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updated Sun. April 7, 2024

Ratifying that treaty was a long process. The US was involved from its inception. Nonetheless, the Senate was reluctant to let it be a "self-executing treaty". If only to satisfy issues of sovereignty, it would only be accepted if the US passed its own anti-torture laws first. The US then passed 18 US Code 2340A, ...

Because of the power and influence of the United States, this lack of accountability, truth, and justice undermines the power of international law and the strength of the anti-torture norm globally. Moreover, letting officials of past administrations get away with torture does nothing to deter the possibility of a ...
Dr. Kumar then apprises the PM of the nature of deliberations undertaken by the Committee, writing, “The Select Committee comprising of 13 Members of Parliament representing different political parties had extensively deliberated on the legal framework for an anti-torture legislation. As part of the ...
Pompeo criticised the administration of former president Barack Obama for closing "black sites" - secret prisons used to interrogate suspects overseas - and the requirement for interrogators to adhere to anti-torture laws. In 2014, Pompeo accused Obama of neglecting to "take the war on radical Islamic ...
Dianne Feinstein codified the protections that President Obama originally put forth in his executive order on ensuring lawful interrogations when it passed an anti-torture provision as part of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. This legislation bans any interrogation methods not permitted by Army ...


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