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updated Fri. November 11, 2022

The admin emphasized that she prioritizes the privacy of her users, and this partnership will not impact the function of the page. “I noticed that we kept running into this problem where I would report something to them and they would do stuff with it, apparently, but then the person [who reported the incident] ...
The federation said the videos were illegally recorded at private meetings protected by confidentiality agreements and that the anti-abortion activists had infiltrated the meetings by posing as executives of a company that bought fetal tissue. U.S. District Judge William Orrick in San Francisco blocked the ...

We reached out to Cleveland for comment but have not heard back. A close friend says she wants privacy and is seeking legal action against the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. Legal observers say they reported the incident to CHP. They say the officers threatened to place them under arrest.
There, CPP placed a call for activists to appear at that year's Spring Joint Computer Conference, an event that the ad points out is “overwhelmingly dominated by white males,” so as to call attention to issues that are critical today — namely, “the use of computer information systems as a means of social ...
Network neutrality and privacy groups have called on edge providers to pledge their protections of online information, and Web surfers to join the call for those promises in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data sharing issue, though they suggested that is just the tip of an iceberg. Groups including Fight ...
Meanwhile, privacy activists in Europe have been fighting against Big Data, filing lawsuits to restrict companies from amassing and sharing personal data, and now, about to unleash a game-changing set of regulations on Silicon Valley called the General Data Protection Regulation. This new European law ...

Indonesia must improve privacy amid Facebook data crisis, activists say Data privacy: The Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet) has called on authorities to take measures to protect people's data privacy. (AFP/Brendan Smialowski) ...
While government officials consider additional privacy regulations, the responsibility of protecting personal information is squarely on Facebook users, said the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online security watchdog group. This was not a data breach but “exactly how Facebook's infrastructure was ...
Activists: Feds seeking to deport woman who accused guard of assault ... U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials would not comment Thursday on Monterrosa's case, citing strict privacy policies. “Other than the statements already released on this individual, ICE has no further information to ...
Google said it found no significant difference in what it pays its male and female employees, but activist shareholder Arjuna Capital said it is “uncomfortable” with Google's omission of 11 percent of its 70,000-member global workforce from the analysis. Arjuna has been pushing tech and financial companies ...

Federal officials are seeking to deport a woman being held at a Williamson County immigration detention center who has accused a guard of sexual assault, according to activists with the immigrant advocacy group Grassroots Leadership. Officials on Wednesday morning asked Laura Monterrosa-Flores to ...
With 15 of 26 top senior positions at the U.S. Education Department left unfilled, according to the department's website, privacy activists fear that this move will be a major setback to the push to protect student privacy. “I am concerned,” says Sean McDonough, a participant at the COSN (Consortium for ...
She married fellow education activist Christine Marinoni in 2012. Marinoni is a special adviser for community partnerships in the city's Department of Education. She spoke about her LGBTQ activism with City & State New York last year. At “The People's State of the Union” in midtown in January, Nixon said ...
Jamarhl Crawford, a longtime activist in Roxbury, said the video a reflection of how black men are regularly treated by police. “This is not an isolated, ... Activists identified the man who took the video as Keith Antonio — the name that he used on social media to protect his privacy. But police identified him as ...
Gardner, who issued an indictment of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens for felony invasion of privacy on February 22, has faced criticism from Greitens' ... At the press conference, organized by fledgling activist group Concerned Citizens of St. Louis, speakers defended Gardner, the city's first black circuit ...
Privacy activists have called for more transparency and parental control over web monitoring in British schools after a survey indicated that almost half track their students online. Defend Digital Me, a children's privacy campaign group, teased (PDF) the survey's findings – which will be published in full in its ...
This is why the ACLU and over 20 other privacy and human rights organizations have joined together to oppose the bill. Make no mistake, the CLOUD Act represents a dramatic change in our law, and its effects will be felt across the globe. Today, the information of global activists — such as those that fight ...
California is a two-party state but we can operate in areas where there are no expectations of privacy,” said O'Keefe by phone. ..... When shown a photo of “Eric Williams,” Windsor recognized him from another Project Veritas operation and sent me photos of him filming activist group Voces de la Frontera in ...
Privacy activists and some members of Congress have called for the agency to fully investigate whether the handling of Facebook user data violated a 2011 consent decree with the FTC. The consent decree was the result of a two-year-long investigation by the agency into Facebook's privacy practices.
Cops should need a search warrant to slurp information from peoples' phones, Privacy International has said as it calls for a government review into police data-extraction tech. The civil rights group has published a report into the use of such kit by forces across the UK, finding that more than half are already ...


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