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updated Sun. July 31, 2022

President Jimmy Carter decided to end the programme, while Admiral Stansfield Turner purged the CIA. International public opinion has retained that for almost thirty years, the United States was a crypto-dictatorship under which hundreds of thousands of citizens were forbidden professional activity, and ...

Soon after Stansfield Turner became President Carter's CIA director in 1977 he faced an acute dilemma. An agent seeking to penetrate a terrorist organisation had to kill a member of a foreign government to prove himself. Turner, asked for his approval, replied: “No. We pull him out.” He later explained: “I ...
Former CIA director and retired Adm. Stansfield Turner passed away last week at 94. Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin offered this remembrance. Stansfield Turner arrived at CIA in March 1977 at a tumultuous time — the nation was still shaking off Watergate and the Nixon resignation, and it had ...
An obituary on Friday about Stansfield Turner, who ran the Central Intelligence Agency under President Jimmy Carter, referred incorrectly to part of his education. He received a single degree in politics, philosophy and economics from Oxford University — not separate degrees in each subject. Errors are ...
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Stansfield Turner, who led the Central Intelligence Agency through four tumultuous years under President Jimmy Carter, starting small covert actions against international communism that grew into some of the biggest battles of the Cold War, died on Thursday at his home in Redmond, Wash. He was 94.
This swanky event might have been intended to overshadow a more grim autumn memory at the Agency - 1977's “Halloween Massacre.” No deaths, but then-director Stansfield Turner (same DCI throwing the bash) abruptly fired about 200 employees. Apple-bobbing beats a pink slip any day of the week.
A declassified CIA memo on the eve of the 1979 Iranian Revolution shows the Carter Administration scrambling for a basic grasp of the details mere months before the Shah was overthrown. The memo, dated October 30, 1978, describes a meeting a few days prior between the Director of Central ...
It is difficult to exaggerate how thoroughly the gathering of information on the Soviet Union, and especially its military power, has dominated U.S. intelligence operations since the Cold War began. Today, in light of the diminished Soviet military threat to western Europe, the sharp decline in the Soviet economy and the ...


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