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1983-1986 - Senior military assistant to Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. 1986-1987 - Is assigned to US Fifth Corps in Frankfurt, Germany. November 1987-January 1989 - National Security Adviser to President Ronald Reagan. 1989-1994 - Commander-in-chief of the Forces Command at Ft.
Ronald W. Reagan; George H. W. Bush; future president, Edwin Meese; Counselor to the President, Caspar Weinberger; Secretary of Defense, James Baker; Chief of Staff, John Poindexter; National Security Council staffer, David Gergen; Assistant for Communications, George Shultz; Secretary of State.

He did so in the face of opposition of many in own government, such as Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. But Reagan wasn't able to follow through on the idea, in part because he couldn't reconcile it with other policy preferences, like his support for the Strategic Defense Initiative. But the larger ...
In 1992, Lawrence Walsh nearly got Caspar Weinberger, Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Defense, for perjury and obstruction of justice. Special Counsel Ken Starr almost got Bill Clinton in an investigation that began with the White House travel office and eventually wound up being about perjury in the ...
Under Ronald Reagan, two fine men, Caspar Weinberger at Defense and George Shultz at State were often at odds. Their intransigence continually frustrated efforts to forge effective policies. Trump, by contrast, has assembled a talented team of independent, confident leaders who have managed to “storm ...

Tuesday is a cause for celebration for anyone who grew up not being able to find his or her name on a mug, pre-made key chain or license plate in a souvenir shop: It's Unique Names Day. Launched by a guy named Jerry, this annual commemoration is an opportunity to salute friends, loved ones and ...
In the early 1980s I had the good fortune to attend a function where Jane Weinberger (wife of Caspar Weinberger who was Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration) was the speaker. In a down to earth, relaxed manner, she regaled us with tales of living and working in Washington DC.

Several decades ago, former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger noted, “Deterrence is a dynamic effort, not a static one. In order to continue to deter successfully, our capabilities must change as the threat changes and as our knowledge of what is necessary to deter improves.” The 2018 Nuclear ...
Although several Reagan officials, such as Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, had opposed the plan, they were outflanked by McFarlane as well as CIA Director William Casey. The news contradicted the president's insistence that he would never negotiate with terrorists. Reagan defeated President ...
Walsh issued his final indictment—of Reagan's Defense secretary, Caspar Weinberger—in late 1992, although the case never went to trial since President George H.W. Bush pardoned Weinberger and several others just before leaving office. Walsh completed his final report on August 4, 1993, more than ...
On Christmas Eve of 1992, Bush, having won the election, issued six pardons to the remaining participants who had either been convicted or, like former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, were still awaiting trial. In Poindexter's hometown of Odon, Indiana, a street was renamed for him. Bill Breeden, a ...


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