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British undersecretary of state Douglas Dodds-Parker chided Makins, by now the latest in a string of highly popular postwar ambassadors to Washington, that ...... William R. Tyler to George Ball, February 3, 1964, National Security File, Country File, Europe, Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, Austin, TX (hereinafter ...

Beyond loyalty, McNamara persuaded himself — as did other internal skeptics such as Undersecretary of State George Ball — that he could better influence policy by staying put. Moreover, he wasn't absolutely sure in his bleak diagnosis. Maybe, just maybe, things would turn out well after all, or at least ...
And the meeting ended on a discordant note when, as the participants were filing out, the former undersecretary of state George Ball (a lone voice against the bombing campaign) snapped at his colleagues: “I've been watching you across the table. You're like a flock of buzzards sitting on a fence, sending ...
It has such a fascinating history.” Mr. Butler, whose accomplishments included convincing tycoon Andrew Carnegie to pay for the construction of Lake Carnegie and founding what is now the Art Students League of New York, isn't the only notable to have lived in the house. George Ball, the under secretary ...
On this day in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson culminated a weeklong series of meetings with his top diplomatic, intelligence and military advisers in the White House Cabinet Room about how to deal with the deteriorating situation in Vietnam. Administration hawks, led by Defense Secretary Robert ...
After they managed to get the senator into a side office, Katzenbach put in a panicked call to George Ball, a Kennedy friend who had resigned his State Department position as undersecretary four months before. “From the sound of Nick's voice, I gathered what had happened,” Ball related to me in ...
“Once on the tiger's back,” warned Undersecretary of State George Ball about U.S. intervention in Vietnam, “we cannot be sure of picking the place to dismount.” America's recent big wars—in Afghanistan and Iraq—were supposed to be speedy regime change operations, but both turned into costly and ...
... Kennedy's contribution to saving the peace has often been exaggerated, and that the successful management of the missile crisis should be viewed more as a collaborative effort with various officials, such as Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Undersecretary of State George Ball, making vital contributions.
A skeptical George Ball, the undersecretary of state, advised against following such a course. But McNamara urged the president to “expand promptly and substantially” the U.S. military presence. LBJ, fearful of “losing” Vietnam to the communists, authorized committing a total of 44 U.S. battalions to the ...
Inside the administration, Undersecretary of State George Ball also made the case for restraint. The war, they said, would have to be limited in scope. The job, therefore, couldn't be finished which would mean an open-ended commitment. Communist China made it clear that it would not permit an invasion ...


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