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Part 10. An Activist Stands Accused of Firing a Gun at Standing Rock. It Belonged to Her Lover — an FBI Informant. Part 11. A Native American Activist Followed Her Mother's Footsteps to Standing Rock. Now She Faces Years in Prison. Part 12. From North Dakota to Puerto Rico, Controversial Security Firm ...

Keynote speakers include Nature's Path Foods co-founder Arran Stephens, who will discuss why he's been investing in organic farmland to cultivate hemp; Nutiva founder John Roulac, who will explore the benefits of hemp foods and the plant's potential as a regenerative crop; and Native American activist ...
Known by archeologists as 41NU2, an area of this seaside city just outside the gates of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Corpus Christi Naval Air Station was once a Native American burial ground. Locals know it as Hans and Pat Suter Park on Ennis-Joslin, a four-lane stretch of asphalt that ends at ...
But if their goal is to truly divorce their brand from the cultural appropriation and racist undertones that activists have long protested, that's not enough. Even when ... “The red face is problematic,” adds Sundance, a Native American activist and director of the Cleveland American Indian Movement. “The fact ...
... in honor of missing and murdered indigenous women on March 27. Tuesday was day three of a four day 80 mile walk. Credit Nicky Ouellet. A young artist and activist is wrapping up a four-day walk across the Flathead reservation Thursday to bring attention to violence against Native American women.
Cypress, a well-known environmental and gay-rights activist, felt the faux Native American attire was disrespectful. Headdresses are ... There's been a years-long pushback from some Native American activists against headdresses and other faux-Indian costumes at music festivals. Cypress says he knew ...
After the San Francisco Indian Center burned down in October 1969, Native American activists proposed re-establishing a new cultural center on Alcatraz Island. When the proposal was denied, they occupied the island for 19 months. (Courtesy Golden Gate National Recreation Area Park Archives).
San Francisco will take down a controversial statue depicting a submissive Native American man after an outcry sparked by a deadly rally last summer ... In the early 1990s, when the city announced a plan to move the Pioneer Monument to its current location, Native American activists urged the city to leave ...
"Miss Alice was an onstage guest of singer songwriter and activist Andra Day. She represented her home, the Standing Rock Nation, as well as the rest of Indian Country who felt such pride to see her among Hollywood's elite. Thank you Natalia and Alice for allowing me to be your Red Carpet Designer.
These students are the newest link in a decades-long chain of youth activists at the forefront of social change across the globe. .... She's talking about a series of controversial pipelines designed to deliver oil through the United States, often running through or near Native American land and waterways.


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