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updated Sat. June 1, 2024

Mogadishu - The Government of Somalia, the European Union (EU) and IOM, the UN Migration Agency last week (15/03) launched a project to help approximately 1,000 Somali migrants reintegrate, once they have returned home following being stranded in another country. The EU-funded "Reintegration ...
MOGADISHU, Somalia -The third intelligence and information sharing conference, aimed at forging closer working ties between various intelligence actors in Somalia, opened in ... They include intelligence officers drawn from AMISOM's sectors, Somali security forces and key international security partners.

A sixteen-year-old boy has rejected an appointed role as the deputy commissioner of a regional state in Somalia because of security fears. Faysal Abdullahi Omar was to take up the role in Jowhar, the headquarters of the south-eastern state of Hirshabelle. The high school student told the BBC that he ...
Tensions between Somalia's Federal Government (FGS) and Somaliland's government have come to a head over a tripartite revenue-sharing agreement among the Republic of Somaliland, the Dubai-based company DP World, and the Ethiopian government, based on DP World's management of a port in ...
Clashes in central Somalia between Somali army troops and al-Shabab militants have left at least 12 people dead, witnesses say. The clashes ... Resident Dahir Muse Osoble told VOA Somali that government soldiers backing cattle herders engaged in more than six hours of battle with the militants.
The Government of Somalia has declared that all contracts with DP World are “null and void” following controversy surrounding the country's Port of Berbera. Nearly all 170 members of the Somali parliament voted in favour of the motion, declaring that a recent agreement to sell a 19% stake in the Berbera ...

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has for the first admitted corruption in his one-year-old Federal Government in Mogadishu, Garowe Online reports. Speaking at the opening of the third session of the country's Parliament in Mogadishu on Saturday, President ...
In the period that followed, Somalia was engulfed in violence. A new threat – the Al Qaida-aligned Al Shabab militant group – popped up, and AMISOM began operations in the country in February 2007. In 2012, a new internationally-backed government was installed, but despite help from relentless US ...
Somalia's president is trying to force Al-Shabaab to negotiate a political settlement with his government, the commander of US forces in Africa said on Tuesday. ... He said Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, popularly known as Farmajo, is aiming to "beat back Al-Shabaab to the point where ...
Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi has described Somalia's rejection of a port deal the former signed with Ethiopia and DP World, as a 'declaration of ... The Somali government recently declared the tripartite agreement signed over the management of the Berbera port in Somaliland as 'null and void' ...
In support of The Federal Government of Somalia, the United Kingdom and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) ... international organizations and non-governmental organizations committed to ensuring support for the humanitarian situation in Somalia for 2018.
Somali's Minister for Justice, Hassan Hussein Haji reiterated Somalia's reliance on Kenya to rebuild its systems when he paid a courtesy call on outgoing Attorney General Githu Muigai Tuesday morning. “As we rebuild our systems, we remain indebted to the Kenyan Government for the role it has played in ...
The returnees who were captured by Indian navy off the Somalia coast about seven years ago for suspected piracy activities have greatly thanked Somali government for their release. In the past few months, the Somali government has secured the release of scores of Somali nationals held in overseas jails ...
The government of Somalia has rejected the agreement signed between Ethiopia, Somaliland and United Arab Emirates (UAE) logistics company DP ... But when Ali returned from the UAE, he told journalists that the Somali government was neither consulted nor involved in the Berbera Port Agreement.
Contributing states of the African Union Peace mission to Somalia (AMISOM) are concerned about insecurity following the decision to gradually withdraw troops from Somalia and begin the handing over ... AMISOM has been helping the Somali government in battling militant group al-shaabab since 2007.
Access to water is a basic human need, and achieving full coverage remains a challenge in many areas of Somalia. For this reason, and in view of the persistent drought across the Horn of Africa region, there is need for the Somali government, humanitarian and development partners to work together ...
In this context, the challenges Ethiopia's latest port deal pose to the Somali leadership are more than minor annoyances. ... The United Arab Emirates in particular has worked directly with Somali sub-states such as Somaliland to undermine Somalia's central government and has reportedly even offered ...

The countries reaffirmed their commitment to continue to assist the federal government of Somalia in its stabilization effort, but they warned that the planned AMISOM drawdown would endanger hard-fought gains ... Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has pledged to rebuild the national army.
MOGADISHU, Somalia - The Federal Government of Somalia has declared that Berbera Port deal signed between Somaliland and UAE's DP World illegal and detrimental to the sovereignty of the ... The controversial deal was inked while Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire was in the UAE for a two-day visit.
He found that although the 500 U.S. troops there are effectively disrupting the extremist group al Shabaab, he said, the Somali government is still struggling to hold territory, even with the help of international partners. “Our doctrine is…to disrupt, clear, hold. We're finding it difficult to hold,” the Rhode Island senator said.
Al-Shabab militants in Somalia have shot and killed nine donkeys they said were transporting goods to a government-controlled area in the Bakool region. A security source told VOA Somali the militants seized the donkey carts early Wednesday near the village of Elboon, 15 kilometers west of Wajid.
The pledge was made by the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, and the Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation, Abdi Mohamed Sabriye, at a joint press briefing in Mogadishu on Tuesday.
And there is a situation where the Somali government doesn't have the confidence of its people. And ironically, al-Shabab is operating outside of Mogadishu, but they're effectively collecting taxes. They're adjudicating local disputes. They have a legitimacy in some places that the government doesn't have.
Mogadishu, 27 February 2018 - The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and the Somali government have pledged to complement each other in the fight against the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. The announcement comes four days after a twin bomb attack in the capital, Mogadishu, killed at least 50 ...
Earlier this week in Libya, a truck packed with more than 200 illegal migrants, mainly from Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan, overturned near Bani Walid, killing 19 ... Mariam Yassin, special envoy for migrants and children's rights of Somalia, was among the delegation sent by the Somali government to Libya this ...


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