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updated Tue. November 28, 2023

Most Republican officials have steered clear of directly criticizing the teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting, but Rep. Steve King has ... When King followed his Facebook post with a Twitter taunt about the teenagers' demand to raise the age for purchasing some firearms to 21, the activists struck back.
Republican activists, meantime, sounded profoundly unhappy. They noted the deal didn't give Trump the $25 billion he wanted for a wall at the Mexican border. Instead, it boosted overall border security, for the wall and everything else, by just $1.6 billion. “This was like Christmas for Democrats,” Ingraham ...

WASHINGTON — The organizers of March for Our Lives are hoping they can turn more than 700 marches in the U.S. on ending gun violence into 535 town halls on April 7 – one for every member of Congress right before they return to work on April 9. It's an uphill battle under normal circumstances. But with fewer in-person ...
Cathy Richards has announced that she is making a bid as a Republican in the November election to become the state representative for the 46th District. ... "I'm not an activist — I'm a public servant and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, put aside partisan differences, and get to work for our community.".
The two argued over President Donald Trump, called each other activists and accused one another of being beholden to special interests. ... Dallet said she was backed by the people of the state and accused Screnock of being a tool of business interests, the Republican Party and the National Rifle ...
Adam Putnam faced a ballroom full of grass roots Republican activists and delivered a battle cry. "Our state is at a crossroads," he said, "because ... Nancy McGowan, a Republican activist in Jacksonville, said DeSantis has numerous advantages over Putnam. "He's not a career politician," McGowan said.

After the most personal, bitter clash in years over a Supreme Court nominee, activists prepared to make the defeat of Andrew McDonald a campaign issue and legislators must now try to get along as they move forward with budget deliberations and legislation. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy could nominate another ...
John Kasich called on Sunday for politicians who fail to respond to student activists demanding action on gun control to be "held accountable at the ballot box." "If we keep the pressure on – we're not going to change everything overnight – but you can get significant changes," Kasich, a Republican, said on ...
Ben Morris addressed the crowd with an impassioned argument against the National Rifle Association, citing the money and political power the organization wields. Politico reported the NRA contributed nearly $6 million to Republican candidates during the 2016 election cycle, with the organization and its ...
Gun control activists across the ideological spectrum should provide financial and organizational support to pro-gun control conservatives if they hope to achieve real change. This approach can pull the Republican Party back toward the center on gun policy and produce meaningful and durable reforms ...
Congressional Republicans too have seen no decline in their ratings. Although they still trail on the generic congressional ballot, an average of all surveys in March puts the Republican deficit at 8 percentage points. That's the same as it was in February and in January. All of which are equal to the long-term ...
One student, Cameron Kasky, 17, demanded Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio stop taking donations from the NRA. Another, David Hogg, also 17, told Bill Maher that he had hung up on the White House asking him to attend President Donald Trump's listening session on gun violence. Trump needs to ...
Students have made progress toward their goal, no doubt – raising awareness, galvanizing activists and even seeing some Republicans' positions inch toward the students' side. They've also run into a wall of GOP support for gun rights. In Ohio, as in Congress, Republicans control the Statehouse. So once ...
For decades, Democrats made it easy for Republicans and party activists to advance the ridiculous assertion that Democrats were “Godless.” Many Christians were torn between their beliefs and their political positions with no-one to show them connection between the two. If we had we recognized the ...
Some Republican activists quietly grouse their candidates should spend more time talking about the state's challenges — its battered roads, troubled pension system and ongoing nuclear debacle — and less about the Confederacy — in Templeton's case — and nonexistent sanctuary cities — in ...
For the second year in a row, Prince William's Republican activists voted against Board of County Supervisors' Chairman Corey Stewart in making their pick for a preferred candidate for statewide office. Instead, Del. Nick Freitas, R-30th District, led the way among GOP hopefuls for the U.S. Senate ...
A Republican activist has challenged the candidate petition filed last week by GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron Corbett, setting into motion a review process. In a story published Wednesday on The Iowa Republican website, activist and author Craig Robinson of Des Moines alleged Corbett's petition ...

BOISE — Sheila Olsen, a longtime local Republican activist and pillar of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been honored by the Idaho Legislature with a concurrent resolution that passed both the House and Senate in unanimous votes. “We recognize and honor the remarkable life of ...
Actor Corey Feldman and Team USA volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard have joined the fight to push Senate Republicans to pass the Child Victims Act. A coalition called “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators” is gaining supporters in its drive to finally pass the Child Victims Act (S.809) this ...
So why would cannabis activists try to "own" Democrats when Republicans are getting just as much - if not more - done for the legalization movement? The efforts of Republican lawmakers show that legalization is a bipartisan issue, which makes sense since Americans of all political stripes believe in ...
Should that happen, a moderate Republican such as Molinaro could become a formidable threat in a three-way general election, Benjamin observed. He said Cuomo has had little success in disciplining the left-leaning activists within his own party. "Cuomo is sometimes respected, sometimes feared, but ...
Gibson, who retired from the U.S. Navy, for years has used social media to comment on immigration, defend conservative politicians and promote Republican policies. He has a history of retweeting stridently anti-immigrant comments, often from accounts in Maine. Last month, he explained on Facebook ...
This was especially true given Steinorth's weakened position among Republican activists following his decision last year to join a handful of Republicans in support of cap-and-trade legislation. That legislation has drawn considerable backlash among Republicans who perceive it as harmful to consumers ...
The Tennessee House Republican Caucus recalled a resolution Monday after its members unwittingly voted to honor Memphis activist Tami Sawyer, whose grass-roots ... Cothren also reiterated Casada's controversial claim that some BLM activists had advocated for the "murder" of police officers.
Greg Abbott and the state's top Tea Party group — Empower Texans — went hard after "squishy" Republicans who bucked the governor or strayed too ... Republican incumbents who dared to buck their party leaders or supposedly influential activist groups had a target on their backs in the 2018 primaries.
... begins at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 10, at the Bigfork Center for the Performing Arts, 526 Electric Ave. The doors open at 5 p.m., and tickets are $100 per person, and can be purchased by calling Dee Kirk-Boon at 406-250-5098. The event is a primary fundraiser to help Republican candidates get elected.
These open seats have invited a slew of GOP candidates to compete — meaning these primary races are also likely to go to a runoff on May 22. The Second District, currently held by Rep. Ted Poe, has a field of nine GOP candidates. Kathaleen Wall, a Republican activist and fundraiser, is currently leading ...
Stemerman enters the race just over two months before the Republican nominating convention. Many of his fellow candidates have been on the campaign trail for over a year, meeting with Republican activists and cranking out press releases to ensure their name stays in the headlines. But Stemerman said ...
"I was never an activist before, none of us were ever activists," Sackler said. Sackler's group is based in the state's 9th Congressional District, where Democrat Rep. Bill Pascrell has been in office since 1996. Although the district is not in jeopardy of losing the seat to a Republican, Sackler said she and her ...
When longshot Democrat Doug Jones pulled off an upset win over Republican Roy Moore in Alabama's U.S. Senate race on Dec. 12, several hundred Yolo County residents with writer's (and texter's) cramp felt personally connected to the surprise victory. Kelly Wilkerson, who helps organize local actions through the ...
WASHINGTON — The top lobbyist for the National Rifle Association claimed late Thursday that President Trump had retreated from his surprising support a day earlier for gun control measures after a meeting with N.R.A. officials and Vice President Mike Pence in the Oval Office. The lobbyist, Chris Cox, ...
Republican NRA members are also more activist in pushing gun rights policies than non-members. They're 16% more likely to support shortening waiting periods for buying guns illegally, for example. There's evidence to support the idea that the NRA slowly evolved over many years to support a coalition ...
Jugler co-authored a rule adopted by the Utah Republican Party's State Central Committee last weekend, saying GOP candidates must go to the party's convention to get on the ballot, or they're out of the party. The change runs counter to state law---the still-contested SB 54---that gives Republicans the option to win or place ...
Republican Kathaleen Wall has for years poured her time and money into anti-choice groups and abortion rights foes running for office across Texas and the United States. She's now putting that effort into her own campaign in hopes of bringing her stringently conservative politics to the U.S. House of ...
Pennsylvania's House Democrats and Senate Democrats each submitted a plan Thursday, as did a group of Republican activists who intervened in the case. The registered Democratic voters who sued successfully to invalidate the current map planned to submit a map and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf may ...
Anti-Muslim activists often depict Sharia, or Islamic law, as a brutal judicial system that Muslims want to institute in place of the U.S. Constitution. In reality, though, no national Muslim organization has ever called for Sharia to supercede American courts, nor have American Muslims demanded such a ...
A Republican activist in a Minnesota suburb introduced a resolution to his precinct caucus that would forbid any Islamic leader, religious or otherwise, from delivering an invocation at any Republican convention or event. The resolution, introduced by grassroots activist Jeff Baumann on Tuesday evening, ...
“That affirmative and ongoing actions be taken to minimize and eliminate the influence of Islam within the Minnesota Republican Party or its subunits," and called for "legislation, policies, and educational programs be implemented to increase awareness of these facts so as to evermore minimize and ...
Ohio State Representative Candice Keller (R-Middletown) told a crowd of gun rights activists that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors should be written off because they were “eating Doritos and playing video games” before the mass shooting. A video from the speech showed Keller ...
But after a confusing meeting in the White House in which Trump sided with Democrats and censured Republicans for being “scared of the NRA,” a fast-paced news cycle, and a concerted effort by conservatives and pro-gun organizations to reorient the conversation away from guns, the GOP is now ...
In a statement, the Missouri Republican Party accused Gardner, a Democrat, of having purely political motives for the charges and of being funded by George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist and frequent target of right-wing conspiracy theories. At the press conference, organized by fledgling activist group ...
“I've been happy with Trump's tax policy,” says Adelynn Campbell, a college student in New York who is a campus Republican activist, “because I think that it makes my life easier, because I get to keep more of my paycheck—which is something that the trans community needs. We need jobs, and we need ...


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