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updated Mon. March 25, 2024

I recorded three 'Anti-Bush' records! It's not the figurehead it's the system! You have to get to the root of the cancer in our society and that's what this album is about. It's so much more far reaching than an 'Anti-Trump' record. It's taking a snapshot of what we've become as a society. KNAC.COM: You have ...

... Intelligence propaganda, I mean memo, is to sow confusion and contention into what would otherwise be a rather straightforward, condemnable narrative: The so-called Steele “dossier” contained false, unverified, unverifiable and salacious dirt on Trump (See above for the anti-Bush tactics over Iraq War ...
(This from a guy who called then-Mayor Rocky Anderson a nutcake for organizing an anti-Bush demonstration in downtown Salt Lake City.) More on that presently. The Orrin G. Hatch Foundation is up and running. According to its website, the foundation will build a public-policy institute to serve as a ...
In their surveys of protest participants, Heaney and Rojas found that protesters cited anti-Bush and anti-Republican Party sentiment as among the top three issues until Obama was elected. After, this partisan-inflected sentiment did not crack the top 20 in reasons people attended the protests. This can be ...
"2006 in Michigan was what it was nationally -- a blue wave with an anti-Bush backlash," he says. "2010 was just the opposite, a huge red wave that helped Republican Rick Snyder win the governorship by about 18 points." In Ohio in 2010, Republican John Kasich was able to oust first-term Democratic ...
... basis that we are spearheading the anti-bush burning campaign in Nigeria to tackle the menace head on,” he said. Prof. Charity Aremu, Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, said the campaign was informed by the need to save both humans and the environment from bush burning-induced attack.
In mid-October, a rally to stop the cenotaph from being moved by some descendants of those it honors, turned into an anti-Bush rally, as Rick Range, a gaunt and chiseled figure well-known among Alamo buffs in Texas, called for making Bush's defeat the rallying cry for March 6, the 182nd anniversary of ...




Narrative epic poems of 24 chapters each, The Bushiad and The Idyossey cover events during nine months from December 2002 through September 2003, and were inspired by events as they occurred. Homer would recognize the tale.
This website serves as notice to Christians across this nation that President George Bush over the past few years has compromised his "Christian faith" by promoting evil and openly supporting wickedness. It is our hope and prayer that he would Repent and turn from such blatant sin. He is not our friend and cannot be trusted.

This website is dedicated to providing up-to-date factual news information tracking the president's anti-Christian and ungodly behavior. We encourage you to pray for Mr. Bush.

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