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updated Tue. May 14, 2024

Vital for Colorado, an organization with deep pockets and ties to pro-oil and gas interests, has dropped tens of thousands of dollars over the past week in support of several “pro business” candidates ahead of a pivotal Erie election, paperwork unveiled Friday suggests. The group, which doled out cash in ...
Ruth McKee casts her ballot at the Erie Town Hall drop box in 2016. (File Photo). Total campaign contributions through March 12. Mayor. Jennifer Carroll: $10,197. Dan Woog: $11,040.04. Trustee. MacKenzie Ferrie: $2,465. Barry Luginbill: $2,361.84. Adam Haid: $1,833.83. Bill Gippe: $1,703.08. Ira Liss: ...

His bullish pro-fracking comments at a US oil industry event this week came almost 12 years since Britain's former prime minister hugged a husky to burnish his green credentials. “I passionately believe that there is big potential for fracking and unconventional gas in Britain, which has some shale reserves ...
On the pro-fracking side, many industry supporters will frequently ignore the very real risks of oil and gas development for communities where they operate. These groups will often take to task the authors of that study and attack them in an ad hominem way which is really uncalled for. No study is perfect, ...
A group of Katherine anti-frackers, who had travelled to Darwin for meetings on the issue, were in the Parliament to hear the Government vote overwhelming against an NT Opposition motion on the issue. The Government is set to receive a scientific report on the proposed development of onshore gas in ...
A FRACKING firm could apply for planning permission to drill in areas of East Lancashire. Osprey Oil and Gas Ltd has been granted a licence for shale gas exploratory works to take place in an area covering Hyndburn, Burnley and Pendle. Operations will also cover the area around Whalley in the Ribble ...

While the environmental reasons for opposing fracking have been at the forefront of campaigning against it, the economic benefits feted by the industry and its allies have not been adequately debunked. The most common pro-fracking arguments are “we need to keep the lights on”, or “it's good for the ...
On the pro-fracking front, many experts champion fracking for job creation and meeting energy demands. On the other side of the fence, many emphasize the negative impacts on the environment. Platforms such as these provide lessons for the motivations behind hydraulic fracturing regulation.
An economics-focused campaign: What's true is that Lamb ran as moderate on guns (for universal background checks, against an assault weapons ban) and energy (pro-fracking) and simply didn't talk much about immigration, criminal justice, LGBTQ rights, or other hot-button culture war issues. Instead, he ...
Pro-fracking groups say the untapped resource could spark economic revival and a jobs boom in drilling areas, but green groups have raised fears over the safety and environmental impact of the process. Coun Moss said he will be writing to MP Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and ...
[He] supported tax reform, supported a lot of the President's agenda on trade, claimed he was pro-gun, pro-fracking, pro-life, mostly." Assemblyman and Democrat Anthony Brindisi is challenging Tenney for her seat in the upcoming election. His campaign manager criticized Tenney, saying, "If she really ...
According to Politico, Conor Lamb is a devout Catholic who is “pro-union and pro-gun, backs bipartisan deals for fixing Obamacare and the nation's infrastructure, wants more job training and less college debt, and says he's pro-fracking but pro-environment, too.” Lamb served as a prosecutor in the Marines ...
... a global platform for multiple perspectives and analyses of the environmental and social impacts of fracking. On the pro-fracking front, many experts champion fracking for job creation and meeting energy demands. On the other side of the fence, many emphasize the negative impacts on the environment.
The differences between, say, a pro-fracking candidate and an anti-fracking candidate, one who wants to end the Drug War altogether and one who just wants to soften its edges, can have life-or death repercussions. We must convey this urgency if we want voters to care. Our desire for mutual respect ...
PREFERENCE SLAMMED: MacKillop candidates Tracy Hill (SA-Best), Jon Ey (independent) and Richard Bateman (Australian Conservatives). MACKILLOP'S political aspirants have lambasted environmental party Greens SA for directing their preferences to Labor, which has a perceived pro-fracking ...
Re: Florida school shootings. “I'm sure the Democrats offered their 'Thoughts and Prayers,' which is the same response the Republicans gave after Columbine, Deming Middle School, Buell Elementary, Lake Worth Middle School, Santana High School, Red Lion Junior High School, Rocori High School, ...
This water shortage and the fact that Zuma, who was fiercely pro-fracking, is now gone, provide an opportunity for rational decision-makers in government to review the government's approach to a technology that has not been received with open arms by communities in other countries. We realise that the ...

A devout Catholic, Lamb is pro-union and pro-gun, backs bipartisan deals for fixing Obamacare and the nation's infrastructure, wants more job training and less college debt, and says he's pro-fracking but pro-environment, too. And he's betting that this mix of economic populism and moderate social politics ...
Significant conflicts exist within regulatory entities that must approve the pipeline. For example, the Executive Director of the Delaware River Basin Commission, which must approve the pipeline, was formerly a top executive for American Water in Pennsylvania. American Water is a pro-fracking wastewater ...
American Water is a pro-fracking wastewater company that is a member of the Marcellus Shale Coalition, which counts a PennEast owner and shipper as members. A former American Water CEO is on the board of Penneast owner New Jersey Resources, while its CEO was a longtime exec at Southern ...
PRIVACY CONCERNS: Media were not permitted to take photos or record at the Pangaea public meeting today. A public pro-fracking meeting prohibited media from recording or taking photos today to “protect privacy”. Pangaea Resources held a meeting at Shockless Electrical in Katherine today to ...
In response, Ken Cronin of UKOOG said he was pleased to see support for fracking was up, while communications officer Katherine Gray – formerly of the pro-fracking Taxpayers Alliance – claimed the increase showed “people are increasingly for shale jobs, local investment and our security of supply.”.
The folks running your wing of the Party were falling all over themselves trying to figure out how to be for fracking without sounding too pro-fracking. They came up with all these really contrived arguments about how good natural gas is for fighting global warming and how talking about fracking bans takes ...
But pro-fracking group Lancashire for Shale said: "As Cuadrilla has already pumped £7m into the Lancashire economy and created over 50 jobs from its work on just the first two wells, we are well-placed to benefit from the investment in jobs and people this industry will deliver, however many wells are ...
... that "female breast cancer was the only type of cancer considered in this report where the observed number of cases was higher than expected.” State regulators agreed to continue monitoring cancer cases in the area due to “the level of concern in the community” but remained adamantly pro-fracking.
The Delaware River Basin Commission's other member is the federal Environmental Protection Agency, representing the pro-fracking Trump administration. New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy said fracking for natural gas should be a thing of the past. “We must take the longer view for how we get our ...


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