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 Alan Greenspan

Alan Greenspan

has served as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System since June 20, 2000, and will complete his fourth four-year term on June 20, 2004.

"Dr. Greenspan also serves as Chairman of the Federal Open Market Committee, the System's principal monetary policymaking body. He originally took office as Chairman and to fill an unexpired term as a member of the Board on August 11, 1987. Dr. Greenspan was reappointed to the Board to a full 14-year term, which began February 1, 1992. He has been designated Chairman by Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George Herbert Walker Bush
, and

William Jefferson Clinton


"Before his appointment to the Board, Dr. Greenspan served as a corporate director for Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa); Automatic Data Processing, Inc.; Capital Cities/ABC, Inc.; General Foods, Inc.; J.P. Morgan & Co., Inc.; Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York;

Mobil Corporation
; and The Pittston Company.

"His noncorporate positions have included Member of the Board of Trustees,

The RAND Corporation
; Director, Institute for International Economics; Member of the Board of Overseers, Hoover Institution (at Stanford University); and Vice Chairman and Trustee, Economic Club of New York.

"Dr. Greenspan has served as Chairman of the Conference of Business Economists, President and Fellow of the National Association of Business Economists, and Director of the National Economists Club.

Alan Greenspan

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updated Fri. December 22, 2023

This stance meant he quickly ran afoul of then-Chairman Alan Greenspan, and Blinder didn't last long at the central bank, but the die was cast. After his stint in Washington, Blinder returned to Princeton University where he has continued to write about public policy. He has written a new book, Advice and ...
Interest rates rocketed higher to start the week and the 10-year Treasury yield is now holding steady at just below 3%. The next jolt to the bond market though might come by the end of the week. This is because on Friday before market open, the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Index, the ...

11 terrorist attacks, and the wave of corporate defaults in the early 2000s, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and the majority of his colleagues pushed the policy interest rate down to 1%. They believed low interest rates were necessary to offset the impact of lower stock prices. Business investment had ...
In 2010, Michael Burry wrote an op-ed for the New York Times arguing that anyone who was paying attention to the global economy from 2005 onwards should have seen the warning signs and excoriating former Fed chair Alan Greenspan for not noticing or warning the market. If ad land doesn't act to ...
Immediately after Bush was inaugurated in 2001, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan testified before the Senate Budget Committee that if current policies remained in place, the budget surplus would reach $800 billion in fiscal year 2011. He also predicted paying off the national debt before 2010.
Alan Greenspan once remarked that "if I seem unduly clear to you, you must have misunderstood what I said". Although the former Federal Reserve chairman's reputation has faded in recent years, central banks should consider adopting some of his famous inscrutability. Since the financial crisis, central ...

The economy was in a deep recession under President George H. Bush, and Alan Greenspan's Fed was doing its best to cut rates and revive economic growth. From 1995 to 2000, Greenspan kept the target rate around 5%, and the S&P 500 tripled. Even though he warned of “irrational exuberance” in ...
Navarro said the economy is experiencing a rerun of the late 1990s, when then-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan was able to hold off hiking interest rates because of faster productivity growth. Asked about the sharp decline in stocks DJIA, -0.50% on Monday, Navarro said the drop “does not comport” with the ...
According to the Connecticut-based portrait painter Robert Alexander Anderson, whose past sitters include former politicians like President George W. Bush, Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, public funding for portraits was capped some ...
According to former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan, we are in the latter stages of a “bond market bubble” that is “about to unwind.” In their book, “Invest with the Fed,” American College CEO Bob Johnson, Gerald Jensen of Creighton University and Luis Garcia-Feijoo of Florida Atlantic University, investigate the ...
In Chris Powell's recent response to my article, he has again done what the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) does best – massage the facts to fit their narrative, writes Avi Gilburt, technical analyst and author of So, while GATA admittedly will be unable to tell you where the market is heading ...
For me, it is worrying that the flattening is all 'front-ended'. It says we are back to Greenspan's conundrum. Then-Fed chairman Alan Greenspan mused aloud on the Fed's inability to get long-dated Treasuries to react to the Fed's rate hike train. Eventually the curve inverted and we went into a recession.
Peter Ginelli writes: Lately we have been seeing the term “stagflation” used in many headlines, by many respected analysts as well as the former and longest serving Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in recent months. Here are just a few samples headlines: “Alan Greenspan says there are ...
Yi Gang, the newly appointed People's Bank of China governor, speaks to media during a press conference in Beijing on Monday. Photo: IC. Related news: New central bank governor will firmly continue reforms: economist. Yi Gang was appointed as head of the People's Bank of China (PBC), the country's ...
Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of China's central bank for more than 15 years, has officially retired from his office, ending an extraordinary long central banking career in which he became known as “China's Alan Greenspan”. Zhou, 70, has been credited for freeing up interest rates at home and earning the ...
Former Federal Reserve Chariman Alan Greenspan told CNBC on Thursday the decadeslong bull market in bond prices is coming to an end. "We are in a bond market bubble" that's beginning to unwind, he said on " Squawk on the Street, " as new Fed Chairman Jerome Powell appeared on Capitol Hill for ...

Former Federal Reserve Chariman Alan Greenspan told CNBC on Thursday the decadeslong bull market in bond prices is coming to an end. "We are in a bond market bubble" that's beginning to unwind, he said on "Squawk on the Street," as new Fed Chairman Jerome Powell appeared on Capitol Hill for ...
Alan Greenspan was not a man for plain speaking. In a television interview in 2007, the former Federal Reserve chairman explained why he had invented Greenspeak, an obtuse language designed to flummox financial markets and politicians on Capitol Hill. “It's a language of purposeful obfuscation to ...
When Janet Yellen first saw Alan Greenspan's "irrational exuberance" proclamation about the stock market, she didn't think it would have much impact, she said Tuesday. After all, it was buried deep in a speech that the former Federal Reserve chair thought would succeed only in putting Greenspan's ...
Former US Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is particularly worried about the productivity piece. For years, he has said that producitvity growth is the key to understanding inflation. And more importantly, he recently warned that low productivity growth is the key difference between the macro ...
Other Facts:Studied music at Juilliard and toured the country playing tenor sax and clarinet with The Henry Jerome Orchestra. Was a close friend of writer Ayn Rand. Timeline:1948-1953 - Works at the National Industrial Conference Board. 1953 - Opens economic consulting firm Townsend-Greenspan & Co. with William ...
Back in the 1990s, traders started referring to the “Greenspan Put,” the notion that the stock market as a whole had the equivalent of a giant put option in the form of the Fed chairman Alan Greenspan. Amid an emerging markets debt crisis in 1998, the Fed cut interest rates to try to guard the United States ...
Since the Alan Greenspan era, whenever markets were rocked by turbulence, investors imagined the Federal Reserve would have their back and, like a good hedge, act as a put to protect against downside. While investors are comfortable with the new Fed chairman, his dedication to getting interest rates ...
It would probably be too much to say that Yellen overtly used gold as a target, as her predecessor Alan Greenspan says he did. But she probably had it in mind. Paul Volcker, head of the Fed in August 1979-August 1987, perhaps had a similar view. To quote Greenspan from 2017: "When I was Chair of the ...


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