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updated Wed. November 30, 2022

Outside Israel, however, to the degree that numbers of uninformed American college students have been led to conclude that the anti-Zionists have a point, harm has indeed been done. All the more so on the left, where the proposition that Zionism equals racism is becoming something of a purity test.
On another note, BDS advocates and anti-Zionists disavow accusations of anti-Semitism. And yet, the CUAD presenters themselves used dog-whistle politics to further an anti-Semitic agenda. They engaged the centuries-old anti-Semitic canard of blaming the world's calamities on Jews: One CUAD ...

For nearly as long as Palestinians have resisted their displacement, small groups of Jews have joined them. Ran Greenstein's 'Zionism and Its Discontents' brings to life the complex, often contradictory story of those Israelis who saw Palestinian and Jewish liberation as one and the same. Israeli soldiers ...
There are many Anti-Zionists who are opposed to Israel not only for what it is doing to Palestinians but also because they hate Jews. These are the real Anti-Semites that hide behind being Anti-Zionists to mask their real agenda. These Anti-Semites are a mixture of the extreme left and right and bring ...
The result is frequent tension between left-wing anti-Zionists and mainstream Jewish communities. The problem is that this tension creates a tendency on the left to indulge in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and tropes — like blaming a Jewish conspiracy for Western governments' support of Israel or ...
'The problem is that when Corbyn spoke about these “pockets of anti-Semitism” – those are the same pockets that he's been standing in for thirty years. He's been associating himself, historically, with racists and anti-Zionists, who claim to be supporting the Palestinian cause, but really they're doing nothing ...

Jewish Americans and Israelis heaped praise on the post, and their praise sat next to praise by anti-semites whose comments bled into comments by anti-Zionists, whose comments bled into comments by Christian Zionists. Another day, another pocket of tens-of-thousands of people who support maniacs on the internet.
[Growing up] I know what I thought about those very very few who claimed they were not Zionists or god forbid, anti-Zionists. They were the Satans, even though they were Jews and Israelis. I don't recall one example on earth where an ideology is so totalitarian, is so saint, is so holy, that you have no right to ...
Fringe though they may be they can make life uncomfortable in certain places, for example for Jewish students in some colleges. But even more importantly this stuff is now leaking into the mainstream. The Rothschilds have probably have never heard of Jon Lansman; the “anti-Zionists” have certainly heard ...
The Israel lobby group AIPAC kicked off its annual policy conference in Washington on the weekend, and speaker after speaker expressed fears that progressive Democrats are abandoning Israel. The speakers urged progressives to stay in the bipartisan fold of support for the Jewish state; they insisted that ...

Certainly that is the view of anti-Zionists, but that view holds no hope. But there are Zionists, as there are Palestinian nationalists who hold to a different vision of nationalism, which allows sharing the land, in whatever formulation, with the other. Getting to that point is more difficult than ever, and it would be ...
'NYT' writers slam left for intolerance of dissent– on Israel panel that excludes anti-Zionists and Palestinians. US Politics · Philip Weiss on February 20, 2018 23 Comments. NYT columnists Bret Stephens and Roger Cohen at the JCC in Manhattan on February 15, 2018. Screenshot.. New York Times columnists ...
Here is the truth that Mr Harris seems unwilling to accept: those who, after all these decades, continue to oppose Israel are not anti-Semites but rather are anti-Zionists. And they do so for the very legitimate reason that Zionism has proven itself in practice to be a racist ideology. These opponents include the ...
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked represents a political stream in Israel for which the Third Reich was just a navigational error, a mistaken address. These are people who essentially have no problem with the racial doctrine, as long as it serves the Jews and isnt directed against them. Instead of the superiority ...
Opposition to the State of Israel has led to more and more attacks on Jewish iconography as well as denials of the Holocaust by anti-Zionists. In the Middle East, Hitler's book Mein Kampf has even found an audience. And a 2005 a poll revealed that the majority of people in the Muslim countries of Turkey, ...
An estimated 1,500 people joined a protest outside Parliament on Monday evening to condemn Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's “systematic failure” to deal with antisemitism. The turnout – which included a broad cross-section of the community and a large number of Labour MPs – came only 24 hours after ...
She escaped in 1942 but wasn't so lucky this time around. In the latest, horrific anti-Semitic murder to defile France, Mireille Knoll, an 85‑year‑old wheelchair-bound Parkinson's sufferer, was stabbed 11 times and burnt to death in her flat in Paris on Friday. Aged nine, she had escaped from the Rafle du Vel ...
The anti-Trump resistance is in bed with Jew-haters and anti-Zionists. Why liberals need to draw a line in the sand. Is there a difference between left-wing anti-Semites and right-wing Jew-haters? In theory, the answer ought to be nothing. Hate is hate, no matter what it's source. Except for some, including ...
The concept that Palestine is exclusively Palestinian by any kind of law is still (almost) taboo and that is exactly the key characteristic of passive support to Zionism. The lynching of Alison Weir and several other hardcore anti-Zionists is also something to continue screaming about –it's still ongoing, not a ...


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