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updated Sun. July 17, 2022

Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers called for economic policies and practices that embrace collaboration and accountability. Miami Business School. Visit Us. Miami Business School · Programs. Academic · Apply Now. Get Started · Events. Calendar · Give Back. Show Your Support. Calling ...
Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers called President Donald Trump's attacks on Inc. a “jihad” like what happened in Benito Mussolini's Italy and other totalitarian states. While saying it's fine to give antitrust scrutiny to a large company, Mr. Summers suggested that Mr. Trump is ...

President Donald Trump's tariff threats appear to be doing more harm than good to the United States, former Treasury Secretary and Obama administration economic advisor Larry Summers told CNBC Friday. "This is a policy that's in the 'Stop, or I'll shoot myself in the foot' category," he said on "Power ...
Larry Summers: Tariffs are 'stop or I'll shoot myself in the foot' policy. 2:41 PM ET Fri, 6 April 2018. Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary, discusses CNBC's interview with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on the administration's trade policies. Watch CNBC Live TV ...
Economist Lawrence Summers believes the U.S. is propelling itself toward another recession. One that is weaker, but far longer than the Great Recession a decade past. Summers has become an outspoken expert on the economy and an adversary to policies the Donald Trump administration says will ...
A few weeks ago, I got a direct message on Twitter from one Larry Summers. Yes, the Larry Summers, if that nasty little aquafresh checkmark beside @LHSummers was to be believed. Larry Summers of Harvard. Larry Summers of the World Bank. Larry Summers of the Treasury Department, for the love of ...

When I heard it was Larry Summers joining the board I was astounded. Here was a former Treasury Secretary under President Clinton and former head of the National Economic Council under President Obama believing our industry was going places. Keep in mind this was back in 2012. LendingClub was ...
Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers is resigning from LendingClub's board of directors, the company announced Wednesday. The Silicon Valley lender did not give an explanation for Summers' decision to step down. It said that he will depart after the firm's annual meeting later this year.
David Greene talks to former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers for his insight. DAVID GREENE, HOST: After the Trump ... GREENE: Larry Summers was at this event. He was treasury secretary under Bill Clinton. ... LARRY SUMMERS: I'm glad to be with you. GREENE: So this is an annual event that ...
Last week, President Donald Trump signed off on a fresh list of tariffs on $60 billion of imports from China, despite strong opposition from the tech and retail industries. Hours later, China retaliated with its own tariff orders on $3 billion of U.S. imports (a response that U.S. commentators deemed “muted”) with ...
Over at Vox, Sean Illing interviews Robert Wuthnow, a Princeton sociologist who has talked to hundreds of people in small towns across the country and recently published The Left Behind: Decline and Rage in Rural America. Why, Illing asks, do small-town folks think that Washington is threatening their ...
Larry Summers, Robert Lawrence Kuhn and Minxin Pei. Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers talks to Christiane Amanpour about the consequences of President Trump threatening to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. Robert Lawrence Kuhn and Minxin Pei discuss Xi Jinping's abolition of Presidential ...
Why has the dollar fallen since January 2017? My answer is an economic turnaround in the rest of the world. Also, the level of the dollar remains rather high. But Larry Summers has a different answer. Many of us started warning in the 1980s that erratic US fiscal and foreign policy would eventually put an ...
Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs plan is "the most irrational economic policy that any president has introduced in the last half century." ...
Larry Summers has opposed President Donald Trump on policy before. But he says the president's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports are something else entirely. "This is really crazy, dumb protectionism," Summers told CNN's Christiane Amanpour in an interview on Monday. Powered by ...
Coming from the Democratic side we wouldn't expect Summers to be singing too many praises but comments all to throw in the current mix. Meanwhile FX pairs oing nowhere in a hurry.GBPUSD 1.3895 EURUSD 1.2217 USDJPY 107.11 AUDUSD 0.7806 (still pinned to large option expiry interest at 0.7800) ...
That's the assessment of former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. With the economy in its ninth year of expansion, even if one were to take a hawkish view of upcoming Federal Reserve tightening, it would be some time before the level of interest rates rates gets high enough to allow them to again be ...

When former Treasury secretary Larry Summers calls it “the Argentinization of U.S. government,” it's not about the future — he's talking about today, with until recently three former generals in key posts in the Trump administration. You know what happens when the generals are in charge, as they used to be ...
Following is the transcript of a CNBC interview with former U.S. treasury secretary Lawrence Summers at the China Development Forum in Beijing. ... Lawrence Summers: I think the risks to the American economy from the steel tariffs are far greater than the risks from the absence of the steel tariffs. MS: And ...
Economist Larry Summers called President Donald Trump's steel tariffs "a bit of a 'Stop, or I'll shoot myself in the foot' kind of strategy." The former Treasury secretary said 40 times as many people work in steel-using industries as work in steel-producing industries, so the tariffs would do more harm than ...
That staggering fact frames a new paper by three Harvard economists — Benjamin Austin, Ed Glaeser, and former Treasury secretary/chief Obama economic adviser Larry Summers — released on Thursday as part of the Brookings Institution's Papers on Economic Activity series. Austin, Glaeser, and ...


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