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updated Sun. February 4, 2024

However, in times of escalation, the funds will be allocated immediately from local and North Ossetian criminal groupings that are in reality backed by Kokoiti and the government of North Ossetia. To sum it up, the opposite side is experienced and skillful and Georgia's new authority will envisage such ...

Following the tragedy, the North Ossetian government suspended the refugees' return from Ingushetia. Beslan was a critical moment for Ingush-Ossetian relations. The Russian media have repeatedly linked the tragic events to the 1992 conflict, representing them as a vendetta on the part of the angry ...
One of Russia's smallest regions, mountainous North Ossetia has fallen prey to the spillover from the violent unrest that plagues its neighbours in the volatile North Caucasus. This was starkly illustrated in September 2004, when armed attackers stormed a school in the town of Beslan. In the violent end to ...
North Ossetia is having the 10th commemoration of victims of the Kolka Glacier, Interfax-South reports. North Ossetian Leader Taymuraz Mamsurov, Speaker of Parliament Larisa Khabitsova, members of North Ossetian government and parliament, municipalities and activities of public organizations are ...
Interfax quoted North Ossetian government spokesman Lev Dzugayev as saying the toll stood at 338. More than 540 people were wounded — mostly children. Medical officials said 423 people remained hospitalized Sunday, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported. Emergency Situations Minister Boris ...
North Ossetia government spokesman Lev Dzugayev told CNN that 323 hostages, including 156 children, died in the siege in the southern town. In addition, 26 hostage-takers -- including 10 people from Arab countries -- and at least 10 Russian Special Forces troops died. Chechens have been affiliated ...
Taymuraz Tuskayev, Chairman of the Government of North Ossetia, who visited the plant regularly in 2017, said that stopping lead production at Electrozinc ... At the end of 2017, Electrozinc held a joint press conference with the Chairman of the North Ossetian Government, Taymuraz Tuskayev, and the ...


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