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updated Wed. January 3, 2024

In 2006, Manuel Zelaya came to the Government of Honduras. ... Cuba, was able to recognize the importance of the revised position of the Honduran Government and the urgency to support the brave position of the Zelaya Government in this new political context, as it began to confront the groups of power.

On 4 May 2015, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights signed an agreement with the Government of Honduras to establish a country office. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Honduras monitors the situation of human rights and provides ...
“The Honduran government targets the Hondurans; they're very hard on the Hondurans. "They know who Karen is … there have been defamation campaigns against her sent out by the regime,” she said. “So yes, I'm very worried about her. I worry about her all the time. When she doesn't call me during the ...
"These extraordinary reductions did not happen by chance," the think tank says. "They are the Honduran government's commendable efforts to systematically eradicate criminal cells, reduce judicial impunity and act against gang crimes other than homicides, as well as restoring order to the prison system." ...
The report urges the Honduran Government to engage in a participatory national dialogue on reforms to promote development, human rights and reconciliation. “The already fragile human rights situation in Honduras, which suffers from high levels of violence and insecurity, is likely to deteriorate further ...
This year, however, following what the Mexico's Citizens' Council for Public Security describes as “a commendable effort by the Honduran government to systematically eradicate criminal groups”, San Pedro Sula dropped 23 places to 26th (51.18) and Tegucigalpa fell all the way to 35th (48.00), meaning ...
The panel was created at the request of the late activist's family and the organization she co-founded, the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), after both raised concerns about the legitimacy of the Honduran government's investigation. CNN has reached out to the ...
The UN Department of Political Affairs (DPA) deployed, at the request of the Honduran Government, an exploratory mission to Honduras from 6 to 10 ... for Human Rights in Honduras is available to support the follow-up to the recommendations in this area, in cooperation with the Government of Honduras.
The former Maccih director, Juan Jimenez Mayor stepped down last week over differences with OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro and the Honduran government under Juan Orlando Hernandez. The U.S. embassy office in Honduras, headed by Ambassador Heide Fulton says "the United States along ...


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