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updated Sun. May 19, 2024

A new poll from Talk Business finds that Governor Hutchinson has a substantial lead over Jan Morgan, the hog-riding, Muslim-banning, gun-toting, airbrushing, RINO-busting gadfly from Hot Springs. In the survey of likely Republican party primary voters in the state, 57.5 percent are backing Hutchinson, ...
On Sunday ( April 22), Talk Business and Politics will reveal new poll numbers in the race between incumbent Asa Hutchinson and challenger Jan Morgan. Hutchinson has faced harsh criticism from Morgan -- who accuses him of not living up to campaign promises he made to conservative voters.

Prior to moving to D.C. to take the CMS position last summer, Ritchie, an Arkansas native, had worked for Gov. Asa Hutchinson, first as deputy legal counsel and then as a senior policy advisor, working on agriculture, energy, environment and transportation. He also served as the regulatory attorney.
“The Wind Catcher Project helps the city of Fayetteville take a huge step towards our 100 percent clean energy goals and reducing carbon emissions,” said Fayetteville Mayor Lioneld Jordan, adding, “Fayetteville is committed to working with leaders of other cities, states, universities and businesses to ...
In their state Senate race, Democrat Steven McNeely of Jacksonville and Republican Ricky Hill of Cabot disagree over Gov. Asa Hutchinson's plan to cut the state's top individual income tax rate and over the Legislature's proposed constitutional amendment that would limit certain awards for damages in ...
Arkansas Governor - Asa Hutchinson - in Mountainburg, which just 48 hours ago was touched by an E-F 2 tornado. 160 structures were destroyed. 4 people were transported to the hospital but no fatalities. Figures that Hutchinson owes to being prepared. "The warning system worked well," Governor Asa ...

The state's sales tax exemptions for agricultural and manufacturing inputs and the state income tax exemption for Texarkana are justified, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Friday. "They are in my judgment worthy of continuation because they are supported by a rational basis, and it helps move our economy ...
The general election may be several months away but a new poll shows incumbent Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson with a commanding lead over a Democratic opponent this fall. According to the Mason Dixon poll released Friday morning, Hutchinson leads Democrat Jared Henderson by a 63% to 24% ...
Asa Hutchinson warned against Republican Party complacency, while also touting his administration's achievements during a supper Thursday night at Southern Arkansas University. He was the featured speaker for the Columbia County Republican Party's Lincoln Day Supper. About 250 people attended ...
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- Governor Asa Hutchinson, apparently on board with President Donald Trump's fight against illegal immigration, as the governor offers to send Arkansas National Guardsmen to help border patrol agents on the U.S.-Mexico border. Major William Phillips with the Arkansas National Guard says ...
As part of his Computer Science Tour of Arkansas Schools, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Arkansas is leading the nation in computer science education. Hutchinson spoke to El Dorado School District students of all ages involved in computer science classes Wednesday at the high school. State Rep. Matthew ...
Gov. Kim Reynolds, from left, answers a question as Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and moderator Ryan Wise of the Iowa Department of Education participate in an Iowa Future Ready Summit on Tuesday in Des Moines. Stephen Mally, The Gazette. Facebook · Twitter ...
Asa Hutchinson cited the "lasting influence of Neil's college accounting teacher, H.B. Foster Bowdon." [DOCUMENT: Read governor's letter on donation]. In Griffin, Hutchinson said, the state is "proud to have someone who never forgot his roots or the place and people who played an essential role in his life.
Governor Asa Hutchinson arrived at Heber Springs High School at around 1:00 P.M. on Thursday. Hutchinson has been the 46th Governor of Arkansas since 2015. He previously was Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration and served as the First Undersecretary of The Department of Homeland ...
Asa Hutchinson in his bid for re-election against Republican primary challenger Jan Morgan. (KATV Photo). AA. LITTLE ROCK (TALK BUSINESS & POLITICS) -- Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin on Tuesday (April 3) endorsed Gov. Asa Hutchinson in his bid for re-election against Republican primary challenger Jan Morgan. “I'm going to ...
Arkansas is at an all-time low in workplace fatalities and injuries, according to Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who on Monday touted the state's efforts to make workplaces safer. The governor announced Monday that workers' compensation insurance rates down 15.4 percent. State officials are now hoping this announcement will ...
Asa Hutchinson announced a reduction of the cost of worker's compensation insurance for Arkansas employers and a new economic development initiative for the state. The workers' compensation cost is being reduced 15.4 percent for the voluntary market and 14.9 percent for the assigned-risk pool, ...

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has named Jonesboro businessman Steve Cox, a former Razorback and NFL kicker, to a 10-year term on the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees. He succeeds Ben Hyneman of Jonesboro, whose term expired. From the release: “Steve has been a testament to the excellence of ...
When Gov. Asa Hutchinson opened his news conference Thursday on a plan to reorganize state government, he related a visit to a class at the University of Arkansas that had developed an organizational chart of state government. It stretched from one end of the room to the other, he said, illustrating the ...
Governor Asa Hutchinson has announced a new plan to consolidate state government, reducing state departments by more than 50%. (KATV). AA. Little Rock (KATV) —. Governor Asa Hutchinson has announced a new plan to consolidate state government, reducing state departments by more than 50 percent. Hutchinson ...
LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KARK) - Gov. Asa Hutchinson dropped a hammer on Thursday, asking lawmakers to shrink the number of state agencies under his authority from 42 to less than 20. The move amounts to a 50 percent drop. "First of all, I need this as a management tool," Hutchinson says. Hutchinson ...
Gov. Asa Hutchinson will make an announcement and hold a media availability in the Governor's Conference Room at 11 a.m. Thursday. No hint of topic . My theory: 1) Politics. He's in a primary campaign remember. He'll announce something big — or big sounding — that he believes will play well in the ...
Asa Hutchinson said Friday he plans to call a special session that will begin Tuesday to take up the issues. Hutchinson says he'll formally call the special session on Monday, the same day lawmakers plan to formally adjourn this year's fiscal session. Hutchinson's office did not announce all of the issues Hutchinson plans to ...
Gov. Asa Hutchinson's office says the special legislative session will begin Tuesday. Adjournment of the current budget session will occur Monday afternoon. As yet, no call for the session has been issued. The governor has said highway funding will be one topic. It's certain that the issue of prescription ...
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Arkansas governor has issued disaster declarations for 14 counties following severe storms, flooding and tornadoes that began late last month. Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Friday declared the disasters citing damage to private property and public facilities from the storms and ...
Gov. Asa Hutchinson speaks during a news conference announcing the establishment of a committee to study school safety issues Thursday, March 1, 2018, in Little Rock, Ark. Hutchinson named school officials and people with law enforcement backgrounds to the panel in response to last month's school ...
They think studies on school safety should include parents and students (noticeably lacking on Gov. Asa Hutchinson's recently appointed school task force) and that it also should be comprehensive. That is, it should include gun safety and evidence-based research. Hutchinson made it clear he did NOT ...
We must act now to ensure that our students are safe to learn and that our teachers are safe to teach. I am grateful for the professionals who have agreed to serve on the School Safety Commission. Our children will be safer because of their work. Asa Hutchinson is the 46th governor of the state of Arkansas.
Asa Hutchinson discussed the waiver with HHS Secretary Alex Azar and other top federal health officials in Washington over the weekend. Hutchinson, a Republican who inherited Medicaid expansion from his Democratic predecessor, has steadily sought conservative changes to a program that remains ...
Gov. Asa Hutchinson today signed an executive order to create the Arkansas School Safety Commission, which will produce two reports — the first due Jul. 1 and the second Nov. 30—- to look at mental health, school security plans and how schools partner with local law enforcement. It will NOT look at the ...
(Editor's Note: This is the final column by Gov. Asa Hutchinson until the conclusion of the current gubernatorial campaign in November). Weekly column written for Gov. Asa Hutchinson: Late in 2017, the staff at Family Council decided to find the 10 Arkansas couples who have been married longer than any ...
Arkansas Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson says the prevention of mass shootings like the one in Parkland, Florida, should be the responsibility of states and localities instead of the federal government. Hutchinson told CBS News' "Face the Nation" on Sunday that protecting the nation's schools falls under ...
President Trump this week called for arming and training teachers to confront would-be school shooters in the wake of the killing of 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida. His proposal elicited strong criticism from gun control advocates and Democratic lawmakers, who blasted the idea as unsafe ...
Back in 2013, when Asa Hutchinson fronted an NRA task force that supported more guns in schools, Hutchinson himself took very specific pains to distance himself from the notion that the guns should be carried by teachers. Here's his direct quote in refuting a news article that suggested he'd said that:.
ARKANSAS (KFSM) — Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) addressed lawmakers today during the annual State of the State address. Hutchinson presented a budget plan that would cut the income tax rate for the state's top earners from 6.9 percent to 6 percent. Hutchinson said his plan would set aside $48 ...
The men and women who returned from the Vietnam War faced hostility from many who opposed that conflict. But in the half-century since, our country has attempted to correct that injustice. One of those efforts has been to honor veterans on the 50th anniversary of the year of their service. This recognition ...
Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Monday announced the Competitive Communities Initiative, to ensure communities are prepared to compete for jobs and investments, at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center's auditorium in Little Rock. Earlier Monday, Hutchinson announced a reduction in the amount businesses ...
LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson has added $300,000 to the initial $500,000 he allocated last year to train K-8 teachers to teach computer science, he announced on Tuesday. The money for the K-8 Computer Science Lead Teacher Stipend and Training Program comes from the budget of the ...
This is a well-earned distinction. Agriculture in Arkansas is the Number 1 industry. One out of every six jobs in Arkansas is related to agriculture, and each of our 75 counties produces some sort of crop, livestock or timber. Arkansas consistently ranks in the top 25 in the nation for the production of more than ...
LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas' governor called Monday for increasing a property tax credit that thousands of homeowners receive for their primary residence. Gov. Asa Hutchinson told reporters he'll ask lawmakers next near to increase the state's homestead tax credit from $350 to $375. Hutchinson said the ...
As we approach April 15, also known as Tax Day, I joined a rally in the rotunda here at the capitol for Arkansas Tax Freedom Day, which was an opportunity for me to talk about my vision for reducing our state's income tax rate. In the three years since I took office, we have cut taxes by more than $150 million ...
Asa Hutchinson toured the tornado damage in this Crawford County town on Sunday morning and praised the emergency response. "Y'all have done a great job in responding, and I'm primarily here to thank you for the community pulling together so well," Hutchinson told a small crowd at Mountainburg ...
As Family Council President Jerry Cox noted at the reception, we've only been married half as long a some of the couples we honored at the Mansion. Congratulations to our honorees. Thank you for the example you have set for the rest of us. Asa Hutchinson is the 46th governor of the state of Arkansas.
LITTLE ROCK (KATV) — Governor Asa Hutchinson officially has a Republican challenger for his seat. Jan Morgan, a gun range owner out of Hot Springs, made her way to the Arkansas State Capitol and filed on Monday morning. Morgan tells KATV she's going to work on shrinking the size of government ...
He's not for any meaningful gun safety legislation (oh, maybe some unspecified strengthening of background checks.) But otherwise, zip. And don't go criticizing Donald Trump while Asa Hutchinson is around, as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee did this week. Inslee said at a meeting with Trump and other ...
Asa Hutchinson III, the governor's son, has sued a couple for trying to renege on an agreement to buy his home in Rogers. Don't Miss Out. Real Deals, Whispers and select cover stories are available only to print subscribers. I am a print subscriber. Login to access this story in a digital copy of the print ...


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