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updated Sun. March 10, 2024

These are good times to be a socialist. In the not-so-distant past, that moniker was wielded as a slur to decimate a left-leaning political opponent or to besmirch their character. Not so much anymore. The Democratic Socialists of America are seeing swelling membership numbers, and dozens of political ...
Democrats' Universal Job Plan Would Be a Socialist Disaster ... It would be one thing if the nation's leading socialist—and perhaps the most popular Democrat in the country—were the only one interested in creating a state-run workforce to "compete" with the private .... Lots of socialists on my fb timeline.

... and watched what Ducey has termed “political theater” and what state Rep. Maria Syms has decried as a socialist plot. I didn't find any actors, but I did find Dorothy Cloud, a science teacher at Mesquite High School in Gilbert. Cloud has been teaching for 30 years. Her science books are from the 1980s.
A charismatic and militant labor leader, five-time Socialist Party presidential candidate, class-war prisoner jailed by the ostensibly liberal Woodrow Wilson administration for opposing U.S entry into World War 1 and a fiery, moral force in a corrupted era — Eugene Victor Debs was among the greatest orators this nation ever ...
Socialists were also smeared by conservative elements as elite saboteurs. The more radical aspect of Arab communism was its commitment to secularism, and that became the most effective way to delegitimise socialist parties: “communist” became synonymous with “atheist”, and in turn “unbeliever”.
Many in the crowd were members of the Democratic Socialists of America, or D.S.A., a group that has experienced an enormous surge of interest since the election of President Trump, even in conservative states. And Mr. Bynum was one of their own — a socialist who, along with at least 16 others, ...

Skopje. Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Korneliya Ninova and Macedonian Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) Zoran Zaev discussed the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia and the prospects of the Western Balkans for ...
In talking to the Freedom Socialist, Eduardo Carreon, an undocumented student and activist in Los Angeles, repeated this message he has for the movement: “Instead of calling politicians and begging them for a change, start organizing with other workers and fight back.” In 2006, he noted, “a nationalist xenophobic bill (HR ...
Marielle was a young, Black lesbian and socialist activist for the rights of women, Blacks, inhabitants of the favelas and the LGBT community. She devoted her life to systematically speaking out against police and paramilitary repression and focused on describing how state violence attains levels of ethnic ...
Yarra City councillor and Victorian Socialists lead candidate Steve Jolly said: “Labor in Victoria has abandoned the fight against inequality and for real change. It looks to the interests of marginal southern Melbourne electorates and ignores the needs of the north. Only a socialist representative will really ...
Some are calling for a boycott around the #UndiRosak hashtag. This reflects a growing belief that neither the authoritarian ruling National Front (Barisan Nasional) nor the opposition Pact for the Future (Pakatan Harapan) offer real change. Despite expressing sympathy for this view, the Malaysian Socialist ...
The Socialists and Democrats group in the European Parliament on Tuesday chose Udo Bullmann as their new leader. The German received 86 votes, with Belgium's Kathleen Van Brempt getting 61 votes. Bullmann has been a member of the German Social Democrats for decades, and joined the ...
As cities draft incentive packages to lure Amazon's second headquarters (HQ2), a diverse patchwork of foes to the bidding process have emerged. Economists, city council members, socialists, and even the Koch brothers are rallying against state and city leaders who have offered large economic incentives ...
France's much-diminished Socialist party has turned to a moderate leftwinger to try to restore its popularity and end the feuding that nearly destroyed it under President Hollande. Olivier Faure, 49, the Socialist parliamentary leader who is near unknown to the public, became party leader today after ...
Portland Socialists Did Not Endorse Any Candidates in Local Races. Candidates withdrew from consideration after leaders of Portland Democratic Socialists of America recommended against endorsing. ... The most serious challenger to his reelection, Julia DeGraw, identifies as a socialist. But this ...
French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced his departure from the center-left Socialist Party (PS) on Thursday. The announcement came after a number of other senior Socialists had called on the 70-year-old veteran politician to make a choice between President Emmanuel Macron's centrist ...
Some socialists suggest this student movement, just for raising the question of gun regulations, empowers the state or threatens the right to self-defense. Others have criticized the students for failing to get at the “root” of the problem of violence in the United States. Any progressive movement—or movement ...

The UK Labour party is held up in conversations across Europe as the example of bucking the trend: of a collapse in the support and membership of socialist parties. So it is little wonder that not only are socialist activists from throughout the continent looking for advice from momentum about renewing their ...
A number of senior Socialists had called on the 70-year-old political veteran to choose between the opposition benches and the government. Le Drian, who served as defense minister under former Socialist president Francois Hollande before switching his loyalties to Macron, told Cnews television he had ...
“This strike, fought by thousands of young women who worked long hours in New York City's garment factories, is one of the most important struggles in the history of the U.S. working class,” Smith tells Teen Vogue. “Most of the strikers were teenagers and immigrants, with young Jewish socialists playing a ...
French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has quit the Socialist Party after 44 years's membership. He had effectively made his decision when he joined President Emmanuel Macron's government, a symptom of the crisis that hit the former ruling party after its traumatic defeat in last year's elections ...
He describes the Labour right's efforts to drive Bevan and his supporters from the party; and then the Labour right's outrage when the left attempted to do something similar, by deselecting MPs deemed insufficiently socialist during the 70s. To this day, in most academic and media accounts of Labour's ...
Venezuela's socialists systematically destroyed economic freedom, politicized the rule of law, socialized private property and imposed price and currency controls, leading to market distortions and shortages. Venezuela's failure is common to every attempted socialist experiment. Even brutal dictators ...
More recently, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann accused Shorten of plagiarising the “socialist, populist playbook” of British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. And Turnbull railed against “the most anti-business, the most anti-investment, the most anti-jobs policy of any Labor leader since Whitlam”.
Michael Gove and Jeremy Corbyn have more in common than I thought. In the past fortnight both men have railed against EU restrictions on state aid, which in effect prevent politicians from giving free money to companies they like. The environment secretary reckons the rules “have prevented us from ...
During a briefing today Dragomir Stoynev of the Bulgarian Socialist Party claimed that a snap-election might be happening soon in Bulgaria. He believes that the government's shady passing of laws without debates in the Parliament's chamber. Stoynev's concerns were particularly about the newly passed ...
Gun confiscation is the goal of the collectivist one government global socialist. The National Socialists within the Democrat Party want to make any rival political party punished for preventing their push towards globalism. Gun owners are the most law-abiding and honest individuals in our country and simply ...
While socialists may lose sight of the NRA in their focus on root causes, the NRA knows how to recognize the enemy. In a speech after the Parkland shooting, the NRA CEO, Wayne LaPierre repeatedly issued warnings of a tidal wave of socialists and a “socialist agenda” of stripping firearms from citizens.
The pretend socialists who run Canada's pretend socialist party employed every procedural gimmick in their censorious playbook to make sure that resolution didn't make it onto the convention floor during consideration of the NDP's foreign policy agenda, let alone into the constitution which, remember, ...
But Labour, as Tony Benn laconically remarked, “has always had socialists in it”. This observation forms the title of writer and activist Simon Hannah's history of the party's left. Jeremy Corbyn, it is often said, has returned Labour to “its socialist roots”. Yet Hannah notes that from the party's inception in 1900 ...
Does this make Larry Fink a socialist? Hardly. In fact, Fink is one of the world's great capitalists. He cofounded BlackRock in 1988 and has grown it into the world's largest money manager with more than $6 trillion in assets under management. Yet many other fund managers, private equity executives, and ...
In the 20th century the socialists were responsible for two of the most vast prison systems in world history—the concentration camps of the National Socialists, or Nazis, of Germany, and the Siberian gulags of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now that socialists are out of power, they want to abolish ...
When Calvary's leadership team got the request that a local chapter of Democratic Socialists of America, along with other decidedly leftist organizations, needed a place to host a forum on inequality in our city, there was mix of confusion and surprise. Even for a church like Calvary, with a history of making ...
TROY -- This week's storm brought some of the heaviest snowfall of the year, and many woke Saturday with their sidewalks still covered. That's why members of the Troy branch of the Democratic Socialists of America were out in force, helping their neighbors shovel out. One of the organizers said neighborhoods away from ...
While he opened by repeating some of the same dubious talking points as Loesch about the NRA's alleged history of support for NICS specifically, he was soon attacking the very concept of government-kept lists as the work of “European-style socialists” such as Bernie Sanders and Andrew Cuomo (?).
We've discussed before what Einstein thought about god. As he was a brilliant man who thought deeply about many subjects, it can be of great use to learn his perspective on things. While he was a scientist first, his ideas on subjects outside his area of study can still be valuable. Especially if, as in this case ...



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