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"If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and the fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence."
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis 1927
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updated Thu. July 28, 2022

The team said that their new social media platform could gain traction by appealing to free speech activists, and that it could eventually draw content creators. Drawing content creators, the team argued, would bring those creators' followers to BlockX, allowing the platform to gain even more traction. During ...
In a lawsuit filed April 12, activist Sally Hunt accused the City of Wentzville of violation of her free-speech rights under the First Amendment. Hunt was removed from the February 14 Board of Aldermen meeting by order of the mayor after she spoke against the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST,” which was installed ...

The founder of Mumsnet says transgender “thought police” are pressurising advertisers to withdraw from Britain's most popular parenting website because it allows the discussion of trans topics. Justine Roberts said she had been approached by three significant advertisers who had been threatened by ...
“As for the environment for free speech in Taiwan, I'd say it's the best in Asia — there's nothing you can't say,” he added. Others also say that Taiwan has proved much more welcoming to regional rights activists. The Network of Young Democratic Asians, a group with members from Hong Kong, Taiwan and ...
... the left treats free speech as a zero-sum game. In suppressing conservative speech, institutional activists counterfactually claim a “noble” purpose: setting aside “inclusive” opportunities for “marginalized” people to be heard. Ironically, demonstrations are a campus “thing.” Dozens of “marginalized” activist ...
Human rights activists begged to differ, and some took to social media to criticise the proposal. “It's part of a wider attempt to curtail freedoms of expression,” Rosebell Kagumire, a human rights activist and blogger, said. Of Uganda's 41 million people, 23.6 million are mobile phone subscribers and 17 ...

"Hate speech isn't free speech" was one of the activists' mantras. Ironically, Blackman had intended to discuss free speech and the law. It's a shame students who are confused on this topic—who wrongly believe that the First Amendment does not protect hate speech, or that it shouldn't—were unwilling to ...
The Alberta government's proposed law to curtail protests outside Alberta abortion clinics is an infringement on free expression rights, according to one Calgary activist. Bill 9, the Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act, would mean protesters could not stand within 50 metres of the ...
LORDSTOWN — The woman whose actions as an eighth-grader led to a Supreme Court ruling for student speech in schools shared her story during a recent Democracy Day held at Lordstown High School. Mary Beth Tinker, an American free speech activist known for her role in the 1969 Tinker v.
We are appealing to all who care about basic human rights to call on the government of Ecuador to continue defending the rights of a courageous free speech activist, journalist and whistleblower. We ask that his basic human rights be respected as an Ecuadorean citizen and internationally protected ...
They're the strawchild in every editorial bemoaning the free speech crisis on college campuses or investigation into the degradations of social media on teenager's brains. Implicit in phrases like “disciplined achievers” and “star-pupil poise and politeness” are these other undisciplined, underachieving ...
In Sacramento, California, hundreds of mourners gathered Thursday for the funeral of Stephon Clark, an unarmed African-American man who was shot by police officers 20 times in his grandmother's backyard. We continue our conversation with Sacramento activist Berry Accius, founder of Voice of the ...
Activists at a 26 July rally in Baltimore protest the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, which was introduced by Maryland's Senator Ben Cardin. ... Cardin and Republican Senator Rob Portman announced slight amendments to the bill, suggesting the changes would address major free speech concerns brought forward ...
Prior to the speech, activists handed out flyers labeling her "a fascist," among other hyperbolic charges familiar to anyone who has spent time on a college campus. When she attempted to give her talk, a handful of students, led by a blonde ringleader in a black "Stay Woke" jacket, disrupted it with chanting ...
Yassmin Abdel-Magied wins free speech award, takes to Twitter to tell haters to 'eat your hearts out'. CONTROVERSIAL activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied has won a free speech award and not everyone's happy about it. Staff writer. News Corp Australia NetworkMarch 20, 20181:29pm. Video; Image ...
Nigel Farage Won't Say He Supports This Far-Right Activist's Beliefs, But Wants Her To Be Allowed Into Britain. Lauren Southern was ... He went on: "I'm making an argument here about the limits of free speech and the application of UK law, and that's the argument I'm making. I think it's a really, really ...
“The Trump administration has been targeting a lot activists for deportation in retaliation for their first amendment rights. It really is a very dangerous climate for activists.” Simpson said ICE documents shows the agency targeted Villalpando because she spoke to the media and because of her activism, which ...

What the National School Walkout says about schools and free speech ... Some schools are threatening to punish these young activists. ... Specifically, the right of free speech ends when there are facts that might reasonably lead “school authorities to forecast substantial disruption of or material interference ...
Human rights experts with the United Nations are calling on the U.S. to protect immigrant rights activists from deportation, saying they're concerned about "an increasing pattern of ... She cited that statement in a motion filed Monday arguing that the proceedings should be dismissed as a violation of her free-speech rights.
Civil rights activists organized a coalition of groups called the Free Speech Movement in response and led thousands of students in militant direct ... He was the president of the Berkeley Friends of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and was a cadre activist of the civil rights movement.
RT / Instagram. Right-wing activists have been banned from entering the UK and held in 'detention centers', sparking a free-speech debate on the streets of London. ... First, Sellner, the Austrian co-founder of GI, was held with activist and American girlfriend Pettibone at Luton Airport on Friday. The pair was ...
Civil rights activists organized a coalition of groups called the Free Speech Movement in response and led thousands of students in militant direct ... He was the president of the Berkeley Friends of Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and was a cadre activist of the civil rights movement.
... fear and intimidation are being used increasingly to curtail free speech. I am one of a small group of women who get together to discuss proposed changes in the law on sex and gender. We're called Woman's Place UK. But because of the content of our discussions, certain activists want us closed down.
Mary Beth Tinker spoke in the Wildcat Chamber on Feb. 24 on the constitutional rights of students and young people. Tinker is an American free speech activist known for her role in the 1969 Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court case, which ruled that Warren Harding Junior High School could not punish ...
The suppression of free speech extends to speakers who would like to speak on campus, the activists said. One example Rowe cited was DePaul University's refusal to allow commentator Ben Shapiro and other conservative speakers on campus. DePaul threatened to arrest Shapiro if he stepped foot on ...
Law360 (March 26, 2018, 6:48 PM EDT) -- Free speech advocates urged a New York federal court on Friday to stop removal proceedings against a prominent immigration activist, arguing that the government was trying to overstretch a key U.S. Supreme Court decision preventing courts from reviewing selective deportation ...
Eric Brandt, the Adams County free speech advocate who faces three criminal charges in Morgan County stemming from profanity-laden comments he gave at a December Brush City Council meeting, is now in jail in Adams County after he turned himself in there Thursday morning. Brandt was charged with ...


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