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updated Sun. December 24, 2023

HIGHLIGHTS: Thousands of IDPs are fleeing west Mosul daily, with 287,250 currently displaced since the onset of the military offensive on 17 October 2016. Access to safety is increasingly becoming more challenging for IDPs fleeing areas that remain under the control of extremist groups. For those who ...

“Three suicide bombers in a car bomb stormed the gate to Qadisyah neighborhood, 45 km south of the city center.” Al-Musawi added. Five of the dead were policemen and the other two were civilians. “Our policemen stopped the attack from achieving its goals,” the police spokesman said. “The situation is ...
“We are in Zahra and we are making our way to Qadisyah 1,” said Saadi. “ISIS militants can't resist like they did before,” he added, downplaying the ISIS strength. Friday marked the 33rd day of the Iraqi army operation to retake Mosul from ISIS. Coalition and Kurdish Peshmerga forces have also contributed ...
Together they carried out a variety of missions-reconnaissance operations in Al Qadasiyah, patroling in Diwaniyah, meeting with a local sheik in Afak. While they were stationed in Iraq, Posha and Sutra, who hails from Worcester, Massachusetts, were featured in an article, about handlers and their dogs.
South of the capital, a member of the militant arm of Iraq's largest Shiite party was elected governor of Qadasiyah province after his predecessor was killed ... displayed his identification cards, including a badge giving him access to Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, the site of the Iraqi government and ...
US forces in Iraq have taken into custody another of the Pentagon's top-55 most-wanted officials from toppled president Saddam Hussein's government. Muhsin Khadr al-Khafaji, identified as the former Ba'ath Party chairman and commander of the Ba'ath militia in the Qadasiyah governorate, was ...


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