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Suhurbhi Pariwar activists
The activists of Surbhi Pariwar clamouring for population control in the Capital on Monday.
Photo by Kamal Singh (9-02-2003)
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updated Tue. June 4, 2024

Mayor Poonam Sharma wrote to Maneka Gandhi, Woman and Child Development Minister and well-known animal rights activist, requesting her to meet ... At 60 million, the dog population in India is the fourth highest in the world, and this owes largely to poor population control programmes, weak dog ...

According to official accounts, a small passionate group of scholars and activists, inspired that Sonoma, California honored the female half of the population .... But she often framed her defense of contraception in terms of population control rather than female autonomy, finding common cause with racist ...
Add AI to digital information consumption, plus behavioral targeting and you may get: “mass population control.” (h/t Erica Joy). The New York Times ... for its 2018-19 Fellows program. Open web activists, scientists and researchers, and tech policy professionals are encouraged to apply. Is this civic tech?
Under the banner Sudarshan TV a event titled “Bharat Bachao Yatra” was organised in Nanded wherein they wanted to tell the public about the need for a population control act to control the problem of growing population of India. But as anyone can suspect, RSS and its associates, were more interested in ...
The state-sponsored oppression in Myanmar of the Rohingya, a minority ethnic group composed primarily of Muslims often described as “the world's most persecuted people,” has swiftly become one the gravest humanitarian crises of the 21st century. The crisis has resulted in more than 700,000 displaced ...
“I did not grow up as a women's rights activist,” Murabit said. “I started identifying as a feminist ... “The most cost-effective and practical solution to end climate change is population control, which is two things: women's reproductive rights and girls' education,” Murabit said. Murabit also said that promoting ...
The State Department's 2016 report notes that homosexual-rights activists in South America and the Middle East were killed and that discrimination and ... a Virginia-based nonprofit that challenges global overpopulation theories and spotlights human-rights abuses in population-control programs, told the ...
Longtime farming activist Phyllis Faber and others, banded together in what they called the Resilient Agriculture Group, recently obtained a host of other documents. Their fear is ... The groups suggest allowing the three distinct elk populations to grow and shrink naturally, without population control methods.


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