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updated Fri. December 15, 2023

The current Honduran political crisis has been developing since June of 2009 when there was a military coup that removed then president Manuel Zelaya. The country has experienced weakened democratic processes, increasing human rights violations and ongoing militarization in the intervening years.
The report, “Human Rights Violations in the Context of the 2017 Honduran Elections,” published on March 12, outlines how the parameters of the state ... 26, the Center for Justice and International Law and the Coalition Against Impunity in Honduras, made up of 58 civil society organizations, denounced the ...

I myself spent four months in Honduras in the aftermath of the coup—or the “presidential succession,” as the Honduran right wing dubbed it—and was thus able to witness the total impunity with which state security forces operated. While anti-coup protests were overwhelmingly and almost exasperatingly ...
One clear example is the US support for the 2009 coup in Honduras, which has since seen the country become the murder capital of the world for social and environmental activists. The US even recently intervened during the Honduran elections in December, recognising the pro-US candidate as President ...
The U.S. did all this while being in full knowledge that what was unfolding in Honduras was a coup. By July 24, 2009, less than a month after the coup, the White House, Clinton and many others were in receipt of a cable called “Open and Shut: the Case of the Honduran Coup” that was sent from the U.S. ...

The mainstream media long ago abrogated its responsibility of accurately informing the public on U.S. foreign policy. Instead, it appears the media view their role as building support for whatever our political or military leaders are selling. For example, the George W. Bush administration and the leading ...
UN Experts on Torture Denounce Mexico, Honduras over Abuses ... Melzer said he was extremely concerned about the torture and other ill-treatment practices in Turkey which significantly increased after the 2016 failed coup, especially against journalists and human rights defenders. Michel Forst ...

In an interview in late January with Radio Progreso, a former Honduran army captain, Santos Orellana Rodriguez, said that Honduras' military intelligence is ... The concentration of executive power over public institutions since the 2009 coup, she said, has enabled the government to disguise injustices in ...
Honduran opposition gathered in protest the visit of US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on February 27. ... The attempt by Zelaya to rewrite Honduras' constitution through a public national referendum in 2009 concluded with a coup d'etat after several institutions, including the Supreme Court of Justice, ...
Berta Zuniga Caceres: 'It's not about elections – the Honduran people reject the policies of plundering, death and violence of the state' ... beginning to carry out the project to re-found Honduras, a project created shortly before the 2009 coup d'etat — nevertheless, it continued to be upheld and developed.
Police arrested the wife of former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo on Wednesday on corruption charges including siphoning funds from social works programs for the poor, officials said. ... Lobo was elected in late 2009 after a military coup ousted then-President Manuel Zelaya, and he served until 2014.
The attempt by former President Manuel Zelaya to rewrite Honduras' Constitution through a public national referendum in 2009 concluded with a coup d'etat after several institutions, including the Supreme Court of Justice, declared the referendum illegal. The Coalition and CEJIL also denounced state ...
... that history always repeats itself: the coup against president Manuel Zelaya in 2009 as tragedy and the electoral fraud of 2017 as farce. On June 28, 2009, masked military personnel captured Zelaya in pyjamas and deported him illegally to Costa Rica, after a stop-off at a joint US-Honduran military base.
... and stands accused across the Americas of being a CIA operative because of involvement in coups and counter-insurgency operations including the 2002 coup in Venezuela and the 2009 coup in Honduras. Just days before the election Reich was quoted on the front pages of the Honduran mainstream ...


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