra district, and other raid on Kahlan camp east of Sadaa.
(MENAFN) The Saudi-led aggression warplanes fired over seventeen raids on differences places in Sadaa, Saba news agency quoted a security official on ... district , a ride on Akwan area in Safra district, another two raids on Sahar district and two raids on the new university in Qaza area in north of Sadaa.

Riyadh: Saudi air defences intercepted a missile fired by Iran-backed Al Houthi militants at the kingdom's southern city of Jizan late Thursday, the Saudi-led coalition said, the latest in a series of such attacks. “The missile was fired at Jizan indiscriminately with the aim of hitting civilian areas,” a coalition ...
... indiscriminately with the aim of hitting civilian areas,” a coalition spokesman told the official Saudi Press Agency. “It was successfully intercepted... and the debris fell on a residential neighborhood... but no casualties or damage was reported.” The missile was launched from Sadaa, the coalition added.
Al-Othila said in a statement to Al Arabiya's correspondent that the Houthis in Sadaa have pushed women and children to the frontlines, after they recruited men and children following an increasing pressure by Yemen's army and the coalition forces. A lot of progress has been achieved in various fronts, ...
Coalition: air defense missile fired at coalition jetfighter from Sadaa Airport. 22/03/2018 LOC01:41 22:41 GMT. JEDDAH, March 21 (KUNA) -- The Saudi-led coalition for supporting legitimacy in Yemen announced Wednesday that one of its jetfighters was targeted by an air-defense missile from Saada Airport in northern ...

This Saturday, March 24, the YWCA in conjunction with the Students Against Domestic Abuse Association (SADAA) will be hosting the first ever Walk ... “This is more of a fun and non-traditional way of getting the word out about the issue of domestic abuse,” said Fariha Khaliq, Director of Events for SADAA.
The gala dinner was held at Paris' George V with the luminaries of French cinema attending, including Cannes Film Festival head Thierry Fremaux, Culture Minister Francoise Nyssen and CanalPlus CEO Maxime Sadaa. Nyssen gave an impassioned speech in which she called for gender equality and the ...
The missile was reportedly fired from Yemen's Sadaa governorate, a Houthi stronghold in the north of the country. The missile would have traveled over 800 km, an unprecedented range for Yemen's pre-war stockpile, which strengthens the claim of Iranian support. The Saudi-led coalition confirmed the ...
By Justin Schellenberg, November 28 2017 — The Students' Against Domestic Abuse Association (SADAA) held their second annual Road 2 Resilience conference in That Empty Space on Nov. 23. “The conference is the first event of its kind here at the university,” said Tina Guo, founder and co-executive ...

“The conference is the first event of its kind here at the university,” said Tina Guo, founder and co-executive of the SADAA. “The objective is to provide students and participants with a very holistic and comprehensive understanding of domestic abuse, its complexities, its manifestations and then also to ...
In the latest episode of Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Season 2, Dev tries to avoid calls from the radio station. He is not sure who will handle the kids in his absence. Ishwari picks up the call on his behalf and lays conditions for Dev's presence on the show. They agree to everything. Dev thanks Ishwari for ...
Hoping great luck, this 33-year old actress recently started promoting her name as Sadaa Syed, adding her surname to the name. Her PR team is busy sending feelers to include the actress' name in a new way. Actually, the real name of Sadaa is Sadaf Mohammed Syed, and there is no wrong in tagging ...
A missile launched from Sadaa, the Huthis' stronghold in northern Yemen, "towards Riyadh was successfully intercepted" by Saudi air defenses, said Colonel Turki al-Malki, spokesman for a Saudi-led coalition fighting the Huthis. The announcement came after an AFP journalist witnessed explosions and ...
"An Iranian ballistic missile launched from Sadaa towards Riyadh was successfully intercepted by Saudi Air Defence earlier today," Colonel Turki al Malki, spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthis, said. He said Saudi forces also intercepted two missiles in the southern Jizan and Najran ...
A missile was launched from Sadaa, the stronghold of Iran-backed Huthi rebels in northern Yemen, the coalition added. The attack was claimed by the rebels via their news outlet Al-Masirah. The strike comes after Saudi forces on Wednesday said they intercepted rebel ballistic missiles fired at Riyadh and ...
SADAA, Apr. 20 (Saba) – The US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched six missiles on differences places in Sadaa, a secretary official told Saba on Friday. ... The source added that the warplanes launched a missile on Shapan area in Razah directorate, a ride on Qaza area in the north of Sadaa.


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