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updated Mon. February 13, 2023

The James Webb Space Telescope, originally scheduled to be completed in 2007, now might be ready in 2020. ... that the Clinton administration, which canceled the Superconducting Super Collider that had President Reagan's name attached, was creating its own "too big to fail" black hole for money.
I am old enough to recall the shooting of President Ronald Reagan in March, 1981. For those who weren't around at the time, here's a fact you should know: President Reagan was accompanied by four armed men, all trained to respond to an attack on the commander in chief and dedicated to take a bullet ...

The Pegasus XL rocket with ICON was expected to launch from its carrier aircraft over the Pacific Ocean near the Reagan Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll in the ... An Ariane 5 rocket is set to launch next year with the James Webb Space Telescope, a joint U.S.-European-Canadian observatory valued at ...
The U.S. Navy is investigating a number of Japan-based sailors over allegedly using and distributing drugs. A spokesperson for the U.S. Seventh Fleet confirmed Sunday that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service was conducting the probe into sailors based in Yokosuka, where the USS Ronald Reagan ...
No Republican president in modern history accomplished more during his first year in the Oval Office than Ronald Reagan. Even so, President Reagan faced a hard road in his second year and a tough midterm election. Though the two men differ in almost every way, President Donald Trump faces a ...
Growing up, when your birthday rolled around and grandpa handed you a card stuffed with this year's crisp, cool Treasury Bond, you were probably bummed — but doing an important civic duty. Those little slips of paper literally keep the government running. Turns out that when the government "borrows" ...

Despite Reagan's significant accomplishments, democrats nicknamed him "President Bozo" and "the president from Disneyland," marginalizing him as if he were some cartoon character rather than the proven leader who had already served as a successful two-term governor of California, the fifth largest ...
The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) staffing is now lower than it was in former President Reagan's final year in office. An EPA spokeswoman said Tuesday that, as of Jan. 3, the agency had 14,162 employees, down from about 15,000 at the beginning of last year. That's even lower than the 14,400 ...
Senate Democrats on Thursday tweeted out a quote from former President Reagan about the importance of bipartisan debate, as Republicans seek to push through a tax bill this week. “A great national debate now begins. It should not be a partisan debate, for the authors of tax reform come from both ...
Eleven years and two months ago United States Senator George Allen of Virginia was a runaway favorite to win reelection in his race against Democrat James Webb. Then he had a “macaca” moment. During an August 2006 campaign stop near the Kentucky border, Allen noted to a crowd of his supporters ...

With the startling, positive outreach to the congressional Democratic leadership to forge an agreement on short-term funding of the government to avert a shutdown, increasing the debt ceiling and funding Hurricane Harvey relief, followed by further efforts to enlist Democrats on immigration reform and tax ...
Williams had tactical control of the fleet's cruisers, destroyers, Carrier Air Wing 5 and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, while Bennett oversaw destroyers assigned to the 7th Fleet. “Both reliefs were due to a loss of confidence in their ability to command,” the statement said. Rear Adm. Marc Dalton, ...
The Senate confirmed a slate of eight Pentagon nominees late Tuesday, including investment banker Richard Spencer to be Navy secretary. The confirmation of Spencer, a former Marine Corps pilot who breezed through his confirmation hearing last month, means only the Army awaits a Senate-confirmed ...
In 1984, President Ronald Reagan appointed Jim as the assistant secretary of defense for reserve affairs. Less than three years later, President Reagan nominated Jim to be secretary of the Navy, the first Naval Academy graduate and combat veteran to hold that position. In 2006, against all odds, and nine ...
After former Navy Secretary and U.S. Sen. James Webb declined a Naval Academy Alumni Association award that would have been presented Friday, a female academy graduate who had opposed giving Webb the honor said she was "absolutely stunned that he did the right thing." We're not. Webb's long ...
Reagan's second Navy Secretary was future Senator and presidential candidate James Webb (1987-1988). He was previously Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs (1984-1987) and counsel to the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs (1977-1981). A Marine veteran of Vietnam, he earned the ...
Nasa administrator Charles Bolden announced that the agency had finished construction earlier this week on the James Webb Space Telescope, an $8.8bn giant whose 18 gold-coated, hexagonal plates that span the length of a tennis court and which, from bottom to top, is as tall as a three-storey building.


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